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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Brennan Raposo, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. Good point on the reverse, I know it also engages the epb if you have left it on and shut off the car which you may not want sometimes.
    Hopefully your Kona doesn't use too much gas when backing up:)
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  2. Man, I must be clueless because I've not noticed any of these things. I'll pay attention tomorrow.
  3. Canada Dan

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    I went for a drive yesterday and after about an hour I had a chime with a warning saying something to the effect of blind spot collision avoidance malfunction, radar blocked. An orange warning triangle appeared above the green car icon to the left of the speedo. Road conditions were dry, car recently washed if a little dusty from post-winter roads, with temps in the 10-15 Celsius range. From then on the driver's side blind spot warning didn't work. When I parked I tried to see where the radar is for that (anyone know?). Everything seemed fine. When I left for the return trip everything was functional again.
  4. I believe the blind spot warning "radar" is in the rear bumper in the corner facing each side in about a 45 degree angle.

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  5. We need a service manual for this car, Espirit1st I found this link months ago but only for USA , no publications as of yet for Canada but excluding the heat pump they should generally be the same, maybe if you have time to check out? Nissan used to supply service manuals on Leaf at Nissan publications world site for $30 24H copy files in pdf format.
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  6. Haha, yeah. I'm not going to screw around with my car, though. I'm just a very nerdy person who always wants to know how things work.

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  7. Agreed but would be nice to also know why things don't work.
  8. For sure, especially since I have that annoying alarm going off when I start the car that apparently nobody knows what it is.

    The dealer doesn't know, I emailed Hyundai directly as well. No answer yet, though.

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  9. Canada Dan

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    Thanks, I thought that might have been the one. It had appeared to be clean but I wiped a cloth across it anyway. Either that did the trick or it was just a fluke error that just needed a reboot.
  10. SkookumPete

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    Yeah, where did they hide the ctrl-alt-del button on this car?
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  11. Soona

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    Here's my annoying and potentially dangerous quirk: Quite a few times I backed up, then stopped and pressed "D" for drive and started to press the "gas" to go forward, but it turned out I was still in reverse and I started to go back further. This could be dangerous although it was always a very slow and small thing that I quickly caught. However, it happened often enough that I started to pay attention, wondering what caused it (not pressing D hard enough?) so I could be more careful and not do it again. You know, we get so used to driving and stop paying attention . . .

    Today I realized - if you're not pressing the brake, you can't switch gears, eg from R to D. So I guess sometimes I back out the drive, brake to stop, then release the brake a second before pressing D, and it stays in R. Then I unwittingly press the accelerator and start to go backwards. Luckily I haven't hit a cat!

    Good to train myself out of releasing the brake like that, although it does seem like a natural and safe flow, and silly that Hyundai requires the brake to be pressed even if you're at a full stop. More to the point, I wish the car had a gear shift lever like automatic cars have had all my life. Then you don't need to look at all! Do you guys need to look at the buttons? I do, and I'm not sure I'll get to the point where my hand can find the buttons automatically without looking.
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  12. My personal desire (or perhaps glitch) is that I believe Drive should be top centre rather than it being Park. I constantly hit the wrong one. It's just habit, of course, but it seems like the "main" gear should be front and centre.
  13. Soona

    Soona Member

    Me too, I often press P instead of D. I'm sure we'll get used to it (I've only had the car 11 days) but agree that the top "center" (as we say in the US) does seem to be the logical place to put the D.
  14. E-Shark

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    Hey, I think some would also say it would be dangerous the other way. As in if you came to a stop at a light and an animal or kid accidentally pressed the button and you went in the opposite direction. I think people still need to be aware that using the break is important. Starting the car and going into drive mode requires the brake, somebody else here had to press the power button twice and was wondering why it wouldn't go straight into drive, seems the brake is used in many ways.

    I had to look at first but it is starting to become second nature to me now. Be careful at the start as our eyes leave the road a lot to look for and play with things!!
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  15. E-Shark

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    Seems like something is wrong or stuck, mine opens on the first push.
  16. E-Shark

    E-Shark Active Member

    Does anybodies trunk open automatically with the trunk button on the FOB?? I'm not sure if it is supposed to or not, but it would be aweseome if it did. Mine does not, even when I told it down. Let me know if it does for anyone so I can take mine in to get looked at.
  17. I think it's only supposed to unlock, although I think it does that when you push the door unlock twice as well.

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  18. It's been mentioned before by others but today upon start-up I had the "conditions not met" message regarding the Smart Cruise. At the first opportunity I turned the car off and on again and it was fixed. Clearly it's some kind of glitch.
  19. Canada Dan

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    Try just tapping the brake and then trying cruise again.
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  20. Kitsilano

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    I thought Autohold automatically released the instant you step on the accelerator.

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