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Discussion in 'Honda' started by visajet, Jan 11, 2018.

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    Ok then I think I will go with it sooner than later. I need 8/100 because I mostly drive 10k a year so with some margin of long drives 8 years 100k would work. I have the quote good until March 31st for $1314 at 0 deductible. Thats 5 years extended after original 3 years for $22 a month. I never buy warranties with Honda/Toyota/Lexus but this car Clarity has so much electronic and features in it an being a new model I have decided to buy. A single failure of anything could mean more than warranty price.
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    Exactly my line of thinking too. I think this was the very first auto extended warranty I have ever purchased in 40+ years of car ownership. Only time will tell if it was economically a good purchased, but I know already it was a good purchase from the "peace of mind" point of view. Besides, the Honda care product is refundable along the way if you change your mind. And, it is assignable to a new, private owner of the car, which should help support resale prices and market over time.

    Note that the Honda Care product also has some perks above and beyond the usual warranty extension. For example, it covers the cost of roadside assistance for 8 years and let's you add up to 5 other Honda or Acura vehicles that you or your family may own to that feature (at no additional cost). You might want to read @KentuckyKen's post about a year ago with some of that info at Some people have written that they dropped AAA membership as a result, which saved them about half of the cost of the Honda Care purchase.
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    ditto. All the best.
    And yes my son has 2011 Accord Ex-L. So I should add that to the roadside assistance. Thanks for mentioning.
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