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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by BlueKonaEV, Mar 9, 2021.

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  1. BlueKonaEV

    BlueKonaEV Well-Known Member

    Just submitted a Trade In Estimation for Tesla.. Let's see what they come back with..
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  3. Paul DeLeon

    Paul DeLeon Member

    Anyone know a good class action lawyer?
  4. ColoradoKonaEV

    ColoradoKonaEV New Member

    People are talking about batteries being replaced - is there any information about these? In the recalls I have it does not say the batteries will be replaced.

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  5. The replacement plan (s) were widely reported in the press and directly from Hyundai corporate. Detailed nation-based plans have generally not been announced, thus the "no remedy" notation. Replacement was flagged to start at the end of April though where that applies is somewhat unclear - but South Korea seems to be the initial market affected.
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  6. ColoradoKonaEV

    ColoradoKonaEV New Member

    I took my 2019 Kona Ultimate for the first two recalls to the closest dealership in the past:

    General Service Request - Recall 960 : 2019-2020 KONA ELECTRIC (OS EV) HIGH VOLTAGE BATTERY MONITORING UPDATE
    HIGH VOLTAGE UPDATE/INSPECT (20-01-042H) 196 -

    I called them today to schedule an appointment for the rest of the recalls. Their first availability is May 26 - this is 48 days from now!!?
    It may burn my house down but they would not give it a priority over a scheduled oil change. It is my car - it is my problem.

    I called a different dealership and booked for May 4th. It seems there are 5 open recalls for my car:

    Recall - * Vehicle May Require Pre-Inspection To Order Parts, *Customer States, Setting Max. Charge To 80% (21-01-027H)
    Recall - * Vehicle May Require Pre-Inspection To Order Parts, *Customer States, 00D036r0 - In-Cable Protection Cover(21-01-013H)
    Recall - * Vehicle May Require Pre-Inspection To Order Parts, *Customer States, 00D111r1 - Kona Ev Vculdc Software Updt(21-01-019H)
    Recall - * Vehicle May Require Pre-Inspection To Order Parts, *Customer States, Kona Ev Inspect & Bms Update(21-01-008H)
    Recall - * Vehicle May Require Pre-Inspection To Order Parts, *Customer States, 01D102r3 - Integrated Elec. Brake Upd. (20-01-048H)

    I think I should check the Trade In Estimation for Tesla in the meantime.
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  8. Joev

    Joev Member

  9. ColoradoKonaEV

    ColoradoKonaEV New Member

    I received it this morning. I checked few hours after that and the charging levels were not updated. I did it manually - my commutes are short, so it does not bother me that much, providing the issue is fixed soon.
  10. XtsKonaTrooper

    XtsKonaTrooper Active Member

    Of course , they are not in a rush at the dealership to do the recalls, they don't want it burning down their shop and the ICE vehicles.
  11. BaylorBob

    BaylorBob Member

    You can Google "How Many Hyundai Kona EV's Were Sold" and the answer is: "The Kona Electric reached 100,000 global sales milestone in June 2020". Obviously they have sold more since June 2020. Also as to how many cars are affected and will need their batteries replaced? Here is the last info I could find: "UPDATE 2/24/21: Hyundai told Car and Driver that approximately 55,000 vehicles outside of Korea have been affected, and it is still finalizing the recall with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Details will be shared with U.S. dealers, shortly".

    Get ready for a Big Surprise from American Hyundai. I copied this from Hyundai Email I received yesterday, April 8th: "Due to a battery safety issue identified with your vehicle, we will be setting your Charge Limit to 80% in next couple of days. Learn more about this safety update". The We is Hyundai reaching into your garage and car, not you!

    Once they reset your battery to 80% can you make your daily commute to and from work? Or how about the trip to see Grandma and Grandpa? Or your trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas - 270 Miles? You're Not going to make it on 80%. You will have to stop and recharge once on the way to Las Vegas and once more on the way home. Another thing to consider that I have not seen any discussion on is how many miles per charge will the NEW BATTERIES, provide? Will they give us 300 miles? Will they give us 325 miles? Or will they give us the 258 miles the car is rated at with the current battery, or perhaps even less?

    These are all Important but unanswered questions at this time. The only way we will all know is to see what happens when the new battery is installed in each of our cars. Just as now, each of us is getting a different range. In my case, as I have perviously posted i was getting a constant 325 miles with every charge, until Hyundai did the two previous battery upgrades (downgrades) to my car at which point my mileage dropped to 287 or 297 (can't remember exactly but it is in my previous post) and has just made it back to 312 miles this week. Other forum members told me they are getting over 250 or 260 miles per charge.

