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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by MCSqrd, Jul 6, 2018.

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    I just saw a Nissan leaf with a banner across it advertising $500.00 of gas with the purchase of the car .
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    I can't help you with your math, Brennan. All I know is that at 60K plus there is literally no calculation for owning an electric car that makes economic sense. It's really about wanting change, maybe about being a gadget lover or early adopter but the thousands of dollars you pay for the privilege would buy an awful lot of gasoline. I'm curious about you mentioning you order "a couple months ago" but seem to be in line for a delivery soon. I think that's great but I thought that ship had saled in August. By the way, your dealer, (unless he's just riffing) knows waaaay more than mine.
  5. Hey Wildeyed!
    I get that and I appreciate your honesty. Surely in my situation there’s a *little* economic sense to be made.

    I have a 14’ Santa Fe with 130,000 km on it that is out of warranty. I owe nothing towards the car. As mentioned, I’m spending upwards of $470 per month on burnt dinosaurs and that’s at today’s fuel prices.

    Including trade-in, taxes and all fees - I managed to walk out the door this evening with a $255 bi-weekly payment on a Kona EV Unlimited with paint and leather protection as well as a rust module.

    The way I (am choosing to) look at it, for $40 per month more than what I spend on fuel alone, I’m getting a brand new car with a ton more features, that’s safer, environmentally responsible AND has 8 full years of warranty. This doesn’t include the impending increase in fuel costs and the bonus of a green license plate allowing me onto the HOV lanes. I’ll save an additional $100 + per month on 407 ETR fees. Lastly, and likely the best bonus - I can charge at work for free in one of 5 nearly-empty level 2 chargers.

    As per the second part of your comment. My dealer has been great! My deposit was made with the dealer and not Hyundai as part of the “official”
    preorder in July. She said that many orders in Ontario were made when the $14k incentive still stood and that most dealers did not cancel these orders with Hyundai. The number of vehicles that are coming in for certain dealerships does not accurately reflect the number of *actual* orders to be fulfilled. She also mentioned that 5 were due for delivery to Burlington next week and that all 5 had been sold. She has essentially guaranteed that I would have one within the next “two to three weeks”. It is to their detriment If they can’t, as the trade in value of my current vehicle has already been determined. The longer they take, the more it’s depreciated. Overall, I’ve had a great experience! DM me if you want her contact!
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    I'm happy you're happy! It's good to hear some good news. I hope it pans out as promised. So you DID order in July. If you don't mind, could you give details of your order date and colour choice? I'm trying to figure out if these early arrivals have anything in common. Best of luck. I'm pretty sure all of us hope to get similar good news soon.
  7. Thank you!
    And no, no order in July. I walked into my local dealer in October and dropped a $500 deposit on no particular vehicle or colour.

    I was emailed on Saturday morning asking if I could come in on Monday (today) to finalize everything. So tonight is when I got my appraisal, signed the paperwork. The paperwork states an “ultimate” spec Kona Electric in Galactic grey. I also mentioned that I would accept white as well.

    So hopefully everything pans out and I get a call within the next month with my delivery. I’ll obviously keep everyone posted with any details I receive!
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    Hi Brennan, thanks for sharing your experience with Hyundai, just one quick question: you mentioned that you will be saving $100+ on the 407 ETR. After reading that, I did some searching and I could not find anything online to confirm that the 407 is free for EVs - could you share where you found this info? tnx.
  9. Good morning Mdsweb,
    You're absolutely correct and I should have qualified that statement properly, my apologies!
    What I meant was that I have the ability to now take the HOV lanes on the QEW and 400 series highways directly from my house to work with the green plates. I do not have anyone to carpool with so currently, in order to save the time, I would occasionally (4x per month) take the 407 ETR. My monthly bill generally exceeds $120 per month. This can now be avoided for the most part by taking the HOV lanes.

