HUMMER EV is born!

Discussion in 'HUMMER EV' started by Domenick, Jan 30, 2020.

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    Just to give a bit more detail on this thing, I wrote Hummer EV Is A 'One-Of-A-Kind' Pickup With A Huge Battery.

    Just summarize, I exchanged emails with GM to clarify that this was actually a pickup (the press release only says "truck.") Also mentioned that I happened to see a massive battery pack at GM's Battery Lab in Warren, MI that's most likely going to be inside of this. I mention that it looked like a unit already in serial production, which likely means there are "mules," if not actual pre-production builds, of this thing already doing testing.
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    Just throwing this commercial out here.
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    Thanks, @ITown. This was the preview to the Super Bowl commercial. I put the actual Super Bowl ad and their bonus behind the scene ones in this new thread.

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