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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Central Penn, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. MrFixit

    MrFixit Active Member

    Yes, I got the dialog box and entered name / description. Then there was what I think was an 'upload' symbol next to the pencil. I probably did it OK.
    With the control units that do work, I had a failure with the 'Body Electrical'. All others seemed to pass. Did yours fail the 'Body Electrical' too?
  2. AlAl

    AlAl Active Member

    What are the body codes? BE is in charge of a wide range of modules (gauges, security, memory seats, nav, etc). We usually trip those from unplugging door switches, speakers, etc. My car came up clean on both my scans.

    It wouldnt hurt to mention the Electric Drivetrain line to the Autel guy you end up communicating to. Perhaps they can push the correct PID's on the next update.
  3. PascoClarity

    PascoClarity New Member

    Body electric came up clean on mine as well, did you look at the DTCs? I had some odd failure codes when I ran it the first time, but they cleared and have not returned.
  4. MrFixit

    MrFixit Active Member

    Wife taking car away for 5 days...
    WIll not be able to play for a while, but will look at specific body code late in the week !
    The indication was that there was one failure.

    Wait - I caught her rolling out, and read her codes !!

    The Body Electrical expanded into a list of a dozen items:

    B-CAN control units information
    Door Locks
    Keyless Transmitter
    Power Windows
    HVAC/Climate Control
    Power Seat/Power Mirror
    Seat Heater

    No codes flagged at this level, but working down through the list, I found a code under 'Lighting' - 'Read Codes'...
    There, it showed a U0199 Permanent DTC - "Power seat control unit lost communication with door multiplex control unit (drlocksw frame).

    Unaware of any problem with power seats, so probably a bogus code (or a bug with the code in the AP200 (suspicious that this code appears under 'Lighting').
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  5. AlAl

    AlAl Active Member

    Upon completion of the scan, is there a view report button somewhere? This gives you a breakdown of all the DTC's and which category it slots under. Saving as pdf and viewing should clean it up too.
  6. AnthonyW

    AnthonyW Well-Known Member

    Amazon has a Lightening Deal on a range of Autels right now. There are six hours left on the deals and currently it is 7:55pm Central Time.

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  7. Sandroad

    Sandroad Well-Known Member

    So which one would you recommend?
  8. MrFixit

    MrFixit Active Member

    All we know for sure is the 'professional' one that @AlAl used works, and the MK808BT that @sniwallof tried works. I tried the AP200 (their low-end unit) and it doesn't work, but I am optimistic that an update could fix it. I looked at the Amazon deals, and the MK808BT is $530 (not much different than what @sniwallof paid). The only thing I see that looks like a good deal is the MK808 (listed as a deal of the day for $331). We have no proof that this one will 'work', but there is a pretty good chance. I am going to stick with the AP200 that I have already in the hope of working with their tech support to get an applicable update. The AP200 is also a deal-of-the-day at $58 (I paid $70).
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  9. MrFixit

    MrFixit Active Member

    Just a follow-up on this issue...
    I had an interaction with Autel after finding out that the AP200 scan did not include the desired "Electric Powertrain" parameters. The response I got seems consistent with what @PascoClarity was told with his earlier inquiry.

    Here is their response:
    Dear Customer,
    Firstly, generally it shows on Your Devices, anyway, if everything is showing normal on AP200 app, you can use it directly. As for the Honda datalog, engineers have analysed, they say this is new car that's not supported now, we plan to release new update V2.00 at the beginning of September to support it. Thank you for the feedback.

    As discussed earlier, I am certain that the AP200 is capable of obtaining the details that we want.
    That, coupled with the fact that their tablet-based tools already do this, makes me very optimistic that we will have a nice ~$60 tool that will satisfy the wildest dreams of the technical geeks on this forum

    I will keep an eye out for the update that they refer to, and keep everyone posted.
  10. sniwallof

    sniwallof Active Member

    Probably Sep. 1 is jumping the gun; but are there updates yet?
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  11. MrFixit

    MrFixit Active Member

    Wishful thinking (particularly with 9/1 being a holiday) !
    I have not seen any indication of an update yet.

    There are at least 3 of us who have AP200's. My intention is to start a thread that is specifically oriented around the AP200's. I would like to wait for the promised update and then start a thread, but if we get toward the end of September, I'll probably start a thread regardless.

    Keep your fingers crossed.
  12. MrFixit

    MrFixit Active Member

    Another Autel update.
    I contacted them again today regarding the V2.0 release that was expected in September. Although they are responsive when I correspond with them, it now looks like the new release will not appear this month.

    Here is their exact response:

    Dear Customer,
    Really sorry that since engineers find other problems and still working on it, also still have to test for some time, so the firmware was prompted, it may be released next month. Thanks for understanding and waiting.
    Have a nice day!

    Best Regards
    Tech Support
    Autel Intelligent Technology Corp., Ltd.

    As owners of ?Clarities? I'm sure we have no leverage to urge them to prioritize anything. But, the way this thing is architected, the release is for all Honda vehicles so I'm sure there is some incentive to complete this. There is also no guarantee that this new release will fix the Clarity issues, but since their other higher-end tools seem to work, we at least know that they have the secret sauce in-hand.
  13. czbo

    czbo New Member

    There is a lightning deal on Amazon right now for the Autel AP200. $25 off regular price $70.
  14. MrFixit

    MrFixit Active Member

    Too bad we don't know if this device can ultimately retrieve the information we desire...
    It's about time for me to ping them again to see where the update stands. I will post any new information (or non-information).
  15. MrFixit

    MrFixit Active Member

    Once again, I got the brush-off from Autel...
    To their credit, they always respond to my requests, it's just that the update keeps getting delayed.
    Now, not until next year...

    Their words here:
    Really sorry that the plan was delayed, and confirmed with senior engineers again, they will not release new software for AP200 Honda this year, and the plan postpone to next year. Sorry again for the trouble caused.

    Best Regards
    Daisy Zeng/ Tech Support
    Autel Intelligent Technology Corp., Ltd.

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