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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Brennan Raposo, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. Yes, I use the paddle 90% of the time as well.
    It's a fun challenge to make it perfect.
    I found that in city traffic auto Regen in level 1 is not strong enough to get to a good stop all the time. If I use 1 I have to use the brakes to come to a stop without hitting a car in front of me.
    With level 2 and it switching to 3 itself I don't have to use the brakes.

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  2. Kitsilano

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    That's my experience, too. Some inclines are too steep for LeftPaddle to hold the car. And sometimes, on steep inclines, the hold will be only too brief.
  3. zoominbc

    zoominbc Active Member

    On YouTube, EV Puzzle is on a quest to find out how the GOM works so it might be interesting to follow, it seems quite accurate to me though temperature plays a huge part in range.
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  4. Oilberta

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    Drive Modes: Do you have to be completely stopped to switch from one option to the other [ normal-> sport-> eco ] ? I see only one page in the big manual (5-48) and this is not discussed. I'd hate to do damage if I switch on the run.
  5. You can switch any time! While driving on the highway at 70mph. No problem!

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  6. GPM432

    GPM432 Active Member

    I don't know if that is true I'm getting 480 all the time, Now are you charging it to 100% I think you should get way more or do you live in the artic. LOL
  7. Well, Ontario so...
    I have had in winter mode since delivery. I charge to 100% . I drive 90 kmh or less for 80% of driving. But it is 360 almost always. I also tend to get a kilometre per projected kilometre so the "guess-o-meter" is fairly accurate. I can only dream of 480 I think. Waiting for Spring and Summer to see if any magic happens. I'd love to hear from any Ontario or Quebec owners to see what their range has been. BC and California reports just depress me!
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  8. Suggest you run to low soc and then charge to 100% and monitor the consumption ( kWh/100km or Wh/km) Around 140ish Wh/km is good. The winter mode should not have any affect until very low temp. There is also a Torque pro app that supposedly works with Kona EV to check pack capacity , cell voltages etc, or do capacity check manually by driving 50% and checking kWh's consumed.
  9. I was thinking of trying to "reset" things soon by running to near empty and filling to 100% with Winter Mode off. My consumption has averaged around 17 kwh/100 km.
  10. A little high (170Wh/km) although it is still cool in Ont, I suggest as above you check the capacity of your pack using the manual method, of course driving 100% to turtle will be more accurate but a little chancy but would also eliminate the possibility of any cells that may be lower soc than the rest (early turtle more than 3%) approx
  11. Kitsilano

    Kitsilano Active Member

    At what Drive Mode are you getting 17kWh/100km? Do you jump quickly when the traffic light turns green? Beats me why you can't get better than 170 Wh/100km.
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  12. Kitsilano

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    The EV Puzzle youtuber in Norfolk is making some surprisingly good videos assessing his new Kona. I say "surprisingly" because he was such a fuddy duddy when early on---when he was still looking for HIS CAR---he reviewed the BMW i3 and failed completely to appreciate the many fine features of that car.
  13. E-Shark

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    Why not just turn winter mode off first and see if that changes anything? Winter mode seems to be meant for 0 degrees and lower. I know it is still cold there but not that cold during the day, unless you do most of your driving at night?
    Or put that beast into Sport mode next drive, and have a little fun.
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  14. E-Shark

    E-Shark Active Member

    Because his outside temperature is colder than the temperature you are driving at here in BC! He also does long highway driving. When I leave work at 2am in BC, the colder temperature causes my vehicle to use more energy then when I leave at noon in the afternoon. Even with my climate off in both scenarios.
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  15. I've been on Eco since day 2. I'm no jackrabbit nor am I much of a speeder. I Regen or coast at every opportunity. Beats me. But if warmer weather doesn't solve it I'll be talking to my dealer.
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  16. KonaTom

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    I don't think that is bad for the climate you have had. Optimum would be about 15.5kwh per 100km and you will probably reach that in summer.
  17. Kitsilano

    Kitsilano Active Member

    Wildeyed's consumption of 17 kWh/100 km is apparently showing the strong effect of temperature on Kona performance. With the weather warming up here in SW BC, I'm getting the same numbers at NORMAL mode I used to get at ECO mode in February.
  18. zoominbc

    zoominbc Active Member

    Just did a trip of 100km in mixed highway (80-90 km/hr) and some city driving in normal mode and got 13.8 kWh/100 km with temps around 12-14 degrees C. For half the trip had 4 people in the car and it didn't have a big impact on efficiency, the biggest factor seems to be temperature and also we were driving on flat roads, no hills.
  19. Brennan Raposo

    Brennan Raposo Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Hey guys,
    Now that warm(er) weather is finally upon us in Ontario, I’ve started driving with the windows down. I love cruising with the radio off an just listening to the VESS and hum of the electric motor.

    I noticed that there seems to be a high-pitched almost “worn bearing” like sound when I’m traveling at low speeds or applying brake. When I speed up over 40/50 km/h it seems to go away. Just wondering any anyone else has noticed this? I think I’ll bring it into the dealer to have them take a look. I think I’ll give it a wash first in case that has something to do with it!
  20. Yes, I've noticed a sound. Right rear. I believe in my case it's brake rust causing the rotor to scrub the pads.. My rear brakes sound like a gravel crusher they are so unused and rusty. I had a similar sound on our old Civic. Its rear brakes seized after sitting unused for several weeks. I actually had to remove the tires and smash the rust free with a hammer. The sounds I heard then we're very similar. Grindy at lower speed, higher pitched as speed increased then disappearing at highway speeds. Just my experience. Your milage may vary.

    Speaking of which: you're almost the only other Ontario driver on this forum. I'm curious what your milage and maximum State of Charge has been over the last little while. I feel like mine is lacking but comparing stats with our BC and California friends has given me a (perhaps needless) inferiority complex. My SOC at 100% has been around 370km. My efficiency runs around 18kwh/100km average.

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