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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by jdonalds, Apr 28, 2019.

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    After my craptastic experiences with emotorwerks and their deucebox(es), I don't think I could trust anything they told me. Good luck with your issue. Our cars are pretty close to having come off the line at the same time, so I'm interested to hear what happens.
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    Here's an update. No doubt there is an issue with my Clarity, but proving it and getting Honda to do something about it has come to an end for now. I'm going to monitor it, keep better records, and do the one thing that is free and easy. I will take the advice to let the battery drain to zero two or three times to see if it will condition the battery. It can't hurt and is easy and free to do.

    With warmer temperatures the past few days EV Range has risen to 43-44 miles. Add to that 2 or 3 miles for the non-LRR tires and it would be at 46-47 miles. No way I'm going to get Honda to believe that it should be in the 53-54 mile range.

    The things that show there is a problem include:
    - A sudden drop, about April 17, from 47-48 miles down to 36-41 or so, both in estimate and actual miles.
    - A Battery Capacity reading of 49.6
    - Irregular charts from the JuiceBox data

    At this point I'm not willing to spend any money to gather further information, and Honda isn't cooperating. They've said there are no more tests they can do and that my situation is normal.

    My plan is to record EV Range data every time the car is charged, along with the date. I'll also bring the car to Hond periodically to get a Battery Capacity reading. I hope I will be able to do that myself but haven't found a Torque plug-in for the Clarity that will show that and other data.
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    Quick free suggestion: When you record the EV range, also record the temperature, since that has such an effect on the range.
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    I will add temperature. Actually I was randomly recording temperature and range for a while. That excel file is partly what alerted me to the problem I have with my Clarity. The excel file showed twice the charge reached 48 miles; long before new tires or other indicators.
    Unfortunately I wasn't recording the date.

    Horizontal is ambient temperature. Vertical is EV Range.

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    I just ran across this article. Thought you might find it interesting. This fellas chart is long term and shows the dramatic drop as well.

    Ironically...same basic response from Tesla...normal battery degradation. They must go to the same school.

    Any update on your status?
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    One big difference is Tesla specifically excluded battery degradation in their warranty. Honda warrants that the battery capacity will be at least 36.6 Ah (and his tested well above that).
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    The other big difference is the updates were after battery fires. Which is going to derate much of the function beyond some operating range/temperature.

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