    I hope that straightens things out!
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  11. LOL! Not wrong at all - I understand the feeling. As mentioned in my previous post - I was an unlucky victim of the Tesla - EHVIP debacle so I can 100% relate to your pain. As soon as I joined this forum and saw the disorganization, it brought back PTSD about the terrible communication provided by Tesla as well. And that was years in the making, not mere months.

    I assumed since Hyundai is a huge company, and that the vehicle exists in Europe already that the roll-out would be straight forward. But it appears that I was wrong. I just hope the Canadian numbers pick up....only a couple of thousand for Canada seems a little stingy especially considering the provinces with incentives will be scooping them up like nothing!

    In my opinion, the Kona does not currently have a proper competitor. The Chevy Bolt will run you the same amount of money but it's smaller, has less range and an ancient suspension not fit for a heavy electric car. The VW e-Golf is about $9,000 cheaper but half the range. The only "true" competitor is the base Tesla model 3 rear wheel drive, which has similar range but will run you over well $70,000 after taxes.

    So for $60,000 all-in in a province without rebates, I think the price is decent. It's more than I had wanted to pay, but not having to kneel down to oil companies while they play games with fuel prices on a weekly basis - feels fantastic!

    Next Goal: Generate my own electricity lol
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    Thanks for clarifying Brennan!
    I guess it would make too much sense for Dinosaur Doug to offer up an incentive like that to make up for the $14K we should of had.
    Could you imagine how many of these cars would be gobbled up with that kind of rebate? Hyundai would not be able to keep up with demand - they are barely doing it now!
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    If the numbers are 2000 for Canada, I think that is quite generous. Canada is not a nation of BEV, PHEV or even hybrid drivers. We live in British Columbia which is ideal for those cars and the numbers being driven are not high. I have owned a hybrid since 2013 and I have had a PHEV since 2016. If we cross into Washington State, the roads are filled with hybrids and BEV's. In my area which is the White Rock area of BC, we still seem to be a culture of big pickup trucks and large expensive SUV's. Gossip from another forum says that dealerships locally are getting Kona EV's in the numbers of 49 to one dealership, 29 to another etc. All reported to be coming in by the end of the month.
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    Interesting, thanks CJC.... would love to hear when the first VIN is given out. Let's make sure whoever gets one reports it here- that would be a great indicator that things will be moving along in short order.
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  15. Completely agree!
    It would have been absolutely amazing to have an incentive. The way I see it - if the feds decide to release some sort of incentive in 2019. I think they would have a massive class action lawsuit on their hands if they did not extend it to those who purchased in the "lull" between Ford killing the EHVIP and the federal program.
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    Glad to see I'm not alone in thinking that too. One incentive I'm hoping for is a rebate of the HST on all EV purchases in Ontario and all provinces that do not have their own incentive program. This way you could account for your purchase on your tax return, so 2018 (POST FORD) is covered right now, and 2019 will be covered on next year's return.
    That would fill in the gap caused by the backward thinking FORD NATION and his 10 cent DINO JUICE campaign.
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  17. That would actually be perfect! It would also be on par with incentives offered in other provinces, around $5,000 or so.
    Here's hoping that the Feds hear our cries!
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    Eureka! Or potentially eureka, anyway. My dealer called me today and 5 minutes later I had a signed purchase agreement. $62,164 all-in.

    According to him cars were built in December and are now in transit either by rail or ship. Apparently in the last few days Hyundai Canada has required dealers to confirm sales with signed PO's BEFORE they'll assign VINs. They want to negate any potential phantom orders. So if you haven't heard from your dealer, call! Insist that they write up the sale. That's apparently the trigger that needs to be pulled. Fingers crossed for an end of January delivery.
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    I too just got a call from my dealer stating that 29 of their pre-orders will be here in the next 3 weeks and mine is one of them. So sounds like a lot of people are going to have a happy end of January/Early February.
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    I just texted my sales agent asking if we should be coming in to sign the sales agreement. I'll let you know what response I get.
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