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  1. What I get out of this is no access to HD radio and you are SOL with "auto" traffic updates. No worries here, the summer is always busy with tourists and road construction with no alternate routes other than a single highway in most critical locations. 1 deer hit or a minor fender bender and you might as well pull over and hunt for oysters.
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  2. CJC

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    Thanks for that. I just went to the Android Auto app and turned it on. I will try it out later.
  3. I see there is another map update available:

    I just updated a couple months ago, not sure if I want to bother again so soon. I did find that it is still out of date though (years), esp all the speed limits. My guess is the new one won't be much of an improvement.
  4. I saw the same thing and had the exact same thought!

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  5. I haven't done any updates. It sounds like a DIY nightmare.
  6. XtsKonaTrooper

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    It says 2nd map update....i might bite and install it. Im pretty sure last one i updated, put "driving info"screen on it.
  7. Yes, it did. Kind of nice, but it would be great if it was a little more detailed. I like the graph that the Teslas have!

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  8. SkookumPete

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    I see they've added a pause button to navigation, and made a few cosmetic improvements. I'll report back in a few days after getting this behemoth installed.
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  9. SkookumPete

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    I've had a quick look at the update, and like the last one it doesn't contain much new, other than a pause button for navigation. I never did find a voice command for this, so the lady scolds me every time I explore a side road. Charging stations are still years out of date for the mid-Island. Tomorrow I'll see what it says about the speed limit on Highway 19.
  10. SkookumPete

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    Sure enough it still shows 120 though it was changed back to 110 several years ago. :mad:
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  12. SkookumPete

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    I knew you'd do the research, eddy. Now can you find out how long the Strathcona Parkway has been called that? Because Hyundai didn’t get the memo.
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  13. I'm pretty sure the current version (last update) had the pause option already. I haven't used it but I remember that if you click cancel route it asks me if I want to cancel or pause.

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  14. I just got my first ever notice direct from Hyundai about a map update being available, version 13.5. anybody download this yet? Personally it sounds like an afternoon project and I am just not that into maps!
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  15. Brennan Raposo

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    Anyone have any idea as to weather these updates would include the "new" Hyundai feature where it doesn't warn you every 15 seconds when your hands are off the wheel when using ALKA?

    I watched a few car reviews with the new 2019/2020 Palisade and the reviewer said with the latest "update", the car uses the GPS to mitigate the excessive warning. As a result they were able to drive for up to 15 minutes without touching the wheel on a known highway.
    I doubt this is hardware, sounds more like software to me. That would be incredible on my 1.5 hour monotonous commute to work every day.
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  16. Besides that I personally wouldn't have a problem with 15 minutes not touching the steering wheel, because I'm watching the road anyways, I know other people don't do that. So I think it's unsafe and would prefer it to be something in-between.

    I doubt that a change like that would come with a map update. Since it is a more driving related thing. These updates are only entertainment system related.

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  17. Yes, it seems the entertainment and driving software are separate. You need a flash update at the dealer to update driving characteristics. I haven't heard of any of those happening yet.
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  18. KonaTom

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    I did, and haven’t noticed any changes. It still doesn’t show many charge stations
  19. Got the same notice, still have original map software that came with the car
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  20. SkookumPete

    SkookumPete Well-Known Member

    In the current version, you long-press the Pause button to cancel.

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