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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. sandman

    sandman New Member

    Costco had the $6,000 rebate for Washington on their site for 7 hours. Spent the day negotiating pricing. Got three dealerships down to $30,500 on a touring.
    When I brought up the incentive none of them new anything about it. When i went back to Costco's website it was gone...

  2. thecompdude

    thecompdude Member

    Not sure, who you are negotiating with, but Honda of Seattle has a publicly available published price of 30,102!!
  3. Lurker2019

    Lurker2019 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Newbie here trying to buy a Clarity this month. I live in Orange County, CA and is a Costco member. Went to Norms Reeve Honda in Huntington Beach today via Costco Auto Referral and got the shady treatment. The salesperson referred by Costco Auto Program tried to convince me that 28.5k for a base model (31.5k OTD) is a good price and wouldn't bulge even after I explained to him the price other SoCal forum members are reporting here after getting the 6k rebate (now extended to July). Additionally, this sales person never showed me the Costco Member-Only price sheet, which I though was strange too. Looking back, I think either him or the dealership just don't want to part with the entire 6k rebate and was trying to pull a fast one over me.

    This was not the experience I was expecting from Costco Auto referral, and it looks like some of the members here got a much better experience from Costco Auto. All I want is to get a Clarity base model at invoice minus 6k rebate for a sales price of about 26kish (OTD 29kish). So if any member in Orange County got this price in the last month via Costco Auto or straight up from a dealer, could you please let me know which dealer and the POC there?

    Thanks for the help!
  4. 4sallypat

    4sallypat Active Member

    Costco Auto buying program I have recently experienced was very similar - shady dealer that plays games.
    You need to call Costco Auto and report the incident to them because they won't know what happened as the dealer is supposed to show you the complete member only pricing and treat you very well. The dealers are all subject to a monthly customer feedback scrutiny by Costco because the dealers are not supposed to treat members poorly.
    Costco Auto will drop the dealer if they find out the dealer sidestepped their program agreement.

    It is true that most dealers will play dumb when it comes to the manufacturer incentives - most dealers will try to keep that money by not offering it - hoping you will be lured into getting the car because it is one of the rare models that can covet the CA Clean Air HOV stickers...

    PM me if you want an up front internet sales advisor who won't play games - it took me over 2 months of searching for my 2018 Clarity....
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  5. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    Costco Auto Program is run by a third party company although Costco certainly monitors what is going on. Generally speaking it is a halfway decent program for what it aims to be, which is a hassle-free way to purchase a vehicle and get a fixed "guaranteed" discount. They don't claim that you will get the lowest price possible, that is something that people infer on their own since it is Costco after all. But especially for those who really hate haggling and negotiating, and who just want to feel like they at least paid a fair price, and are also worried about getting taken with hidden fees and tricks, the Costco program can be a fairly pain-free way to purchase a car and at least have a higher than average chance of not getting taken.

    But even though dealers (and even individual sales people) are vetted by the program that doesn't mean it works right 100% of the time. I guess you could think of it as the LKA of auto buying, you still have to keep your eyes on the road, or in this case the sales contract.
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  6. Lurker2019

    Lurker2019 New Member

    Agreed and really like your LKA comparison. I drew the short straw this time. I did all my research ahead so I didn't get taken advantage of (other than wasted time). But others may not be as lucky. Already called Costco Auto and provided feedback about the poor experience. Hopefully this may help some future buyers from going through what I did.
  7. sandman

    sandman New Member

    Washington State just passed house bill HB 2042. Which reinstates the tax exemption on sales tax for the clarity. Looks like it does not go into effect until August 2019.
  8. k b

    k b New Member

    Wow, that would have been so nice! I paid 9.75% sales tax (Southern CA)!
  9. OCBadger

    OCBadger New Member

    Hi Lurker,

    I purchased my Clarity via Costco and was assigned Norm Reeves Honda in Irvine. The person who sold me the vehicle said only a portion of the sales staff was trained to handle Costco Auto deals. My interactions with the sales was exactly like what Costco said it would. Where it got annoying is when I got to the financing person.

