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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. wildfins

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    If you are in SoCal and in search for a Honda Clarity PHEV, you may want to contact Nima @ Penske Honda Ontario who was able to get me a great deal on a new 2019 Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid Base Model for $34320 MSRP - $8000 discount = $26320 + TTL. Total OTD was about ~29K based on current dealer incentives and local taxes rate for my zip code.

    - Tell Nima that you get her contact from [John Q.] from the forum and she'd know the deal you are referring to.

    - Deal is ending by 04/30 unless Honda is extending the $6000 discount... No up-sale, no BS, no haggles, just straight forward deal, wait time can be long to sign final paperwork.

    - You may want to shop for auto-loan rates at your bank or Credit Union because the current Honda Financial auto loan rates are quite un-attractive (4.90% to 5.90% based on FICO). So I signed an option contract with the dealer, put down a deposit toward payment, drove home with the car, then applied for a loan at my Credit Union who then sent the payment to the dealer 7-10 days after. The dealer made it quite simple and easy so I was happy with the whole process.

    Good luck...

    Nima Nazir
    Internet/Fleet Manager
    Penske Honda Ontario
    1401 Auto Center Drive
    Ontario, CA 91791

    Cell: (951) 454-9602
    Phone: (909) 418-3218
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  2. OCBadger

    OCBadger New Member

    Hi Everyone!

    Newbie here. Just picked up the Honda Clarity based via Costco Auto, and got the 6k discount in SoCal. Thanks for the info here.

    Picked up the metallic grey for 26.5K before TTL and 29K OTD.
    However, I also added extended warranty for $1649 from EG (Ethos Group) offered by the dealer. (7 years 75,000 miles)
    Also, I got free oil changes and services for $939 (Honda Sentinel) for 6 years 80,000 miles.

    I am wondering whether I overpaid for these. I can cancel these anytime.

    (FYI. The reason I got the warranty and oil change service is because during the first 12 months, I expect to put in 25k - 28k miles. However, after that, the mileage should decrease, as I will move closer to work. I will need extended warranty, since I will go over 36k miles in less than 3 years. But I don't know how long I will keep this car. )

    Any insights to warranty and pre-paid oil change services is greatly appreciated it. I can start a new thread also if this is not appropriate here.
  3. soobaerodude

    soobaerodude New Member

    You overpaid on the warranty, especially since it's third party. You can get HondaCare from College Hills Honda for these prices:

    D78 7yrs/80K miles $1051
    D70 7yrs/100K miles $1295
    D72 7yrs/120K miles $1434
    D80 8yrs/100K miles $1364
    D82 8yrs/120K miles $1614
  4. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    Even cheaper at Hyannis Honda! I used their online quote to have my dealer match their $1,302 price for Honda Care D80 last year. My dealer’ original price was over $2,500!
  5. OCBadger

    OCBadger New Member

    Thanks both! I am going to reach out to them and get a quote and cancel the other one.

    Any thoughts on the oil change services? Is that a reasonable deal?
  6. Agzand

    Agzand Active Member

    Is it oil change only? They have two levels of service contracts.
  7. OCBadger

    OCBadger New Member

    It oil change, and filters, etc.. The finance guy said it covers everything except tires and disc breaks. According to the contract, it's call the Honda Sentinel.

    I am researching how often the forum members are doing the maintenance. This is one thing that I will miss about BEV. I had a 2015 Leaf before getting the Clarity.
  8. MajorAward

    MajorAward Active Member

    I picked up my 2018 silver touring today for an out the door price of $32500. While not as great a deal as ZEV states, It was a fair deal in Georgia. I spent the better part of my free time last week and this past weekend doing research and calling dealers all over Georgia, as well as a few in Tennessee . The best deal I was quoted for the car I wanted was $32,330 OTD, which seemed like an odd number, but in the end, it was worth it to me to drive 14 miles for the second best deal rather than 100 miles more for the lowest price. Most dealers I talked to were straight forward, even if they knew very little about the car. One dealer I talked to, however was at best misleading, and some may call them worse. I wont call anyone out here, but they didn't get my business. Anyway, I am now a happy owner. Many thanks to forum members Partha Ghosh and 2002, fellow Georgia buyers, for giving me a price to shoot for in metro Atlanta, and to all of you for this forum. It sure made doing research a lot easier,and I probably would have overpaid had I not joined a few weeks ago.
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  9. Desiboy

