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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Grant

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    I hear ya... That would have to smart.

    Only saving grace is you are happy with the car; it would be a lot worse if you weren't enjoying owning it.
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  2. steelenet

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    The first dealer I went to was selling basically at MSRP $37,495. When I asked them if they could match the price of this other dealer that was a little further away from me, they said they could knock $500 off. o_Oo_Oo_Oo_O
  3. 2002

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    What's nice is that most people don't seem to be running into a problem with dealer add ons. Other than a couple of recent reports, $495 dealer appearance package in Virginia and $595 VIN etching in Southern California. But most dealers around the country seem to just want to get these off of their lots, especially the 2018's.
  4. Jerry56

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    Used? Then you wouldn't be eligible for $7500 federal tax credit i assume.
  5. Mason

    Mason New Member

    I was dealing with Mark Shedlock, but it was their sales manager Russell who had the ultimate decision on the price. You can also take that quote and shop around if they won't budge. I think Joyce Koons is generally willing to negotiate and try to beat other offers. Good luck!
  6. VABeachKiwi

    VABeachKiwi New Member

    Thanks Mason - Mark is who i am dealing with.... yesterday they came back with: $31,163.59 (see breakdown below)... Today i said i would take the car if I could get OTD for less than $31,000..... which he agreed to. I didn't want to drop your details cause i wasn't 100% sure you got out of there right at $31k... also did you pay MD taxes? if you did i guess you got a ~$500 better deal?
    We will go as low as $28,500 plus fees.
    Fees include:
    Dealer appearance package; $495
    Processing Fee: $799
    Taxes: VA 4.2%, MD 6%, D.C. exempt - $1236.45
    Tags $300 (estimation) - $132.74
  7. Flyboy

    Flyboy New Member

    First off all thank you everyone for sharing all the info. Got a deal over the email for $33,200 OTD for a touring model in FL. The dealer discount is $7,499.
    Will see what else I can get. Will update more details once I get the car.

    BTW, what's the deal with Honda financing, is 0.9% to 2% an expected APR for people with excellent credit?

    Thanks again everyone.
  8. VABeachKiwi

    VABeachKiwi New Member

    If you look around you should be able to do better. I am not sure what your tax and tag rates are - you should subtract them from the discussion to compare prices here, but you should include an fees you have to pay, because these are basically profit for the dealer. I realized this when i tried to negotiate down the dealer appearance package - which was $495 and included wheel locks $56, splash guard (mud flaps) $104, and a trunk tray (OEM on ebay for $99). Basically it didn't matter how much value there was in these items the dealer was using the profit they were making on these items in their calculation of how much they were making off the deal, of course they tried to exclude these from the "price" to make my discount look higher.... anyway taking all these into account I got the car down to $29,634. I found the summary someone put together a couple of pages back really useful.... my deal wasn't the best but it was in the middle of the pack which i was happy with - I also got the color car I wanted (but i will have to drive 3-hours to get it!)
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  9. 4sallypat

    4sallypat Active Member

    I don't think the subsidized financing rate of 0.9% exists now - the Clarity I have not seen much in terms of factory subsidized rates...
    For my ZIP - Honda Financial offers (national & local) shows nothing for financing - might be better to contact a credit union ....
  10. Flyboy

    Flyboy New Member

    @VABeachKiwi The price for the car is $29,800. Rest of the fees are taxes and tag title etc. Bit on the higher end but that is the norm here it seems. For me it's the last one with the color and the spec. So a bit higher but its ok. Will use honda financing if the deal is good. That will give $500 discount.

    @4sallypat thanks for checking it for me.
  11. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    Actually the dealer price is likely over $30,000 because part of their price is hidden among the "Rest of the fees" that you mentioned, it's called Processing Fee or sometimes Documentation Fee or Pre-Delivery Service Charge. It's a clever way that dealers add several hundred dollars to the price without you noticing it. Nothing you can do about it they won't take it off but you do need to factor it into the price quote, another reason to try and get the price down a little more.

    Find out what this fee is, for example one dealer in Florida charges a $799 Pre-Delivery Service Charge. So I'll use that as an example in your case, $29,800 + $799 = 30,599 which is a discount of $6,896 from MSRP. Still a good deal but not quite the discount most people are getting elsewhere. In Atlanta my 2018 Touring dealer price including $599 processing fee was a $7,600 discount.

    I'm not trying to discourage you from buying the car that you are looking at but I think with some polite but firm statement of facts to the salesperson you can probably get the price down some more. I recommend email some dealers in Atlanta area including surrounding cities like Gainesville where I got mine and see if you can get a lower quote including the processing fee. Then go back to your salesperson and have this conversation:

    "Your quote is $30,599 including the processing fee. I have a quote from a dealer in Atlanta for $29,700 including processing fee. I'm thinking about driving there to get that deal but I prefer to buy from you if you can get close to that price". Worst that can happen is they won't budge, but knowing that you have a better quote from another dealer is usually what gets them to lower their price.
  12. Rangavasu

    Rangavasu Member

    I got touring over the weekend in Chicago.
    Price break down

    Dealer price 28342
    Doc Fee 179.81
    Electronic filing fee 25
    Temp tag 10
    Total 28542.81
    Vehicle will be registered in different state so no sales tax etc..
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  13. I'm looking at purchasing a Clarity relatively soon. Dealer A was offering a 2018 base model with black ext/black interior at just under 30k OTD and did not want to go lower. They offered to throw in some accessories at that price. Dealer B gave me an offer for 30.4k OTD on a 2019 base, although its not black on black like I would highly prefer. Dealer B did have a '19 touring with the black on black combo, but I am awaiting a response on how flexible they are on that. If I decide to spend the extra on the touring, how much more should I expect? I've emailed 8 dealers and only these two were willing to play ball.
  14. thecompdude

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    That's a good price, congrats!

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  15. Rangavasu

    Rangavasu Member

    Corrected typo on dealer price but total is same...

  16. M. Shah

    M. Shah Member

    Where are you located?
  17. Space Cadet

    Space Cadet New Member

    Honda running special dealer incentive of $6000 discount from May to early July 2019.
    This is really a great deal with federal and state tax credit.
    Paid Touring OTD: $32,997 in the LA area
  18. Los Angeles area
  19. bp360

    bp360 New Member

    That is a great price on Touring. Which dealership?
  20. skynet

    skynet New Member

    Anyone recently bought in SF Bay area and how is the price? Trying to find a white touring, but Costco cannot locate any dealer that meets their criteria. :-(

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