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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by electriceddy, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. KonaTom

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    Yeah the wind noise is bad too. I’m using the nexen tires. Basically the car feels just as noisy as any car on highway, and maybe worse than expensive ICE cars
  2. Brennan Raposo

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    To echo what @Sandwedge said - The dealer initially sold me on undercoating but when I went to pick the vehicle up they had refunded it saying that any undercoating/rust inhibitor would void the warranty - even the electric modules as they have to be screwed into the frame of the vehicle.

    I saw a YouTube video however of an owner who stripped his entire trunk and lined it with some noise-dampening cloth that is used for speaker insulation. It's designed specifically to reduce noise. It's this material that has adhesive on one side and is malleable. He installed it perfectly around the wheel wells and all the exposed steel inside the trunk to reduce road noise.
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  3. Kitsilano

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    Noise only picks up at over 100 km/hr, which suggests that the cause is increased wind noise.
  4. Wayne Warde

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    It is nosey for an EV
  5. Wheel wells are a big source of road noise, especially the front's. If you feel comfortable removing the front fender, even some fiberglass batts glued over the plastic inner wheel well will make a big difference. Its cheap and this area is usually pretty moisture resistant so you don't have worry about the fiberglass insulation getting wet.
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  6. EnerG

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    Roxul Safe&Sound should be more effective than fibreglass and won't rot. Bituminous peel and stick sheets are an elegant although heavy solution. I used to buy them in boxes of 10 at the local Lordco in my quest to create "silent PCs", but since everyone now uses it to line boom car trunk and door panels the price has gone through the roof. If you can put up with the price get a generic brand at a body shop supply shop.

    I have been thinking that the front doors could also use a sheet of the bituminous material this applied to deaden the tinny sound.
  7. EnerG

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    Just an update to one of my earlier posts:
    Save your money. Interior accessories for the Kona gas models do not fit the EV.
    I had bought set of rubber cubby and cup holder mats and the above shown center console tray. The door panels cup holders and cubbys are the same and the mats are a perfect fit, but anything for the center console is not going to fit.

    I am still trying to find a suitable tray that will fit our EVs. It is likely that one from another vehicle will be a match to the width of ours. Anyone with an Elantra, Sonata or Accent care to measure up? Ours measures 6"W and 8.5"L The width is the more important dimension as anything shorter than 8.5 with the correct width should work.
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    I got a cheap center console organizer and not wide enough
  9. EnerG

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    Update to my update:
    I just got frustrated at this thing and took a second look. It does fit sideways and actually looks okay. I had tried it in a gas Kona and it was a perfect fit. However it was designed for a hot rod Kona called the Hyundai Kona Encino sold in the Chinese market.

    I like the little Kona shaped logo, but I am not quite feeling the (acid) yellow color that I chose. I have seen variants with black blue and yellow logos. In this pic you can see it fits but does leave a gap . I think it is worth the 5 or 6$ US that I paid for it.


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  10. I just mention the fiberglass because I have seen OEM Honda use thin white fiberglass batts on their inner front wells specifically for sound attenuation.
  11. SkookumPete

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  12. There is a small vertical section back of the rear windows that could let in rain but can be fixed with a homemade gasket (I have not noticed any water in yet) otherwise they work great. I keep all the windows lowered about an inch which lets fresh air in all the time and do not notice any access noise.
    I do tend to forget on occasion when washing the car so the door inside panels get cleaned as well.
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  13. EnerG

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    Taking Electriceddy's lead, I picked up the Auto-Clover set on Amazon. These units are Korean made and the fitment was spot on. They are a pretty good value. This is a six piece set. The two pieces that cover the fixed window are cosmetic only and face slightly forward. I thought this might disrupt the air flow but I caved in to fashion and put 'em on anyway.
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  14. XtsKonaTrooper

    XtsKonaTrooper Active Member

    Id rather the Weathertech in channel ones but they still havent made these, for this model.
    I might have to grab these because too much rain gets in, if i have to crack the Windows in the rain.
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  15. SkookumPete

    SkookumPete Well-Known Member

    I think I'll order just the four-piece set then. It's only a $5 saving, but I'm more interested in functionality than cosmetics.
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  16. KonaTom

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    Have you noticed any difference in wind noise?
  17. With all 4 windows open there is no buffeting if that's what you mean. Of course it's not as quiet as driving with the windows closed. They should also help with windshield de-fog when our monsoons arrive in November.
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  18. KonaTom

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    I meant when windows are closed. Do they add to wind noise
  19. I don't hear any additional wind noise with the windows up.
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  20. EnerG

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    I find there is a bit of additional wind noise but it is minimal. I only noticed this at over 115kph. In my opinion the benefits easily outweigh the disadvantages. One of the main advantages is minimizing the Helmholtz resonator effect.
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