    And how long will we remain at 80% before we get the new batteries installed? Don't forget this is a two step process. Step 1 is to make the new batteries and step 2 is to install them, worldwide. Does this remind you of the Covid-19 Vaccine? It took 9 months to develop it at WARP SPEED, normally a 5 to 10 year time period. And once it was developed look how long it has taken to give the injections. According to the Washington Post as of April 8, 2021 only 20% of the US Population has been fully vaccinated, and that is a life or death situation affecting hundreds of millions of people; your battery is only affecting you and your passengers.

    So how long do you think it will be until we receive a new battery from Hyundai while we remain at 80% of charging capacity? Judging by the fact that I have been waiting for Hyundai to replace my Infotainment System since December 20, 2020 and it is now April 9, 2021, I would say we have at least a one year wait for Step 1, the making of enough batteries, to be completed. Again, judging by my experience with Hyundai re replacement of my infotainment system, my best guess for both Step 1 and Step 2 to be completed is not less than eighteen (18) months from today. Remember this is only MY Opinion. You may have a different opinion. If you do, please post it. Let's all see how long we all think it will take!
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  13. MSimpsonNJ

    MSimpsonNJ Member Subscriber

    My car is presently just beyond the recall date (April 2021) so it has the "fixed" battery. I charged to 100% last night and had 316 on the GOM this morning. For reference, I'm in New Jersey, went down to 47 last night, presently 58 today. Weather the past few weeks has been similar, and I have done primarily local driving only.
  14. If you want to charge your car to 100% just do it. Literally nothing is stopping you.
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  15. russ36363

    russ36363 New Member

    I got the same email yesterday and suddenly this car just doesn't meet my needs anymore. I make the trip from SD to LA about once every 2 months, and where I am in LA I don't have access to a charger. I could make this trip easily with 15-20% of the battery left. 80% is going to be cutting it too close.

    The thread has mixed messages on whether or not this is being forced - some people say the Bluelink will update it, others say that can only be done manually through car settings. I have not gotten any automatic update as far as I'm aware, I'll have to see next time I charge it. If it is the case that bluelink is forcing it, is that going to prevent us from overriding it?

    I spent some time getting quotes yesterday/this morning seeing what I can get for it, but more than one business said they're not taking it due to the battery recall. I agree with BaylorBob that it'll likely be at least a year before we get replacement batteries. I'm just trying to get rid of it as quick as I can at this point because that year is also going to do a number on the resale value. $200 compensation is a complete joke.
  16. BC-Doc

    BC-Doc Member

    I brought my Kona in for a tire change plus battery recall update part one this week. I asked the service rep for information on a battery replacement for my car. I was told "We took photos which we are sending to Hyundai. They will tell us if you need a new battery." The Hyundai Canada recall website clearly states that my car contains one of the defective batteries and that I am slated for a replacement. I didn't discuss this further with the service rep as I have not found the reps at all knowledgeable when it comes to explaining the what exactly is being fixed with the various recall updates.

    Now for the kicker-- despite having part one of the "battery update" performed, my car is still charging to 100% (462km yesterday). The update has not throttled me to 80% state of charge. For the record, my Kona is still sleeping outdoors and away from my garage.
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  17. I think it is a manual change, not a software update. When I called my dealer, they just said I could do it myself if I knew how, no need to bring it in at this time. I charge below 80% on mine anyway, except when I am a long trip, where I might charge once or twice to 100% immediately before driving again.

    Canada seems to be handing this differently than the US.
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  18. Exactly zero out of the total of about 800+ Konas have Blue Link in NZ and the 90% limit is "recommended," communicated to owners via email. I'll also note that Hyundai NZ have stopped advertising the Kona Electric on their website leaving only the Ioniq 5 offered in the EV range.
    There is very little fuss among the 314 Kona/ioniq members here on our FB group and one Kona owner who has covered well over 100,000 kms is still frequently charging to 100%.

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  19. Ah ha! So it was a New Zealand service bulletin that specified 90%. I knew I'd read it somewhere and scoured the Canadian recall site with no luck. I'm sure when Canada finally gets around to actually informing us directly about the recall we'll end up with a 90% recommendation too. Canada and NZ both share a middle of the road approach to life.;)
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  20. Americans can blame their tort laws, which require a lot of CYA on the part of manufacturers and sellers. And adds a lot of cost to buyers.
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  21. Had to Google CYA. :)
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  22. A standard business term ... :)
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  23. I've spent my entire life resisting all things business. Jargon being a major reason! I just don't have the bandwidth for it. ;)
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