Niro does well in this comparison!

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by davidtm, Jan 14, 2020.

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    For anyone liking some moral superiority, here's a recent video of mileage to battery exhaustion:

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    I would say the Niro came out really well in that comparison, it's by far the most comprehensive comparison between virtually all the popular EV's in the marketplace today.

    I have to say considering the Kia is the 2nd cheapest vehicle in that test it's quite the standout.

    Thanks for sharing!
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  3. molund

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    2nd place and only 15km less than a Model 3 long range! It makes me wonder if a Kona could have beat the Model 3?

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  4. My son has a long range Model 3 and I have a Kona EV. In the summer, I was seeing as much 515 kms range with a full battery, while he was topping out at 525 kms. BUT my Kona would consistently beat its range (more kms driven than range used), while his was the opposite. However, we have not gone on a trip with both cars together, so can't say for sure which has longer range. And as we know there are a lot of factors that affect range (city vs hwy, temps, aggressive driving, etc).

    The M3 is more aerodynamic so will likely be more efficient at higher speeds. On the other hand the Kona/Niro battery and drive train may be more efficient than Tesla's (despite the hype you read) since it does much better in the city.
  5. Emperor Niro

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    It appears the Kia was the most efficient, however, going 90% of stated range in colder weather.
  6. papab

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    To skip the melodrama and get to the results, skip ahead to 25 minutes.
  7. JasonG

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    Pretty impressive considering the Model 3 was rated for much higher range... Major plus in my book!
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  8. I charged mine up to 100% yesterday in preparation for a long drive.

    It was delightful to see 306 miles on the console! Went to Davis and back from the South Bay. No problem. About 75 miles left when I made it home.

    I had charged up at work. Interestingly, during the 5-6 mile drive home that night, it only ticked down to 305. Overcharging, or unreliable voltage --> SOC calibration near the top end of the battery? Thoughts?

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    Can wait to try my new one out! Picking it up tomorrow!
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  10. Dave M

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    Hi David

    We have made similar drives but I have not had the same power at the end. What speeds were you traveling at? Adaptive cruise? We’re still trying to optimize our longer trip use. I can tell you higher speeds are great for time but not for distance.

    Dave M (also Silicon V)

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