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  1. That's probably why I have not heard any additional wind noise as I have kept it to 95 km/hr max.
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    I'll wave as I pass you on the island highway.:)
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    Here's what they look like without the optional bits. Very easy to install even for an all-thumbs like me. Hoping for rain so I can test!

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    Now that we've had a preview of the autumn storms, I've had a chance to see how the visors work for my primary purpose, which is to allow the windows to be cracked open when the car is parked. The back windows are problematic because the straight back edges are not quite covered. Installing the optional rear bits might help, but there would still be a gap right over that vertical opening in the window. Front windows are better, though there can be some leakage toward the front where the visors give little overhang. In general I don't find it safe to make the crack more than half an inch or so.
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  5. I made a foam gasket for the rear vertical portion of the back windows that are not covered.
    As far as the leak in the front ones ( under the part where the molded form changes above the mirrors) - I noticed when installing there were 2 separate pieces of 3M adhesive resulting in a small gap when installing and should have fixed it then - but I didn't. I use a small piece of poly (4" square) over the gap wedged in the door jam when parked works good.
    The windows are always open about an inch and have had no water coming in other than a small couple of drops when driving in a downpour, but thanks for the reminder to apply a little silicone over that small front area to eliminate the small leak.
    I will add it isn't nearly as bad as this: :D
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  6. Having had gas struts on a previous car, I find going back to a prop annoying - I found this kit on Aliexpress :

    Works well, and uses existing holes. The only issue is that you need to replace the upper bolts with M8x20's, as the originals don't have enough thread for a good hold, which is needed to stop the mounting plate turning. The plate could have been better designed with additional length to prevent rotation
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    Has anybody added sound deadening to their Kona?
    Seems to me the back metal pan where the tire should be is a perfect target. Amazon sells the adhesive pads for a few bucks.
    BTW. There is an app called Sound Meter that quantifies cabin volume. No need to guess.
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  8. At least one attempt here:
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    Electriceddy suggested that I post a link here, based on some discussion
    in another thread. Two days after getting my Kona home from the
    dealership, it was all torn apart to undergo some mods I needed to do.
    This is what I do with my cars... a few weeks later I realized that
    I had piled up so many pictures and notes about the whole process,
    from early research and justifying why on earth I wanted to buy a
    second car, through several fun adventures through Kona innards and
    interesting discoveries along the way. As I do with many projects
    I started putting a lot of it into tech-geeky webpages.


    it's an ongoing thing; several sections aren't finished or even written
    yet, and I've got more stuff in the pipeline. I'll probably have to
    do less to this car than I did with my Prius back in the day, but it's
    definitely a fascinating thing to study. EVs certainly have come a
    long way in their path to wider public acceptance.

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    What kind of roof rails are those?

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  11. Those roof rails are Hyundai OEM on all Canadian models.
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