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    I think you’re probably right. I think I’ve used my brakes like twice since I’ve owned the car lol! I’ll have to maybe give them a good hammering every once in a while. Funny story - I was at a public charger and was approached by an owner of an Soul EV.
    He told me that he rarely ever used his brakes and it got to the point where Kia actually changed the manufacturer of the pads because they were deteriorating so quickly without use. They replaced the brakes on his (and I presume others) vehicle, free of charge!

    And yes, I’m in Hamilton/Burlington.
    I’ve not yet seen a single Kona EV. Although there’s a guy on Instagram who owns one in Milton. Haven’t seen him in the roads yet!

    My car has been great in terms of range. I charge to 90% almost daily (at work) I’ll use today as an example: it was 7 degrees Celsius and I had 362 km of range with HVAC off. I think the highest I’ve achieved was a couple of weeks ago when it was 17 degrees. I got about 380km at 90%. I have been driving normally - not crazy - and not like a typical EV driver and I get about 13.4 kw/h (I think that’s the units of measurement) I’m not sure if/when I’ll break 400km. I wonder if there’s a way to sort of reset the system? I’ve heard of drivers in the Uk getting well over 450km at 100%. Bjorn Nyland on YouTube hypermiled the Kona EV to 830km and he drove it many times to 510km in Denmark. Same battery and specs as ours.
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  2. It's 13.4 kWh/100km or 134 Wh/km
    This might help:
    You should feel better now Wildeyed
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  3. Thanks. I kind of do feel better. Your SOC is much closer to mine than others out west/south. My efficiency still sort of stinks in comparison to others though. Now, I do run the heater on every trip so that affects it. And maybe I'm heavier footed than I thought. I drive 85% highway, mostly at 90kmh. Maybe others are more city-centric so are benefitting from lower speed and more Regen? I thought you drove mostly 400 series highways though. If you're going 110/120 and are getting 13 kwh/100k then I am still doing something wrong!
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    Oh goodness yes,
    I drive about 90% highway on QEW and 401. I don’t think I’ve driven less than 115 km/h. I normally cruise at well over that (speeds redacted in case there’s any OPP officers amongst us lol) And yea, I’m almost always below 14. I think one trip in particular where I was showing a friend some awesome twisty back roads in Milton I managed to get 17 kWh/100km. But that was flying through twisty roads on sport mode and hammering the accelerator. Also, I exclusively drive in Comfort mode now that winter is behind us. I drove in eco through the winter though. I guess Tesla battery tech is just that much more advanced? Any of my colleagues with Tesla’s seem to suffer a fraction of the range loss over similar distances. What are the folks out west dealing with? I feel like I’ve missed something!
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  5. Can anyone (Cdn) confirm if the tailgate unlocks with a press and hold on the keyfob "tailgate unlock button" (the third one before panic)?
    I get the 2 blinks on the lights but no actuator action. I know it is just to unlock it and still needs a press on the tailgate lever to open. Manual also says once tailgate is opened and then closed, the tailgate will automatically re-lock after 30 seconds on page 3-5 (not happening). Its like its locked all the time.
    Works with the handle press OK. Tried every function in the LCD door locks menu except "disable" in Auto lock which is not even there as displayed in the manual on page 3-84.
    (Thanks in advance) Just thought I would ask before going to the dealer and looking like a fool as they push some button.
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  6. Does it? In any mode door button twice or Fob?
  7. I believe I double clicked the driver side door knob and my wife opened the trunk.

    Also I believe that if you are close to the trunk with the smart key you can open it just by opening the trunk door. No other button pushing required.

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  8. Just trying to find out if the fob operates the way its supposed to. Double click on my drivers door button definitely does not activate any actuator for unlocking the rear hatch on my car. The ONLY way to unlock is to stand with the fob behind the rear area and push the handle/switch. (and of course lift)
  9. I'm curious about your charging habits given that it sounds like the car is parked outside when at your house. Do you charge at home with the car outside... mostly charge like while at work... both?
  10. I noticed that too, I guess it's a safety feature for some extremely rare situation they cooked up, but I found it annoying. If I push the button on the driver's door twice, I think everything including the rear hatch should unlock. (or at least make this a changeable setting like whether to lock and auto unlock the charger when it's plugged in and when charging is complete, which is a nice thing to be able to control)
  11. Ok now I'm wondering if this is why I keep experiencing some weirdness when backing out of my garage up and up my fairly steep driveway. It seems so hard to get the car moving but then about halfway up the driveway it suddenly changes and moves much more freely. I wonder if Auto Hold is on, will have to check.
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  12. I used to have a Ford C-Max PHEV and I also noticed that it would take the temperature into account (in addition to your driving habits and history). I haven't have the Kona long enough and with enough weather variety to see if it does the same, but it seems likely that it would.
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  13. I really think it's the weather, so hang in there for just a few more weeks and you should see much better numbers. I used to have a Ford C-Max PHEV, and I had something like a 6.5 kW battery pack for battery only mode. I can tell you when the temperature was 65, I'd get estimates of 25 miles on a full charge. When the temperature was 20 in winter, the estimate would be like 13 miles on a full charge. HUGE difference.
  14. I didn't see any replies to this. Is it just the VESS system? I think it stands for Vehicle Engine Sound System - basically it's a fake noise so pedestrians are alerted there's a car coming.
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    There are two owners with that weird alarm going off repeatedly--one in Canada and one in the States. They haven't had any answers from Hyundai yet that I have read. It isn't sounding like VESS at all--more of a space trekkie alarm. They have recorded it and posted it some where.
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  16. And no, still no answer

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    Sounds like a space taser gun to me. lol
  18. Whoa that is wild. And no message on the dash I take it. I'm trying to think of what it could possible be... and not coming up with much. It does it every time for like 5-10 seconds? I guess you could try a bunch of random things like reopening and closing all doors and windows. Use the other key fob. Disable various features one by one like the lane keeping assist and vehicle stability system, etc. But ... you probably already did a bunch of this stuff.
  19. Try disconnecting the - side of the 12V battery for 10 minutes, you will have to reset everything ( including windows and sunroof if equipped) once reconnected, but it might clear it.
  20. Its like Esprit1st said,(I took it to the dealer). If you push the third button when a longer distance from the car, the lights will flash and enable someone without the fob to push the tailgate lift button to open. It only works for 30 seconds and then is disabled (locked).
    The one thing I found out this morning though is after pushing reset to factory defaults on the LCD, the active lane keep assist wont work (even though it is ticked on the LCD) until you push the lane keep assist button on the left panel ( above the fuse panel) 4th button from left/top button.
    Good thing traffic was light. After only driven the car little over a month and so used to the semi-autonomous it sure can be a dangerous situation quick if not paying full attention. Just imagine if you lost that feature after say 3 years of driving with it on all the time, it would be like learning to drive again!

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