BlueLink joy (and problems)

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by SkookumPete, Feb 8, 2019.

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    Here from Montreal, Canada.
    I've been trying to use the app but the only think I can do is lock unlock the doors and check the charge.
    I've been trying to set a climate settings but I'm not able, it always times out and if I try find my car same thing.
    Everything used to work last winter. Are you people having those issues?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Go into the climate settings menu and setup a favorite with climate setting you like and then click on this favorite to start your climate changes. I have one setup for summer and one for winter. As far as I know this is the only way to start climate changes in the current Canadian bluelinlk app
  3. USA here. Yes, I get a similar issue ALL THE TIME. I issue the REMOTE START command via the APP - setting the TEMP for my comfort - and the APP gives me an error that it wasn't successful (of something like that). However the car actually DID start the car & heater. Very weird. I mean I'm happy that the heater is ON, but the APP/BLUELINK service is very erratic at best. And THIS quality of Bluelink service is supposed to be a PAID Subscription after the 3 year intro term? I don't think so. (And the comments on the APP in the APP STORE are Brutal! I wonder if the developers even care.)
  4. Wow, had no idea this app was so powerful. Now we can save the world...:D
  5. It's hopeless trash.
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    I too am from Montreal, actually from Mascouche, and I use the climate control to heat up the car almost every day. That said, if often gives me time-out errors but eventually it works.
  7. Alejo

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    After many tries, I was able to set a favorite climate setting. (I tried for at least 20 minutes)
    Now I'm able to turn it on with the climate button at the center at the screen.

    That said, why it works so badly? Were I can complain about it. For me it seems a pretty easy task for a "connected" car of this price. Is the issue with the car/modem or it's just a crappy app.
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    I think it is slow crappy web servers all the way down to Korea ;)
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    I've been having that issue recently too, quite annoying.
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    Yes, the climate settings screen does nothing but time out, now that it would be useful. This is one of the lowest rated apps in the Google store, and the devs respond to every complaint with "we're looking into ways to speed up the app." As things stand it is a failure on Hyundai's part to supply a promised feature.
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  11. In all fairness to the developers the design of the app and website are about the same and really not really that bad, their real issue seems to be their network backbone. Based on its worldwide car sales Hyundai probably has close to a 200,000 bluelink customers since they introduced the service a couple years back, that figure will keep rising by at least 2 hundred thousand a year. Some of the latency delay in the cell based telematics will be addressed by 5G and likely will help future customers but what they really need to do is scale their server capacity. Alternatively hire someone who has that capacity or can optimize the capacity that each node can handle.
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  12. We haven't had any trouble with the app here. Are these discrepancies mostly a matter of whether the car is within range of it's bluelink cellular network? Maybe we're just fortunate to happen to have good service here?
  13. That certainly is a factor but my car and my cellphone can be right next to a cell tower and still have issues with extreme latency or time outs. For the majority of people I suspect its an issue with Hyundai's bluelink provider's inadequate back end.
  14. Why would you be interested in expressing "fairness"? Blue Link sucks in every conceivable way and it's nobody's fault except Hyundai. And, as far as I can tell, they're doing nothing about it - other than marketing it heavily - and as something it clearly is not: quick, responsive and handy.
  15. Another issue I continue to have is the APP resets my Charging amount to 127% !! even though I SET & SUBMIT it to 80% .. It shows 80% for like 2 days (in the APP) then all of a sudden it just changes to 127% ..

    At $30 US per month for this feature after it expires, I couldn't imagine paying for it. Reliability & Predictability would have to dramatically improve for us to consider paying that.
  16. $30 A MONTH?!!? No way... must be a misprint.
  17. That's what the Brochure states ... in the USA. It's the FULL BlueLink service ... Connect, Diagnostic, Nav, Remote features, etc... Everything that comes as part of the "included" service for 3 years after purchase of vehicle.
  18. I actually don't think its that bad, works for me 80-90% albeit rather slowly. It would be nice if the car had a wifi and or Bluetooth receiver and that could be integrated with the cell based informatics like Tesla but whatever its better than nothing.
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  19. Anyone else having problems connecting to their cars through blue link since the latest update? Mine didn't work at all today.
  20. Mine is working like a charm, slow, like always but just fine.

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