Tapping into Tesla's Charging Network with TeslaTap - Tesla to J-1772 Adapter - 50 AMP

Discussion in 'Honda' started by workbench, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Pushmi-Pullyu

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    As I see it, it's a case of ignorance. Tesla drivers see the "TESLA" logo on Tesla Destination Chargers, and they think that those chargers belong to them exclusively, like Tesla Superchargers.

    What is needed at Tesla Destination Chargers is clear signage, which identifies the business where the Destination Charger is installed -- and not Tesla -- as the owner of the charger; a sign which states that the business/ property manager sets the rules for who can or can't use the charger.

    If Tesla wanted to block non-Tesla cars from using Tesla Destination Chargers, they could do so with software. They don't, which to me suggests that Tesla wants all plug-in EVs to be able to use their Destination Chargers.

    Just my opinion, but many agree on this.

  2. Dave Mahlmeister

    Dave Mahlmeister New Member

    The TeslaTap actually fits in with Elon's plan as it helps all drivers who want to use EV's.
    Elon's quote: Tesla's mission 'To accelerate the advent of sustainable transport'
  3. If So Equipped

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    As a followup, we were recently at a destination with our Clarity Electric - 3 L2 Clipper Creek and 2 Tesla destination chargers. Valet parking. All 3 non-Tesla charger stalls were filled with ICE vehicles; the Tesla stalls were open. Mentioned adapter to valet; he said "Yeah, that would be the way to get your car charged" i.e. they were not about to move an ICE vehicle into a Tesla spot to let a poor Clarity charge. The parking hierarchy was 1) Teslas 2) ICE vehicles 3) all other PHEV and BEV. A bit surprising since one of their managers has a PHEV. But at least they would have let us charge with an adapter.
  4. jim

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    the J-1772 adapter comes included on the Tesla 3. I have a JDapter and use Tesla changers with no problem from them. It's all to keep electrics going where anyone can use each others juice.
  5. Pushmi-Pullyu

    Pushmi-Pullyu Well-Known Member

    So, they were allowing ordinary gasmobiles to use the Tesla Destination Charger stalls equipped with Clipper Creek chargers as parking stalls, but were holding open the Tesla Charger stalls for Tesla cars?

    Hey, I'm a Tesla fan, but that seems like a rather snobbish and unfriendly attitude to me! However that's the fault of the property owner/ manager, not the fault of Tesla.

  6. If So Equipped

    If So Equipped New Member

    Got a JDapter last week - used twice. Once I got about 4kW, the second time 7kW or so (judging by miles added/hour). Do you know what determines the charge rate you are going to get from a Tesla destination charger? One location had a model S parked in a Tesla spot but charging from a distant J-1772 plug. Why would they do that?
  7. Pushmi-Pullyu

    Pushmi-Pullyu Well-Known Member

    Just a guess: The Tesla charger was in use when they wanted to plug in. I can't imagine why any Tesla driver would choose to use a J-1772 adapter rather than the Tesla plug, if given the choice.

    I haven't seen any reports of charging speed with a Tesla car using a Clipper Creek charger vs using a Tesla Destination Charger, but I'd be very surprised if a Tesla car doesn't charge faster on a Tesla charger, which after all is designed specifically for those cars!
  8. 2002

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    I have heard of at least one person who has a Tesla home charger installed at their house and they use the JAdapter so they can charge their Clarity. I wondered if Tesla had anything to say about that so I looked on their website, interestingly for the hardwired EVSE they say nothing, but on the mobile chargers they make the following statement:

    "Warning: The Corded Mobile Connector is designed only for charging a Tesla vehicle (excluding a Tesla Roadster). Do not use it for any other purpose or with any other vehicle or object. The Corded Mobile Connector is intended only for vehicles that do not require ventilation during charging."

    The absences of this warning on the hardwired EVSE can't be taken conclusively that it is okay to use the hardwired EVSE with non-Tesla vehicles, but I wonder if it was intentional to only post this warning on the mobile EVSE, and if so what is the difference. I don't think it has to do with any difference in power, but rather circuitry. One guess is that the home chargers might use the same electronics as the destination chargers, and they assume that at destination stations people with non-Tesla cars will be charging using adapters so they unofficially support it. Whereas the mobile charger they assume will only be used for Tesla vehicles so they didn't build in the supporting circuitry for non-Tesla cars.
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  9. Kerbe

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  10. Kerbe

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    I was thinking about getting one as I'll be visiting friends who have an M3 but then did some digging and, in the fine print, found that the TeslaTap will work ONLY with a Tesla wall charger and not with the standard Tesla charging cable (which is both 120 and 240). My friends found that there's only a 10% difference in charging speed between the cable and the wall unit - and the price difference is several hundred dollars for the the wall unit vs $35 for the correct pigtail for the charging cable.

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