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Discussion in 'Honda' started by visajet, Jan 11, 2018.

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    Of course it does, otherwise the insurance companies would go broke. Insurance is not supposed to be a money-making endeavor. Do you actually want your house to burn down so you can say you 'made' money on having insurance??
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    thanks to this thread, I just bought the D80 8yrs/100K miles for $1364, $0 deductible with College Hills Honda and I live in CA. Took 15 mins in total, from the time I requested the quote online to making the payment. Very fast, efficient and easy.

    Thanks for all the information!
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    Yes, you can get the Honda Care extended warranties, really any time after purchase until the original factory warranty expires (in 3 years). The only difference is the price -- it goes up after the first six months, 6K miles on the Clarity.

    I bought the D80 from Hyannis at 5 months, 4K miles, for "peace of mind." I normally avoid purchase of extended warranties, but also bought one when I installed a new very expensive heat pump electric water heater a few years ago that was then very new technology. That extended warranty paid for itself several times. Hopefully, the new technology in the Clarity will be mostly trouble-free, but I will sleep better anyway with the extended warranty coverage.
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    I just bought my Clarity Touring yesterday here in San Antonio. When the finance guy got to the part about extended warranties, with the price of a D80 for $2600, I told him I had a quote from an online Honda dealer for $1304. Right away he said Saccucci? And proceeded to give me some F.U.D. He says there is a class action lawsuit against Saccucci where so Honda owners were denied warranty coverage by Honda because supposedly underhanded way Saccucci sold the Hondacare extended warranties.

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    Well, I just purchased a D80 from Saccucci after about 4 months of wobbling on my part. But, once I decided to commit, it took all of 10 minutes to make the purchase and I received the Honda Care contract in PDF format by email about 10 minutes after that. The only thing I can say another dealer found "underhanded" would be better described by "undercutting" his price significantly. I wouldn't let this straightforward competition deter you from dealing with Saccucci. (My local Honda dealer, also here in Texas, doesn't even offer to sell the Honda warranty product -- only a privately underwritten plan on which the dealership makes even more money at a much higher price.)
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    Any views on getting extended warranty from Carchex Direct -- A+ from BBB - 20 years in industry - 98% of claims are paid (from Sales rep). Clarity PlugIn Hybrid does not show up on their list on website, but rep on the phone quoted 7 yrs - 150k - $0 co-pay - $1500
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    Why not get the genuine Honda Care through Honda Corporate that’s honored at all Honda dealers and pulls up on their computer without any hassle or keeping track of paperwork on your part. Dealers want $2,500 or more for it but you can get it on line from Hyannis Honda for only $1,304. You can get a quote online and have your dealer match it (or buy from then ), which is what I did. The D80 is 8 yr, 100,000 mile no deductible, transferable if you sell the car, and proratable if you want to discontinue it. They also have a longer milage option that I think would still beat your $1,500 price. It’s just not offered in California. It’s the best savings I found on this forum.
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    That makes sense but I'm in California and that's why I started looking at other options....

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