Trouble with removing charger nozzle from car

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by Susannah Margaret, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Susannah Margaret

    Susannah Margaret New Member

    Has anyone had trouble having car charging port release the charger nozzle? Our Juice box has worked fine with our Bolt but after first time charging Niro this evening we couldn't get it out for 30 minutes.
    If so how did you resolve problem?
  2. Emperor Niro

    Emperor Niro New Member

    I have issues with the Level 1 charger supplied with the vehicle but any other charger I have used releases just fine.
  3. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    Does the problem seem to be with the latch, or is it just a tight fit?

    I know people occasionally have this problem with different charging stations. If it's the latch, the method in the video below can help in a pinch. If it's just a super-tight fit, maybe a bit of petroleum jelly would help.

  4. TandM

    TandM Active Member

    Did you check to make sure the doors were unlocked? Out of habit now (even in our closed home garage) I press the remote button twice or when I open the door to sit down my coffee or whatever I just go ahead and press the unlock button.
  5. Hedge

    Hedge New Member

    The plug locks after 15 seconds, and remains locked even if the car is unlock. There is a button that will switch the function to unlock the plug when charging is finished and the car is unlocked. I believe if the car is locked the plug will always be locked. I had to, gasp, read the manual to find this out. Also while the car is in non running mode so you can run the cc or radio you can't unlock the car to unlock the plug. You have to turn the car off then unlock to pull out the plug.
  6. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    Here is the page from the owner's manual describing how the charge connector lock functions.
  7. CR EV

    CR EV Member

    All doors have to be unlocked, after unlocking, you have about 10 seconds to unlatch the nozzle. Alternatively, unplug it from the wall, if it is a plug-in.
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  8. Wait a second....this is ANOTHER setting that refuses to stay in the state I put it in ? If I unlock all the doors, which unlocks the charge port why doesn't it just stay unlocked until I lock the doors again??
  9. CR EV

    CR EV Member

    I'm not sure why it locks again, doesn't seem like a needed security feature, but that's the information in the grey 'quick tips' box on page 17 of the thin Features & Functions Guide. I've gotten pretty good at 'press door button, scoot to the cable'. Think of it as Niro aerobics :)
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  10. I have charged few enough times that I had not noticed that "feature." Just one of now three automated behaviors that annoy me.

    I did discover another pretty cool one....if the key is in the car cabin and the door is open a manual locking of the drivers side door with the other doors locked it quickly unlocks (maybe the behavior is broader, but these were the conditions when I observed it).
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  11. Tim Knopf

    Tim Knopf New Member

    I noticed something similar just u#ing the granny charger that came with the car, but I found that if you hit “unlock” twice in quick succession on the key fob, the charge connector will come right out. That’s what works for me.
  12. CR EV

    CR EV Member

    All doors have to be unlocked (that's the double click) and after doing so, you have about 10 seconds to unhook the charger cable or it locks again. See page 17 of the thin Features & Functions Guide.
  13. davidtm

    davidtm Active Member

    (There is also a setting to allow unlock of all doors with one click)

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