When will GM start to sell cars in Europe again?

Discussion in 'General Motors' started by Benz, Oct 11, 2017.

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    Well Cadillac looks like they'd like to be the first GM brand to truly re-enter Europe mid next decade. They expect it to be with crossovers, a new sedan electric cars and not a single diesel.

    "We are in fact busy reimagining Cadillac, what the brand will look like in 2035 -- in terms of the customer experience, in terms of the brand position, and candidly, the products and the technologies deployed," he said Tuesday during the 2018 NADA-J.D. Power Automotive Forum.

    Part of those plans, he said, will include a renewed push to become a bigger player in Europe, which parent General Motors essentially abandoned last year with the sale of its European Opel business to PSA Group.

    De Nysschen said Cadillac's attention will likely turn to Europe after 2025. The brand first needs to get its products right and operations in order in the U.S. and China.

    "If we want to go to Europe, we better make sure we have the financial wherewithal and the products," he said, adding the strategy would include electric vehicles, not diesels. "It's going to be a tough battle and we better be ready to fight it."

    Read more: http://autoweek.com/article/luxury/cadillac-eye-future-plots-bigger-europe-footprint#ixzz5BB2Rb1DK

    Of course Cadillac has been talking about finding success in Europe for several years now. We will see if they're able to pull it off.
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    Personally would love to see GM come back to Europe.

    I think GM has one of the best future plans in the automotive industry, despite all the rant that some posters have said about the company here in the forums. Along with BMW and perhaps VW id say they are at the top. Tesla cant be named up there because their execution on all fronts is so terrible and their financial position is way tighter than on these giants, also I personally would never ever give a dime to a company that flat out lies in pretty much every statement that they ever make.
    That being said, Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi alliance seems very strong also, their manufacturing of EVs have proven to be perhaps the most economical in the industry.

    Back to GM, id say that Chevy could break into the Scandinavian markets replacing the French and Italian manufacturers easily, also Opel will go right down the toilet with PSA. There is a saying about the French, and that saying goes: "They should stick at making bread". A thing that kinda worries me about GM products is the lack of Wagon models. In Europe while the crossovers and SUVs continue to rise at the expense of Sedans, the wagons have held their own and many prefer Wagons over Crossovers because of the larger trunk size. SUVs tend to be far more expensive than Wagons, not only through the upfront costs but because of the overall upkeep. Gas consumption, yearly emission taxes, maintenance and insurance. Usually SUVs are little bit more expensive upfront, they have worse gas consumption which leads to higher yearly emission taxes, so the overall cost tends to be significantly higher than in a large Wagon.
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    @Jesse It seems unfortunate that GM for whatever reason could not or would not export more Bolt EVs to Europe. When it first came out, it seemed to me a perfect small wagon for Europe and Asia. Where vehicles like the Golf are so popular.

    I think GM was genuinely surprised that it got enough demand in North America to pretty much sell out its first year of production just in that market. Americans just don’t typically buy too many small wagons.

    I personally love hatchbacks and wagons, and generally disdain the crossover and SUV fad. But I guess I am in a minority.
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