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    How much before midnight then?
  2. It was 3 tier and seasonal. Under .10 even during the day. I think there are a few months when it higher. But still pretty cheap. I pay .07 in Arkansas 24/7.
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    I believe the peak rate was closer to 20 cents per KWh, so unless you can shift your energy usage to off-peak or super off-peak, the savings may not add up.

    I looked at the EV rate as well, but do not have enough data on my energy usage to determine if I would really save anything. Now, if I had an all electric vehicle with a larger battery - I’d imagine it would be a good idea to switch plans.
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    I recently discovered that if you live in Texas in a competitive ERCOT grid area (which is most of us living in TX), you can set up a log-in account to and view your home's electricity consumption data for any date or time period (such as a billing cycle), in as low a time interval of every 15 minutes. I have a L2 charger for my Clarity, but opted to buy a less expensive one without all the fancy WiFi connectivity & software. However, I can manually set the charger to go active in the wee hours of the morning (to avoid any stress on the grid during heavy a/c season here), and it is very easy to see the same exact usage that the utility sees for its billing purposes on this web site. You can also download usage data in CSV format or, for longer periods and larger files, they prepare the report and email it to you (I think in XML format). Good info for homeowners in general and for any kind of EV owner in particular. I don't know if other states have a similar statewide data site like this -- although I am sure that some electric utilities may offer this sort of data to their own customers in various places.
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    Remember to look at your delivery fees. Our town has negotiated rates we were able to jump on for 10c, but delivery is still 5c.

    But I charge for free at work :)
  6. I'm in Cincinnati, OH and pay about 12 cents per KWh on average. I don't know if they charge different rates for different times of the day. I don't think so.
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    Just looked at mine after reading this - some days I've paid as much as .3/kwh overnight! Yikes! Good thing I didn't buy this thing to save money on gas. Thankfully goes down in fall/winter now to a more reasonable .11/kwh. Sometimes I charge for free though so it probably evens out, and gas is 3.80 or so.
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    Is there any way to delay charging the clarity after plugging it in. So another words you get home at 6pm but want to start the charge at midnight. If not are there any external timers available.
  9. stanigu

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    Yes, I use charge timer in the vehicle. Check out page 467 of owner's manual.
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    You can also set the timer for charging via the Honda Link app. One thing to remember is if you charge somewhere else outside your home, when you plug in, it won't charge so you either click on the charge now on the app or the key fob.
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    Yes. The Siemens EVSE charger has a simple button to delay charging start by 2 /4 / 6 or 8 hours. I regularly use this function when I plug the car in and paid far less for this L2 charger than those with fancier wifi functionality.

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    Just for database purposes I pay 7.53 cents per KWH in Southern Maryland; flat rate, no tiers or discounts. But of course it's a great rate anyhow.
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    Does that rate include distribution costs? In CT, where I live, we can pick our supplier but the utility charges distribution fees/taxes that are a combination of fixed and kw use-based costs. We have some of the highest electric costs tne the country due to renewables mandates, etc, While the electricity supplier cost is about 8.5 cents per KWH, the distribution cost is 12 cents!
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    I was curious as well but could not find any tiered rates Duke Energy in indianapolis. The bill was of no help.
    I doubt I pay based on time of day ... u need smart metering for that.
    My estimate is I pay around 9c to 12.1 c per KWH
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    I'm not smart enough to know! I got the rate from the website; I guess I'd have to look at the bill to see if there's anything on top of that. If there are any fixed fees I guess that's sort of irrelevant, but I honestly don't know if there's another variable piece on top of the 7.53.
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    Just outside of Atlanta, our co-op (Sawnee EMC) has a TOU plan where off-peak rate is $0.07/kwh, and peak hour rate is $0.2955/kwh. The good thing is that peak hours are only 2:00PM - 8:00PM during summer (June 1 - August 31). The rest of the year and morning/night time in the summer are all off-peak.

    My electricity bill went up a bit after buying the Clarity, but way less than my would be gas cost (I have a bit over 20K already on my clarity in almost exactly 9 months). I do have to charge at work as well (not free, but reasonable, and less than gas cost - $1.05/hour on ChargePoint, and I need about $1.50 - $1.80 each day).
  17. It is fascinating to see the variation in electricity pricing. I feel lucky to live in rural Oregon where I pay $22/month to connect to our co-op's grid, but then just $0.0733/kwh.
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    Any suggestions on a good device (to have plugged in a climate controlled garage) to keep track of energy consumption? I don't have a Level 2 charger and don't intend getting one for the foreseeable future.
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    Vs my Gen 3 Prius, I calculate that I only spend about 75% of the cost (electric vs gas) on the Clarity and I used to run between 46mpg and 54mpg on a fill-up around town in the Prius. (My KW cost is $.16 per KWH with no setback or off peak rate).

    Not only do I use less energy, the car is far more refined car. It is very quiet, very smooth riding and far more spacious. It is more like a low end luxury car in terms of ride comfort and quiet.
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    There are several threads discussing various meters to monitor usage.

    For the L1 charger that came with the car, there are several options you can consider such as:

    Hope this helps.
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