Battery Capacity Test Results

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  1. Robert_Alabama

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    Seeing all the individual cell voltages as well as the battery Ah capacity is very interesting. @jdonalds comes to mind as someone who might like to see a readout like this now. I would be interested in getting a printout for my car just to have as a comparison to a future one to track degradation. Again, very interesting stuff.
  2. sniwallof

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    I watched some more Youtube videos. The 906BT certainly has a lot of features that are of limited or no interest. For example, it looks like a lot of individual owners buy it to be able to change the VIN number of a used part from a junk yard buy to their own VIN. Also, it covers many types of vehicles with many adapters, less useful for one car.

    It does have some ability to show at least one analog gauge, and probably some data logging, but possibly (?) less useful for graphing a bunch of data for a particular test drive. Probably data logs, but possibly less suitable for a dash display (?) during a test drive.

    I called again too (others can/should check on possible Autel/other solutions). I left a message and asked if there are any more minimal tools that would just give battery pack capacity, and possibly the individual cell voltages. Maybe I got the 906BT recommendation because I asked for a minimal tool that would make the PDF we saw. I suppose if there is a tool in the $100 - $200 range that makes a text file, that would be fine too. At some low enough cost, the advantage of a group buy probably goes away.

    UPDATE - Autel says their lower priced tools will not include this information for the 2018 Clarity (but, there was some question about the 906BT/908 tools, which do appear to cover, so not sure). They say the Amazon dealer is not an authorized dealer, authorized dealer list attached. (foreign tools from Amazon, e.g. for the EU, have different plugs). The only difference for a U.S. tool is apparently whether a repair is done in NY (LI), or sent overseas, or somehow through Amazon or the Amazon dealer, which might be the case, or might be a scare tactic (they say it's by S/N). If we did the group buy round-robin thing with say 25 to 50 UPS ships per year, we may well need a repair at some point.

    I don't know; I guess some time can sort this idea out.

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  3. AlAl

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    Dont give in to the marketing chatter. Their tools are chinese through-through. Just recently upgraded ours to a Maxisys Elite from a third party. Got exactly the same quality from the OE, but for much less
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    OK, let's see if this translates:
    First, plug in the VCI to your OBDII port. You'll hear a beep, indicating the unit is getting power from your OBDII port

    select the Diagnostic Screen
    Which Brings you to this screen. You should hear a second beep from the VCI, which indicates the unit has established a connection with the module you hooked up to the car.
    Select "VIN" at the top, then "Auto detect" once VCI icon has the green checkmark (see bottom of taskbar)
    Hit OK
    USA (Market Region)
    Overview (tap Yes)
    Auto Scan
    Tap Yes, then OK in following menu
    Will look something like this, and scan takes ~4min to complete
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  5. AlAl

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    Once complete, tap blue arrow next to "Electric Powertrain"
    Live Data
    You are then presented with this screen, which captures the data you guys want:
    Pull down the top drawer icon, tap on the save disk, and "Save All Data" as PDF
    Write down name of file, then save
    Which gets deposited into the Scan/Data/PDF directory (which you can navigate through the file explorer found on the home screen)
    Find files you want to upload, tap and hold to highlight the files you want
    Select "More", then "Share"

    Which brings you to the compose e-mail menu. Send it to your address of choosing and enjoy the dump :)

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  6. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    @AlAl, I want one of these. Is it possible for us mere mortals to be able to follow in your footsteps?
    Can you provide cost and a link for purchase and how to update its software (if needed).
    In other words, can you help an old school analog guy replicate what you did if it’s affordable.
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  7. AlAl

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    I'm a normie just like everyone else. You should be able to get away with the MK808 for <$500


    There are videos in the Amazon listing which show MK808 owners using the tool to access live data.
    As for the sellers. I've used the Newegg seller "Autozon" before. Havent encountered any issue with our Maxysis Elite; saved over $1k, compared to quotes from authorized distributors, and has the same 2 year license..
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  8. sniwallof

    sniwallof Active Member

    @AlAl, Thank you!

    @KentuckyKen, maybe well below $1k, this tool is getting low enough to just buy one individually. I'm getting pretty close myself, will look into the 808 a bit more, might just order one.

    The biggest problems I see with my original round-robin idea is not only logistics (as you noted), but what happens if it's damaged/lost in shipping, or say a member accidentally drops it on a concrete floor and the display cracks, or it otherwise breaks. Anyway, at below $1,000, still a luxury item for many, but I think I'm in for one.

    The manuals are here:
    (the MK808 is lower right, MS906 upper left)
    Some of the BT, TS differences appear to be a hardwired cable or a Bluetooth plugin at the OBDII connector, not entirely sure yet.

    I guess the only thing I want to do first is to compare AIAI's instruction pages to some of the manuals to be sure that those features are available. I have a difficult time seeing the differences between the various model numbers.
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  9. KentuckyKen

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    The 808 is on sale for $425. Let me know if you figure it out. Can it be returned if it doesn’t do every thing @AlAl’s model does? I’ll see my mechanic on Monday.
  10. AlAl

    AlAl Active Member

    BT = Bluetooth VCI (vs Hardwired)
    TS = TPMS relearn (for instances where you need to program a new TPM sensor)
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  11. sniwallof

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    I'm getting a little closer. The MS906 has a lot of shop features like an auto oscilloscope and and an optional probing camera. They also have a camera like a smartphone, such as to record shop maintenance parts, repairs, all expensive features we probably don't need.