    Desiboy New Member

    I picked up my 2018 White Touring yesterday, $32K even, out-the-door, in the DFW area. Did all negotiation via email. I think it helps that the Clarity is not selling well so they're willing to deal. I feel like I could have gone a bit lower, because they did not put much pressure when picking up. My car was sitting in the lot for four months, I hope there are no long term effects.
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  10. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    Do you mind posting MSRP, Dealer Price, Documentation Fee, Total Dealer Price, Adjusted Discount

    For example my 2018 Touring was:

    MSRP 37,495
    Dealer Price 29,259
    Documentation Fee 599
    Total Dealer Price 29,858
    Adjusted Discount 7,637

    OTD is a state/county matter, I think most people are more interested in knowing what discounts people are getting.

    In case you are wondering why I include doc fee, it is part of the purchase price they just hide it under the fees in the OTD paperwork. Some states put a limit on this fee, most states don't.

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  11. Desiboy

    Desiboy New Member

    Egad, there are many line items. I'm rounding to the nearest dollar.

    MSRP 37,495
    Retail Price 36,252 (I don't know what this is)
    Base Price 29712
    Tax 1857
    Doc Fee 157
    License 149
    Title 33
    Inspection 7
    Conv & Proc Fees 15
    Inventory Tax 69
    Total out-the-door 32,000
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  12. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    After adjusting for $241 in bogus fees you got a $7,542 discount off of MSRP which is excellent.

    I think retail price is probably their advertised price, then they discounted it some more to get to your selling price of 29,712.

    The State of Texas charges dealers an Inventory Fee of 0.2%. Some dealers try to slickly pass this tax on to the customer unless you catch them and object. It's the dealer's tax, not yours. It would be no different than if they tried to charge you for a percentage of their property tax. Only $69, but just think how that adds up for them each month. Texas caps doc fee at $150 so they look for other ways to slip in hidden fees. In fact it looks like they slipped in an extra $7 for doc fee unless Texas raised the cap to $157 but I doubt it.

    The "Conv & Proc Fees" looks pretty fishy also so I will include that in the dealer fees. Just a few dollars here and few dollars there means extra thousands for the dealer each month. $7 inspection fee could be State of Texas, or it could be just another bogus fee, but it's small also so I'll just ignore it.

    So for you it looks like this:

    MSRP 37,495
    Dealer Price 29,712
    Documentation Fee 157
    Conv & Proc Fees 15
    Inventory Tax 69
    Total Dealer Price 29953
    Adjusted Discount 7,542
  13. keith j klayman

    keith j klayman New Member

    No surprise, Honda extended the 6K incentive, this time through July 8:

    Manufacturer to Dealer
    $6000 Discount
    Valid: 05/01/2019 - 07/08/2019



    Dealer cash availability may vary geographically, by model trim or equipment levels, and may not apply if any available special lease or special financing program is selected. Your Authorized Contact will provide the most current incentive details.
  14. Claire Green

    Claire Green Member

    Where can I find this $6000 discount? I went to the honda website and all it shows for my California zip code is special lease deals and $500 college graduate discount and military discount. I went to the costco auto website and no $6000 manufacturer discount showing either. I'm recommending a Clarity to my family and would be nice to point them to this $6000 discount if possible.
  15. ab13

    ab13 Active Member

    On the Costco site, bring up the car and scroll down to "rebate and incentives". Where I am it says $6000 discount. This is for 2019 model.
  16. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    Like the previous rebate this appears to be for California and Oregon residents only. No rebates available in other states..
  17. Claire Green

    Claire Green Member

    Thanks I found it! So this discount is only for Costco members using Costco auto buying service and not available at the dealer although is says MANUFACTURER to dealer discount?
  18. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    The $6,000 rebate is for residents of California and Oregon. It's just easier to look it up on the Costco site rather than the Honda site. In fact I couldn't even find it on the Honda site even though I entered a California zip code. Maybe it's there but I couldn't find it.
  19. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    It's possible that Costco is more transparent than conventional dealers. No, it's more than just possible.
  20. keith j klayman

    keith j klayman New Member

    Non-costco associated dealers I have talked to admitted the MFG to dealer discount is there, but that does not mean they are passing it on to the customer.

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