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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    Fantastic deal. How much was the documentation fee? I think PA caps it at $144 I'm just curious if that is the case.
  2. banxx

    banxx New Member

    Paid $30,500 otd in the Seattle area for a base model. The dealer threw in all-weather mats, wheel locks, and door edge guards.

    Price: 27069.13
    Sales Tax: 2788.12 (10.3%)
    Title & License: 492.75
    Doc Fee: 150.00
    OTD: 30,500.00

    Based on posts here I initially thought I could probably get the price down to $29,500 otd if I worked harder for it, but I was concerned by the relatively low number of base models in the area.
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  3. Jason P

    Jason P New Member

    Here is the breakdown and a picture as well with all the details...

    Price $28,490
    Sales tax $1390.40 (based on 6% and the net of my trade which was $6500)
    PA tire tax $5.00
    Registration $87.00 (breaks out to $53 for title, $9 transfer on my existing plate, $25 encumbrance)
    Doc fee $144 (I've seen higher numbers from other dealers out of state and I feel like I've seen higher in state as well)
    PA online reg charge $16.97
    Total $30062.37

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  4. thecompdude

    thecompdude Member

    Which dealer? I was in the same situation as you. Now that I see that they passed the bill for no sales tax, I wish that I had waited! :)
  5. Jerry56

    Jerry56 New Member

    Can you share the dealership name and sales person contact info? Thanks.
  6. Central Penn

    Central Penn New Member

    Thanks for the info and congratulations -- great deal! Other than Faulkner and Apple, which dealers offered similar pricing?

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  7. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    That works out as:

    MSRP 37,495
    Dealer price 28,634 (28,490 + 144)
    Discount 8,861

    I think that is the biggest discount I have seen for a touring. Do you mind sharing the manufacturing date (located on door jamb) and the number of miles on the odometer at purchase?
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  8. shayar5

    shayar5 New Member

    It was Ourisman Honda in Bethesda, but they have no stock now except a Demo model with over 5k miles so I had to pass it. Sales Person was Jose Amaya
  9. Bo Lee

    Bo Lee New Member

  10. Bo Lee

    Bo Lee New Member

    I bought the last 2018 Honda Clarity Touring in stock (White on Tan) this past Monday from Oursiman Honda in Bethesda for $29,500.00 +TTL+DMV fees. The Demo was the price, but it has all the options. Joyce Koons Honda in Manassas offered it for a few hundred dollars cheaper on May 9th, but I decided to buy it from Oursiman since it's down the street.The manager at koons offered it to me and I do not recall his name. The dealerships numbers is 703-368-9100.
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  11. M. Shah

    M. Shah Member

    Plenty of dealers in Chicago are willing to sell a 2018 Touring for $28.5K or less + tax title plates and dealer fess of under $200.
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  12. eliktronik

    eliktronik New Member

    I seem to be missing something. After a lot of negotiating with a local dealer in CT, I can't get much below $31,750 on a 2019 base model. I'm going to see if I can find a 2018 model in stock, but can anyone tell me whether these prices are state-specific? Are you factoring in the local rebates (CT has a $1k rebate that I'm not including).
  13. shayar5

    shayar5 New Member

    No, the prices we are quoted are not state specific and don't include any local rebates. It depends on dealer if they are motivated to clear 2018 stock.
  14. eliktronik

    eliktronik New Member

    I hear you. Just surprising they’re offering $4k less than the local dealers on a 2018 Touring.
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  15. SoapOpera

    SoapOpera New Member

    I got a 2018 Touring OTD for $28.5k in PA. Last one at the dealer so lucked out. Only had 21 miles on it.
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  16. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    Wow! What was the dealer price before tax and license? Also just for curiosity what was the manufacturing date, the month/year is located on the sticker in the driver door jamb.
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  17. SoapOpera

    SoapOpera New Member

    $26,588.71, 11/18 manufacturing date. $11k off MSRP.

    After $1k PA rebate and $7.5k tax credit, it will be $20k OTD
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  18. M. Shah

    M. Shah Member

    Thats a crazy good price. You did well!
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  19. Grant

    Grant New Member


    Is that from Apple? I was going to check them out about a trade for the green one they had (11/18 build), and they had already offered me a really good price (matched the best Baltimore metro offer I had, with no hesitation), but things cropped up that prevented me from getting there. If that is them, you did even better than the already great offer I had. Either way, congrats and enjoy!
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  20. Central Penn

    Central Penn New Member

    Wow. Congrats indeed -- great car, great deal! Thanks for sharing this info. Were there any other dealerships offering good discounts? If so, it would be great to know more about that.

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