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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. shayar5

    shayar5 New Member

    Sorry for little off topic question, for Maryland residents. Do you need to have title before applying for HOV stickers? Can't find this info online.
  2. Jerry56

    Jerry56 New Member

    You need title number and VIN number to apply for the stickers, so in a sense, you do need to have title before applying.
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  3. VABeachKiwi

    VABeachKiwi New Member

    OK an after a couple of days negotiations update... I've got the offer price for the silver base model (they have one in-stock) down to $25,795 (that's at $8,500 discount). They say they can't do this deep a discount on a model they don't have in stock.... their previous discount offer off MSRP was $7,200 (i have a written offers with VINs for this) available on any model they can find.... touring or base.... still thinking what to do... this is a pretty attractive offer on a car that's at a dealer only 25 mins across town. I will say these folks have "processing fee" of $699 (which from my research is pretty damn high)... I'd be out the door with tax and title all inclusive for under $27.8k which is a pretty sweet deal.
  4. fdnnews

    fdnnews New Member

    Well done...that's the way you do it.

    What I think some people don't understand is what you discovered. You can't just walk into any dealer and get a fantastic price. You have to solve a problem for them and get a car off their lot that they are stuck with and can't unload.

    For whatever reason, the Clarity isn't wildly popular with the general public. Dealers don't want to be stuck with something they can't sell. Honda is kicking in a $6k discount, and federal/state tax credits apply. The dealer will throw in all of their margin to get one off of the lot, but no way they will take delivery on another to sell you a car at that price.
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  5. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    So realistically a discount of $7,800 which is still very good. Their previous offer including processing fee is a discount of $6,500.

    Processing fee goes directly into the pocket of the dealer, none of it goes to Honda or any government agency, that is why it should always be added to the price. $699 is high but not unheard of in states that don't cap documentation (processing) fees. Always let them know you are aware that the processing fee is part of their price. You can do this in a polite way since it's not the salesperson's fault it's the dealer. You can say "Okay so are you sure $26,494 is as low as you can go?" They will say "But I'm offering you $25,795". You then reply, no you are offering $25,795 plus $699 that's $26,494". Don't even use the word processing fee. They will argue that the processing fee is blah blah blah,something we have to charge, etc. Just say "either way it's part of your price". No need to say more, you have informed them you are aware of the true price they are charging you.

    Personally what I would do if you haven't already is contact a dealer who has a color you like and present them with the quote from silver dealer and ask them to match it. Even if they don't fully match it you might get close.
  6. Mason

    Mason New Member

    Got a Black 2018 Touring for 31k out the door last weekend in Arlington. Off of Brown's Arlington Honda. They still have a few 2018s left, for anyone in the area that's looking for one.
  7. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    That's terrific congratulations. lf you don't mind can you tell us what the dealer price was before tax and license and also what the docmentation/processing fee was.
  8. aaronj1159

    aaronj1159 New Member

    2018 Modern Steel Metallic Touring from Danville, VA. Out the door for $30,681. Dealer price $28,880.

    When I left there, they had 2 silver Touring's left, if anyone wants in.
  9. Central Penn

    Central Penn New Member

    Wait, so was it $28,900 OTD or was it $28,900 plus tax and fees?
  10. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    Great price! What was the documentation fee (sometimes called processing fee.)
  11. aaronj1159

    aaronj1159 New Member

    I believe it was $449.
  12. Mason

    Mason New Member

    Don't remember the exact number, but it was around 28k. I only negotiated on OTD price. Dealer had a really high processing fee ($799!), but due to only negotiating the OTD price it was OK. Also since I live in MD I had to pay a slightly higher tax than VA, so that might fudge the numbers a bit too.
  13. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    You got a great deal no question about it, but if you have a chance if you can get the dealer price from the invoice that will help others in different states because we are comparing prices nationwide and we need to exclude tax and license because that varies from state to state.