    Perhaps calling Costco and get them to refer you to another dealer?
  10. thecompdude

    thecompdude Member

    Bummer, I wish they allowed for retroactive purchases. They will charge the additional licensing fees, but not give a refund on the sales tax! Not fair!
  11. 4sallypat

    4sallypat Active Member

    Yes, only certain personnel are trained and allowed to show you the Costco pricing, discounted accessories pricing, etc...

    However the finance manager is another person you have to deal with - it's another sales hurdle you have to deal with - not associated with the Costco rep.

    Just decline all the options the finance person is offering....
    He/she still gets paid...
  12. Lurker2019

    Lurker2019 New Member

    No problem there. I already got financing lined up through my credit union, so definitely a no thank you to the Finance Manager!
  13. Jason P

    Jason P New Member

    Just bought a 2018 Clarity touring PHEV last Saturday, first weekend in May. First off there were no Claritys available in my local area, Pittsburgh PA. I dropped online requests to a number of dealers outside of the area and received mixed responses. Cutting to the chase I drove to Harrisburg PA and picked up my black Clarity at Faulkner Honda. Price before taxes and dmv fees was $28490. Added to this was PA sales tax and DMV fees. No additional dealer fees or add-ons. I was able to get similar deals at other dealerships but Faulkner was closest, had the color combo I wanted, and ultimately made it an easy no BS experience. Highly recommended.

    I did press them on Honda Care and they offered the 8YR 100k for $1300 after I showed them a quote from Hyannis Honda.

    If anyone needs any info on dealers I interacted with or how I got to the deal just let me know.

    BTW loving the car!!!
  14. ChrisP

    ChrisP New Member

    After reading all the good reviews here, decided to buy the 2019 clarity touring PHEV to take advantage of the ev drive and current great rebates.

    All my local dealers are currently out of stock for a few weeks (tri-valley bay area California) so I had to secure an in transit vehicle matching my liking. I had to shop around to get the Honda $6,000 passed down with many dealers unwilling to do it under the false pretext the car is selling like hotcake at 1.5k$ below MSRP . Got a nice deal at $29,900 before TTL with a nicer dealer. No extra dealer add on except the provided wheel lock. I cannot thanks enough folks here for sharing their deals and making me aware of an accurate price ballpark with the current incentive.

    On top of the car, I also opted for the 4y/60k service plan for $1285 but not sure if it worth it for a PHEV. Any guidance would be appreciated.

    I was offered the dent&ding removal up to 3 inches option with zero deductible and unlimited repairs at $550. Again not sure if it is worth it but since I tend to keep my car for 10+ years, I might recoup the money.

    I am still considering the extended warranty. Might go for the D80 (8y/100k) or D82(8y/120k) if I can get a good deal.

    The vehicle should arrive in 2-3 weeks
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  15. shayar5

    shayar5 New Member

    Hi Jason P,

    I'm in MD near DC and checking 2018 Clarity Base/Touring prices nearby, best I came across was Touring $29600+TTL+DMV Fees. I don't see any Clarity inventory on Faulkner website, any other places close to price you received? TIA.
  16. Jason P

    Jason P New Member

    Yes check out Apple Honda, looks like they still have two in stock. I was dealing with Hali Snyder. She was super helpful and Apple is probably a little closer for you.
  17. Anu

    Anu New Member

    I just got my 2019 Clarity Plug in Hybrid Touring for $34,013 OTD in the Bay Area. I love my car!
  18. cannae76

    cannae76 New Member

    Cool. do you mind sharing the dealer contact ? Thanks.
  19. Ralph

    Ralph New Member

    i bought mine for $25998 (base model) out the door price $28540 from scott robinson honda in torrance i was lucky to get one without added accessories but most of the inventory has splash guards, wheel locks, and trunk tray installed those that have these accessories installed are priced at $26498 for Base model and $29498 for the Touring model before tax and license
  20. Grant

    Grant New Member

    Thanks Jason!

    I am in the Altoona area and have the same problem of no local stock. Which kind of makes sense as most in this area are way not ready for even baby steps of new and different.

    I have been scouring the Honda dealer locator and checking inventory from the Ohio line to the Jersey line and down around the beltway and Baltimore, but somehow managed to miss Apple, so thanks for the heads up

    It is really strange how some dealers are really willing to work and do some heavy stuff to move their 18s while others are offering like 2k off sticker and act like it's amazing and how can't you jump on this.

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