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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by MCSqrd, Jul 6, 2018.

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    Where are you located?
  2. Good luck. And I hope I'm not spreading rumours or falsehoods from my dealer. He did seem sincere and a bit miffed with Hyundai''s arbitrary procedural changes.
  3. Good news. Wondering where you live?
  4. Eastern Ontario. July 12th pre-order. Ceramic Blue/ Grey/Blue interior
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    I got a text back saying "I haven't heard that re: writing up order. I will check with my sales manager tomorrow". I figure I would try to light some sort of fire under them as we are hearing NOTHING. Rumours are fine in my books. lol Better than nothing at all.
  6. According to my dealer Hyundai has been sending some news and instructions fairly arbitrarily via email as opposed to "official" bulletins. In my dealership that resulted in a few days of delay because the sales manager ( who gets the emails) was away until today. Simple as that.
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    Located in Surrey, BC July 23rd deposit, Black Kona
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    Maybe there is something in the rumour that only Black and White Kona's are coming in. We ordered July 10th and have heard nothing. Ceramic Blue in White Rock, BC.
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    Just noticed another suspect ship AIRES LEADER that left Tacoma WA @ 6pm local 8 Jan, and is now within an hour of Annacis Island vehicle terminal (Vancouver). No guarantee that Hyundai Konas will be off-loaded, but if anyone is close by and cares to check.
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    I walked into the dealership today. The receptionist asked for my name and sales rep name. I saw him going into the Manager's office after he was told I was there. I went and sat in a Kona Ultimate petrol model. (I hang around on the UK forum and love some of the British terminology so I use some the words I pick up on the forum like petrol instead of gas just to perplex some folks lol). It was very reassuring to feel the comfort and spaciousness of the front seats and this model had the sunroof too. I got to play around with the navigation system too. My sales rep came and said "I have good news. The system said says your car will be here in 2 weeks. We need you to bring in your trade in vehicle and we can write up the contract." So I actually think walking into the dealership was needed.

    He said the first Kona EV should be in the dealership within a few days. People will be able to come and look at it, but not sit in or anything like that as it is sold. The dealership will have no demo cars. No one has cancelled any orders at my dealership. He was unclear whether my car is already on the ground or due shortly on the a ship. I will ask tomorrow when we take in hubby's car to be evaluated for trade in. Any tips on us being able to negotiate anything while the contract is being written up? I am going to ask to buy Michelin Cross Climate tyres (tires lol) at dealer cost. Any advice is appreciated. Sounds like we are moving forward! Husband remains a little edgy about buying a car sight unseen. But I said I feel comfortable after sitting in the Ultimate Petrol Kona. We test drove a lesser model in July and it was okay and comfy, but the Ultimate today was much nicer. I hear the EV's are even nicer!! I'll keep you all updated, and of course when it is here you will be bombarded with photos. lol

    PS He said something about them only having 2 techs that are EV qualified and they have to set up each EV Kona before it goes home. So that is a procedure that can slow down things concerning when we actually get the car.
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  11. That's super! I've just been pricing rims and tires. Woof! I'm shocked at the prices of 17s. All my previous cars have had 15 inch tires. Big difference. Yes, hit them up for tires and let me know how it goes. I might try it myself.
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    Hi CJC!
    Congrats on the official purchase! It’s super exciting!

    Just for your knowledge, I managed to get another $1000 on my trade-in. They won’t budge on the vehicle itself - they’re taking a page from tesla’s Book - but I also got the paint protection (ceramic coating), leather protection and electronic rust module for $900 down from $1500. I also fully plan on demanding some winter mats and cargo cover when I actually pick up the car. I doubt they’re available yet but I’ll go directly to the Dealer Principal to get them if I have to lol!

    As per tires - try coming down from 20” wheels and tires. 17” are a dream!
    I’d still like to find out if 16” will fit. If so - Nokian hakkapelita here I come!
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    Hoping someone could clarify this for me... when I completed my bill of sale, we never discussed interior colour options with Ultimate chalk white... is there any option or is it Pebble blue with grey leather - or black leather?

    The official brochure (attached) is not entirely clear ... it states Black interior with black leather is standard on the Ultimate model, and Pebble blue interior with grey leather is "available" with chalk white.

    My concern is if there is an option, how are they going to obtain a VIN without having this info from me?

    I'm waiting on a return phone call/email from the dealer clarifying this (but my faith in them getting the answer correct is waning) so any help from the experts in this forum would be appreciated.

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    I think we will try to negotiate with husband's trade in. It is pristine and very low mileage for a 2015. I heard somewhere we might get the administrative fee down with a little luck, but I just looked at old contracts we have and it is seems all were fixed at $499. Good to know there was room on the that paint protection, etc. module. I don't know if my husband will go for too many goodies due to the already high price. I'll let you know how we make out. My husband has Nokian All Weather tires on his SUV. Loves them so far --they work well in Vancouver as we don't have much snow and ice around Vancouver generally.
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    We put our deposit of $1000 down in July and ordered Ceramic Blue with Pebble Blue interior and grey leather. That lighter interior option was available for the Chalk White, Ceramic Blue, and Galactica Grey. I will have to remember tomorrow to write that into our contract in case they deliver the wrong colour interior and said they didn't know. Hubby is at this moment looking for our deposit receipt to hopefully have verification of the the interior colour we requested. We have nothing written to indicate colour of car or interior, but for darned sure we will write both into our contract tomorrow and per Wildeyed recommendations.
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  16. I specified upon ordering and reaffirmed it with them yesterday. Make your deal contingent up getting the spec you want.
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    Thanks CJC and Wildeyed - ok so there IS an option. Well now I'm torn lol - I have no idea which one would be better suited paired with white exterior. I like the idea of an overall lighter interior for summer heat etc, but maintaining it clean and new with my 2 boys might be an issue, so maybe black is the safer choice.

    I HAVE NO IDEA. any help making up my mind will be appreciated!
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    OK just did a quick tour of YouTube and every single White Kona EV Ultimate being driven all over the world has the lighter interior - and I kind of like it. So I'm wondering now if they are even shipping black interiors on this first allotment? Anyways I now have answer for my dealer tomorrow.
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    I have had two C-Max cars since 2013. The first had the grey interior like the one we ordered with our Ceramic Blue, and my current C-Max PHEV has the dark grey (looks black) interior and seats. The light colour interior was wonderful. I thought I could get used to the dark seats, and I never have. I have two dogs and the light interior was just fine. I vote for light if you can get it. However, I have seen video of the Chalk White with a black interior and it looked smart. Light is good if you live in a dreary rainy part of the country like we do. Today when I sat in the Ultimate Kona petrol version, it had black upholstery and it actually was very nice.
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  20. I had one must-have when I started searching for a car a year ago: I was not getting a black interior. I hate them. Everything I looked at was black. Everything. The Ionic was offered in beige in the U.S. but not Canada. The Prius Prime was white and grey in the U.S. but black-only in Canada. All of the Bolts in my area had all black interiors. So when I saw the Kona pre-order allowed for the light grey, I pounced. Originally the Chalk white, my preferred colour, did not allow for the light interior so I went with the blue. Then, after I visited the dealer, they added added it. I feared that if I changed it my order might go cablooey, so I made my peace with the blue. It's a weird blue. Never looks the same in any two photos. I think it's more green, actually. I'm excited about getting the car but if they try to slip me a black one there's going to be trouble.
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