    As for processing fee (sometimes called documentation fee) the reason I keep bringing it up is because it is part of the dealer price, which we also need to know if we are comparing prices. Most people ignore or are not aware of it because it is buried in the middle of tax and license on the invoice so people think it's a government fee when in fact it goes straight into the dealer's pocket. Dealers won't remove it even if you call them on it but it's important to keep it front and center in any price discussion because it is part of the price that the dealer is charging you for the car. Although some people are lucky and live in states like New York where they cap documentation/processing fee at $75, or Pennsylvania where it is capped at $144.
  14. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    So that works out to a discount of $8,166 off of MSRP, certainly a great deal.

    MSRP 37,495 - (Dealer price 28,880 + documentation/processing fee 449) = discount 8,166
  15. Lurker2019

    Lurker2019 New Member

    Finally bought my Base model Clarity in SoCal (North Orange County) through the second dealer referred by the Costco Auto program. Thanks to all the members in this forum that helped and provided their valuable insights. Much better experience this time around and got the price that I was expecting. Anyone wants the dealership and contact info, just PM me.

    Discounted Price:$26,289.97 (after Costco discount + 6k incentive)
    Everything else (mandatory anti-theft package, documentation fees, sales taxes, registration, EVR charges): 3,469.65
    OTD Price: $29,759.62

    In the everything else section, the dealer put in a $595.00 theft protection package (etching) that I was unable to get them to remove as the parts are already etched. It appears to just be another way for them to pad their profit, but as the bottom line price is close enough to the ballpark figure, it wasn't a deal breaker. So all in all, I am satisfied and looking forward to pick up the car next week once it's ready.
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  16. EVNOOB

    EVNOOB New Member

    Just purchased used 2018 white touring mint with only 8100 miles. Dealer price $27,985 OTD $31,703 Tax, License (16 months) and Fees. Tucson, AZ
  17. VABeachKiwi

    VABeachKiwi New Member

    I am dealing with them the offered me the following:
    We will go as low as $29,400 plus fees.
    Fees include:
    Dealer appearance package; $495
    Processing Fee: $799
    Taxes: VA 4.2%, MD 6%, D.C. exempt
    Tags $300 (estimation)
    So they must have given you a lower price who were you dealing with there?
  18. Grant

    Grant New Member

    FYI, for those still shopping in the MD/DC/NorVA area, there appear to still be the two (one red, one green) Tourings that started my search-and-almost-buy process last month, at Hagerstown.

    IDK if they have gained any motivation or not, but they weren't real willing to work in late April or early May when I visited and test drove. Car had a tag hanging on the rearview "6k off MSRP", and when I asked them how much room they had beyond that they acted like I was nuts. Then after I started looking around and finding lots of places lower (some significantly) they texted me back about the car and I told them nevermind, the price didn't work for me. The guy texts "what do you want to pay?" but I just dropped the convo, partly because I pretty much knew whatever more space they had found still wasn't going to get them where I wanted, and mostly just on principle, as I hate the back and forth crap. I was on your lot, fresh from a drive -- whatever you got, hit me with it now. If you let me leave and I find better offers, I figure you had your shot. Not playing the "wait, we hoped you were easy money, but now we changed our mind" thing.
  19. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    I am trying very hard not to be envious of everyone getting these great deals. I bought in Feb of 2018 and could only get about $3,000 off sticker price with not paying for all the dealer add ons, 0.9% financing, and Honda Care D80 for $1,304.
    The only consolation that us early buyers can take is that we saved at least $1,000 to $1,500 in gas for the year or longer that we have owned our Claritys over waiting and buying with current deals. I don’t regret it a bit, I just wish Honda had thrown money at me then like they’re doing now.
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  20. steelenet

    steelenet New Member

    Bought mine brand new (33 miles on it when I drove it off the lot). 2018 Touring Model. $32,796 price, - $2k for my trade in - $500 for Honda's student discount program (I graduated last year) + $3 for the one day of interest I had the car to take advantage of the Honda program (then paid it off in full) + fees brought the price to $32,683. I'll be able to take advantage of the full $7,500 rebate next tax season. That'll bring the price of this fantastic vehicle down to $25,183.
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