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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Brennan Raposo, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. That is exactly why I use these features sparingly. I already know how to drive and don't want to lose those skills.
  2. No, it doesn't do it all the time. It doesn't do it when I had the car locked for only a short time.

    However, the other day I found out that it played the sound when I only unlocked the car to unlock the charge door to plug it in. I heard the alarm from outside. I didn't even open a door.

    And yes, tried pretty much everything. Doors, lane keep assist, etc. The only thing I haven't done is disconnecting the 12V battery.

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  3. I am surprised the dealer didn't try the 12V reboot when you first took it in
  4. E-Shark

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    Oh wow, can't say I would prefer listening to VESS over the radio like you!!
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    The button DOES NOT make the door automatically open, even if you hold the button like the manual says. I would have loved if it had an automatic opening and closing button! If this wasn't what you meant sorry.
    If you have the fob in your pocket, you can just hold the button on the actual tailgate, and it will unlock, without having to unlock the whole car or pulling out your fob. As soon as you close it and get a distance away, the tailgate stays locked (I have tried it out by shutting it and putting the fob a distance away and going back and trying to open it).
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  6. I tried that too, but you need a second person (without the fob) to make this function work. When standing say 20' from the car the second person cannot open the tailgate using the p/b handle until you long push the "Tailgate open button" and see the lights flash. At that point the second person can now open the tailgate without the fob(15 seconds to do it). After closing, the tailgate will auto-lock after 30 seconds (note- it is a software enable thing and no actual actuator sound is produced). Took a trip to the dealer to figure this out, but I wasn't embarrassed because it's not clearly written like that in the manual. The same button on the Tucson Ltd gasser version( with smart lift gate) works similar but will actually open the door not just enable someone to open it manually:

    Personally I feel that feature should have been included in the Kona Ultimate for the price we payed for it:rolleyes:
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    Yup I agree, we should have exactly that, doesn't make sense to me that an all electric vehicle wouldn't have it standard. That and folding power mirrors in Canada. At least for the ultimate model anyways!!
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    As a potential Kona EV owner (have a Soul EV now and had a Leaf EV before that) I just wanted to thank all you early adopters for being the R&D dept for Hyundai's newest model EV. Hopefully it will all lead to a less troubling driving experience for those of us down the road that follow your path.
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    Anyone have issues with Android Auto not going into night mode? I have yet to get it to work for me, worked fine on my previous vehicle.
  10. Never had problems with it going into night mode, however I had problems losing connection to the phone (even though the cable is plugged in). Had to unplug and plug the phone back in to get it to work again.

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    I'm retired and don't drive a lot. Theoretically I would do fine with just the 110v charger, which I do use for occasional top-ups. Other than that, I'm taking advantage of being in the right place and time for free DC charging.
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  12. Brennan Raposo

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    Taking my vehicle in next Thursday for that squeaking noise I was describing a few days ago. It seems to be getting more audible and is actually getting pretty embarrassing with the warmer weather upon us. Nothing quite like driving though a parking lot at low speeds while making a squeaking “rusty bearing” noise and having pedestrians turn and expect to see a 92’ Le Baron, but instead see a state-of-the-Art 2019 Electric vehicle.

    If anyone else experiences this, please let me know. It’s a very high-pitched and consistent squeak any time you are driving at low speeds (sub 30/40 kmh) It becomes louder when you regen and disappears completely after you surpass 50 kmh or so.

    It sounds like it’s either coming from the brakes, wheel bearings or electric motor itself. I don’t believe it’s the brakes as I should have sufficiently burned them in over the last week or so. I did this by accelerating to 80 or so, then firmly engaging the brakes -
    Not to the point where smoke would come from the tires but enough to stop the vehicle extremely quickly. I’ve done this several time and the squeaking noise is clear as day still!
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    What you are describing seems a lot like the virtual sound (VESS) designed precisely to alert pedestrians. There's no off switch on North American models.
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  14. karma

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    Sorry for your issue, please let us know the outcome, especially if it is indeed the VESS.
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  15. Roy A.

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    do the brake lights light up during regenerative braking?

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  16. Yes, at levels 2 and 3.
  17. Brennan Raposo

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    Hi Pete,
    No, I assure you it’s not the VESS. You can still hear the VESS through this noise. And the VESS sounds pleasant. It is definitely not “normal”. It sounds like a rusty bearing or when someone has prolonged replacing their brake pads for way too long and you have that rusty high-pitched screeching sound as they drive. It speeds up and slows down as the vehicle moves too. If I can capture it on video today, I’ll post it.
  18. Brennan Raposo

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    I will do!
    I believe it’ll be either a partly seized brake calliper, regen module or motor itself. If I had to guess.
  19. Let us know the results from the dealership visit. Those rear brakes are already showing signs of being a source of trouble.
  20. *Update My latest 100% charge hit 399km projected range. It's creeping slowly upward.

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