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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by MCSqrd, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. Burnaby Tom

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    Yeah, here's hoping they make it your way soon!
    Here's a good read about the Kona battery thermal management system. Seems like it'll be more important for Quebec winters than our rain soaked BC "winters".

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  2. Yes, please do let us know. I'm particularly curious as to whether your dealer has new information which prompted his call.
  3. CJC

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    I will be waiting to see what you learn Tom. We put our deposit down on the same day in White Rock, and haven't heard anything other than our rep saying they heard the first person on their wait list is getting a car from the ship that landed earlier this past week. Try to squeeze as much info. out as you can get for the rest of us please. lol

    One thing I have noticed when I check for info on Kona Electric in Canada is that two dealerships in BC and I think one in Quebec have recently updated their websites with information on the Kona Electric. And it may be coincidental, but the two sites in BC with the updates have had customers who put down deposits receive calls about price and asking them to make firm commitment to buying the cars. Here is one site with the update. https://www.kelownahyundai.com/clp-2019-hyundai-kona-electric-kelowna-bc
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  4. Mdsweb

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    Just got home from the Dealer (in Newmarket, ON) - got the call yesterday and completed the bill of sale today on a Kona EV Ultimate Chalk White with black roof. (apparently all ultimate models are 2-tone). They said it should be delivered in about 2-3 weeks. (I left my deposit back in August)

    What's really interesting (and entertaining) is to see how excited and uninformed the staff are - but they were great. They had 1 brief training seminar and that's it. They could not even verify the exact details on the warranty.... Yet people (like me) don't mind dropping 60K on one without seeing one or driving one - it's a whole new world when it comes to buying cars now - and it's just the beginning.

    What I do know for sure is that only 80 vehicles are being delivered to the region (not sure how big an area "region" is) so it is a very limited initial release. Excited to be one of the first to finally get behind the wheels of one instead of imagining driving one through all the European YouTube videos.

    Another piece of valuable info is that there is NO LEASE option for the Kona EV and financing is at 3.99%. (other models are at 0.99%) keep this in mind before heading to the dealer ready to sign a lease agreement.

    Really excited and can't wait!!!
  5. GL Ontario

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    Just received call from dealership in Ontario. He wanted to inform me of the price (ultimate $51,999) and interest rate (3.99%). He needed to know by Monday if I was still going to purchase otherwise order would be cancelled. First batch of Kona ev in 3-4 weeks, second batch in 6-8 weeks. He said he has a Hyundai Canada code assigned to me and expects VIN will be assigned shortly. Not sure which batch I'll be in yet.
  6. Interesting. Confusing. Thanks to both of you. As far as I'm aware there is no such thing as a 2tone Ultimate in Canada. Curious about how colour choice, region and deposit dates affect delivery times. But then I catch myself: looking for patterns, rules or logic from Hyundai. Silly boy.
  7. Mdsweb

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    Regarding the colour options - I was told the ultimate model is shipping with 2-tone colour combos only, and the base model comes in 1-tone colours with the option (maybe in the future) to upgrade to 2-tone for $300. I’m not sure if this is the hard rule or if this describes the initial shipment.

    What is interesting is that this first batch shipment was made irregardless of colour choice because I recall when I made my deposit back in August, colour choice was not even a topic.

    From what I was told, the initial group of 80 shipped to the Ontario region are made and on the way. Getting your choice of colour will be a determined on a first-come first-serve type of situation. If your choice is not available, then I guess you can try again when the next shipment comes.
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  8. Mdsweb and others, I've got to thank you for sharing all this info. It's interesting (if batshit crazy) to watch how this is unfolding.
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  9. fiercely

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    2tone is only available on trims without a sunroof.
  10. CJC

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    We were told when we ordered could choose car colour and a light upholstery colour if we ordered either blue or white car. We were told no two tone was available on first orders as they would all have sunroofs.
  11. CJC

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    Since 80 are going in the initial group to Ontario and arrive in a 3-4 weeks, they must have been on the ship that arrived this past week at Ananacis Island in New Westminster, BC and the 3-4 weeks is the rail shipping time. If Ontario got only 80 this time, I imagine the rest of the Provinces got far fewer. Our member who went with his binoculars to the shipyard commented that the off loading seemed very quick thus the few numbers is my guess.

    Thanks everyone for letting us know what is going on!! Much appreciated.
  12. So an August order is before July orders. And, unless the dealer is wrong (quite possible) we're getting either 2 tone Ultimates or a sprinkling of Preferred trims that are being priced at $51,999? Somethings not adding up. We'll, nothing's adding up. I'm still curious to know if there's a common denominator here. For example, are all these early orders white?
  13. Mdsweb

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    Thanks CJC you are correct. I just made a quick call to my dealer to clear this up. Apparently I was given incorrect info ... my salesperson thought the sunroof was panoramic which makes all roofs with a sunroof black. Wrong. With a 2-tone finish the black colour drops down to the base of the windshield and includes the mirrors.

    So now based on their current knowledge, 2-tone only available in preferred (for an extra $300) - not ultimate with sunroof. And this will apparently be the general rule going forward- not just for the initial shipment. So if you want to wait it out for 2-tone ultimate, you might be waiting for a while.
  14. Wayne Warde

    Wayne Warde Active Member

    Yeah I was told in October (in Nanaimo) that all of the ultimates would have a sunroof
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  15. CJC

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    Thanks Mdsweb for clearing that up. My big question is how come your dealer knows all of this, and mine knows nothing? Crazy isn't it?
  16. Wayne Warde

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    It's crap to keep people (customers) of balance like this .
  17. CJC

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    I'm with you on that Wayne. I get very close to tossing in the towel with frustration.
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  18. Burnaby Tom

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    I just got back from my dealer. Still no firm date - late Jan or early Feb. They said black are arriving 1st, then the white that I ordered. Only the Ultimate this year, Preferred models a year at least. Some have arrived but most start arriving in a few weeks.
    $56K total price with all taxes, fees & $5K CEV BC government rebate. I'm still hoping to get the $6K Scrap-It rebate for my old 4Runner.
  19. CJC

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    What the heck? What about me as I ordered blue? lol
  20. Shawn Schinkel

    Shawn Schinkel Active Member

    Glad I put my $1000 down in July for Galactic Grey! As of right now I can't even confirm that mine was actually ordered!! My dealer says it was, customer service says they have no record of it. Very frustrating how this whole thing is going down, I've never bought a Hyundai before and I have to say I'm getting pretty pissed off and disenchanted...

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