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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by SkookumPete, Feb 15, 2019.

  1. KonaTom

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    The map and navigation system are the biggest disappointment for me in the kona
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  2. Don't expect any of the car navs to be great, or up to date. My Subaru is no better. I use Waze on Android Auto for the best traffic info (and where the cops are). Google maps is pretty good, too, if you want to go offline on AA, but no live traffic then.
  3. I don't understand why the legacy car makers don't get into online maps and traffic. They could even charge a subscription fee. I'd pay for that, but after the 3 free years I'm not going to pay for these outdated maps that we currently get.

    It's a joke!

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  4. Blessing in disguise ?
  5. I saw one at the dealer when I was picking up my EV. It definitely looks the part, but it’s a shame that it’s not electric powered. That would be fitting for the advanced technology Iron Man theme.
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  6. Rumor has it that a lime green color will be added in 2020 and will be designated " The Hulk edition" :D
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  7. This post apply to kona ev ultimate only other models use google maps so you don't have to do anything is done automatically by cell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. The other models do not have Google maps built in! Just to clarify, you need to use your cell phone and your cell phone data to use navigation in the models that do not have built in navigation!

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  9. CJC

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    We have the Kona EV and just got the Soul EV and the nav system on the Kia Soul EV is spectacular with live traffic and weather. It is a wonderful system so far in comparison (knocking on wood). Don't need Waze at all, and I detest Android Auto. I have Echo Auto for both the Kona EV and Soul EV for my music and I love it.
  10. XtsKonaTrooper

    XtsKonaTrooper Active Member

    Cool, where did you get the echo auto. ?
    Do you find it uses up alot of cell data?
    I hooked up an echo input to my car but i found it used up alot of my data.
  11. CJC

    CJC Well-Known Member

    I got the Echo Auto from even though I live in Canada. It is still in the "sending invitation to buy" and I got the invitation about 3 weeks ago. I am watching my data like a hawk. I am not someone who puts on too many kilometers on my car daily so I'm okay so far, but I think if I was commuting an hour or two a day I would want to have a good data plan is my guess. Great technology though!
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  12. XtsKonaTrooper

    XtsKonaTrooper Active Member

    I just signed up but will have to ship it to a us post drop i got, when i get the invitation.
    I think my data usage was from streaming alot of the music off of Amazon music verses from it taking it from my phone.
    But it is cool, turning my driveway lights, inside lights, etc from the car.
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  13. CJC

    CJC Well-Known Member

    I had mine shipped to mailbox drop in Lynden, Washington. When you get yours, I can give you some little tips.
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  14. You guys realize that Alexa auto uses Google maps, Apple maps or Waze. It doesn't have it's own maps. It is nothing but a voice interface, so basically nothing that the car and a phone can't do anyways.

    As a tech guy I'm just saying. Also, you're potentially sending your data to another big company, now Google/Apple AND Amazon know where you're going in your car.

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  15. SkookumPete

    SkookumPete Well-Known Member

    It shows a highway on Vancouver Island with a name that was changed over a decade ago.
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  16. XtsKonaTrooper

    XtsKonaTrooper Active Member

    For myself, i use the echo input (soon echo auto) in my beemer convertible.
    I can pretty well use most of my stuff thru google voice via Android Auto in the Kona.
    As for Big Brother wanting to know where im going, bring it on, then im some kinda special then. Lol
  17. CJC

    CJC Well-Known Member

    I don't use any maps from Alexa device. I use Echo Auto for the music and I love it. Soul EV has state of the art traffic and weather on its maps. Love that feature. I detest Android Auto and don't use it.
  18. Just to clarify I'm not saying you're wrong or should do something you don't like.

    However, I personally think you're spending money on something that you can do with all the devices that you have already.

    The echo auto is using the same data that the Amazon music app uses on your phone. And that app is Android auto compatible.

    Not sure why you detest Android auto. It is nothing but a remote screen application to project your phone screen onto to car entertainment screen.

    However, I personally "detest" another company harvesting my data. As revealed in the past Amazon echo listens to your conversations in order to detect the "hot word" just like Apple and Android if so activated. I personally use the microphone button on the steering wheel to send only my command to Google for analysis.

    The Kona has weather and traffic as well. I admit I don't know the presentation or integration in the Soul, however.

    Again, not trying to tell you how to enjoy your car, just clarifying the technical details ...

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  19. CJC

    CJC Well-Known Member

    I find Android Auto an ugly looking system that takes over the screen with lots of information that I don't need. I don't want my phone data projected onto the screen like it does. I find it very cheap and tacky looking --looks like a cartoon format to me, but I know many like it. So it is personal taste. I like the clean interface on both the Kona and the Soul information systems. My Echo Auto doesn't impose itself onto my screen other than if I choose to look at what music is connected via Bluetooth. I have it hooked up in the back seat USB port in the Soul and under the storage compartment in the Kona and the device is out of sight to thieves and it is neat and tidy. But the Soul EV has a much larger screen and the UVO does have latest traffic and weather which I love in comparing the two systems. UVO and Bluelink apps looks identical so I am not sure why Bluelink failed to hook into weather and traffic in Canada. Seems odd.
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  20. Yeah, it's a personal taste. Maybe check out the new Android auto. It just got a redesign. Although it's still rolling out, so not everybody can get it right now (I don't have it yet either).

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