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  1. Minus 25° this morning so a pre-heat was called for. It took 7 timeouts before it finally clicked. 20 minutes of trying. I could refresh the vehicle status, so there was a connection, but trying to engage climate control was nothing but frustration. It's just unbelievable what a piece of crap this system is.
  2. It's worked 100% on our iPhones, and we've used it daily for the past 2 months. Are all the people who are reporting problems on Android? Or are some people having trouble with the US iPhone app as well?
  3. Canadian and Android. It would be pretty sad if ANDROID auto worked better on an iPhone than it does with an ANDROID phone, in my case in particular a Google Pixel 3xl!
  4. I sent a email complaint via website a couple of days ago. I don't know if its a fluke but climate has turned on every time the last 5 tries today on the android app, weird as its been down mostly for the last week or so. I hope it last
  5. I just tried to send them an email through the app and even that didn't work!?! So I called and vented my spleen. He says he wrote it all down but who knows...
    I laughed when he told me that the app was ONLY a year old, as though that wasn't nearly enough time to expect it to work properly. Sigh. 4 more years of this.
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    Are other Bluelinked models not affected?
  7. I've sort of wondered that myself.
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    I assume you are clicking on "Climate Settings" in the top left of the home screen, and that has been the part timing out? Next time if you magically get in, just set up a favorite warm temperature in the Climate Settings. Then all you have to do is press the middle black "Climate" circle from the home screen. That helped me a lot, as the home buttons don't seem to time out.
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  9. Just did this. Favourite wouldn't save to centre climate button. Has never worked so I have to click upper left climate settings in order to activate.
  10. When I click Climate Settings, upper left, I get a page displaying my "Favourites". These are settings I inputted when I first got the car. Yesterday, in addition to these presets, I also got, at the bottom of the page, a "create favourites" link. Today, and most days that link is not displayed at all. I think that's one of the reasons I couldn't remember how I ever actually inputted the original favourites; the link wasn't there! On my app there is/are not any links or prompts about how to set a default setting for the central Climate button on the main page. When I press it the app grinds away and then displays a text box telling me that I have no default climate setting but that I can set in using the climate settings tab. A Mobius loop of frustration.
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    Yeah it was hard for me to figure out at first, as you assume once you click "Add Favourite" it goes automatically to the central climate button. Next time you enter "Climate Settings" take a look at all the ones you have listed below. You will notice a triangle on the far right of each line. The one heat setting you like the best, put your finger on that triangle and swipe left. You should see the "Set as Default", "EDIT" and "DELETE" move into the screen (make sure you swipe left far enough). Click "Set as Default" and that will make it set to the main Central Climate button on the home page.
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    Hopefully this image helps show you what I mean. The 26 Degrees has a yellow star beside it, so right now that is set as my default favourite, which is the setting that turns on when I press the Middle Climate circle on the home screen.
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  13. Son of a *****! I've pressed that stupid arrow and got the PIN screen, I've long-pressed it and got the PIN screen. How the hell are you supposed to know to swipe left? This is proof as to why Blue Link sucks: the programmers are on Tinder all day! Thank you. My head is slightly less likely to explode now.
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  14. Don't feel bad, I learned something new today as well. Thanks eshark. What gets me even the dealer did not know how to do this.
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  15. We don't have that feature (preferred setting) at all here in the US.
    So consider yourself lucky?
  16. Maybe you do but you have to double-tap, swipe left and rub your tummy at the same time?
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  17. That's possible, haven't found the secret procedure yet.
  18. In the US, at least on the iPhone app, the climate settings are "sticky" (remain where you last set them). So it's just a matter of pressing "Remote Start" and then "Submit".
    Different on the android app?

    Does anyone have any idea why they would design separate apps for different markets? Why wouldn't the Canada and US apps be the same? Surely they'd have an easier time chasing down bugs on one app instead of two.
  19. There's a very strong and very weird seperation between markets that goes far beyond shared apps. Literally nothing is shared. There must be rock solid regulatory reasons for it because it makes zero sense from an economic perspective.
  20. Nope, it's the same on Android.

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