    This Youtube video suggests that the MK 808BT is an updated 808. He says there is now an auto VIN detect, so maybe the updated unit is closer to what AIAI is showing us. There is the live data capability too.

    Maybe the MK 808BT is the right one, all or most of the reading capabilities of the full featured units, but less of the tools (no oscilloscope), and no cameras.

    For those who can afford it, this might be a good tool for us, showing the extended PIDs we have not yet had access to.
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  12. AlAl

    AlAl Active Member

    I think they're comparing it to a DS808. If you look at the Amazon listing I provided, the only difference with the BT variant is the VCI. There's a video of someone using the hardwired VCI and was able to access "Live Data" read like the unit we have.

    What sets the 808's apart from the MS908E at my shop is the 908E can perform calibrations(Blind spot monitoring, Lane watch, Distance sensing, etc..), and similar high level programming; closer to brand-specific tools Dealer/Service centers have access to
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  13. MrFixit

    MrFixit Well-Known Member

  14. sniwallof

    sniwallof Active Member

    Okay, I did it! I paid a bit more at Amazon with seller "OBDPRICE", $560 with $45 coupon. He seems to have many good reviews. Another did not answer my questions from a day or two ago, and the $475 is 100% too, but with less reviews. Should be Amazon return policy.

    I think this might be the same seller: They send a coupon if you sign up, no idea if it could have helped with this buy. It is $10 in this price range ($25 above $599), ah, they have an online store too. I think I prefer the Amazon return protection in case there is a problem in the first few days.

    I think I like the idea of a Bluetooth plugin and display unit, not tethered by a cable.

    Many thanks to AIAI for showing us this capability and how to use it.
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  15. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    Someone at Honda should be reading this thread and realize they could make serious aftermarket money with an app that provides all the info we gearheads want on the center console display. Why, I bet they'd sell nearly 100 of 'em!
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  16. sniwallof

    sniwallof Active Member

    MK808BT followed quick setup instructions, updated main unit, updated OBD plug, came right on, linked fine in car. Here is my powertrain electrical page (100% soc, still pluged in L2).

    The graph, including three parameters at once is intuitive and easy to set. Not sure yet about logging data (during a drive), or saving and transferring logged data. Got the pdf out by live linking between my mac and the unit through a web service/page (a built in feature). There is a SD slot, I think I'd rather transfer data that way if possible, more to learn. (I need to review the @AIAI post #44 above on files too.)

    It's very nicely built, seems sturdy enough for a shop tool.

    Going to take a quick test drive to see generator current, not sure if I will be able to log the data yet.

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  17. MrFixit

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    @sniwallof - Thanks for helping the cause here and looking for a more affordable solution to get this important data !!

    I wanted to point out that something looks odd with your output data. If you compare it carefully to the earlier example that @AlAl posted (his 'clar2.pdf vs. your 'elec.pdf') you will find numerous entries that seem to be improperly scaled / decoded on yours. To highlight what these 'problems' look like, here is page 1 from 'clar2.pdf':


    Now here is the same page from yours...

    You will notice that yours has MANY values that are not plausible (they are all of the form 40xx.x). The good printout demonstrates what these should look like.
    If you glance through your printout, I believe pretty much any value that resembles this 40xx.x) is likely bogus. Most notable are all of the very detailed battery cell voltages later on pages 5-9.

    Don't get me wrong... There is a LOT of good here. Perhaps there is a way to correct this issue. It sounded like you applied all of the 'updates' that you were aware of?

    It would be nice if the printout reported revision information for the software or similar... Perhaps you can query software rev's and get a comparison from @AlAl 's good printout.
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  18. sniwallof

    sniwallof Active Member

    Good catch! I wasn't able to get back to it this afternoon, work called. I rushed to post the first pdf, but did not look at it carefully enough.

    I was about to superficially note that AIAI's data was at two different SOC (79%, 83%), but it looks like my PDF is scrambled. I think (?) the cell voltages were all in the correct place on the live list on the tablet, but will check. My cell voltages were higher because I was at 100% soc, but I see your point, the pdf is all scrambled. Those look like cell voltages scattered in the wrong places.

    I think I got it all updated (both the tablet and the OBD plug in). Could still be user error. Will try to look at again tomorrow, time allowing.

    first question, are those values correct on the tablet screen display (first thing I will check). Maybe a call to Autel too if it's still scrambled on the PDF. Need to sort all this out during the Amazon 30 day return period!
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  19. MrFixit

    MrFixit Well-Known Member

    I think your cell voltages are also gibberish... The numbers there are just too similar to the other ones that are definitely gibberish.
    Also, Lithium Ion cells are just not that high (with the possible exception while they are being charged). If you were actually charging when you got this data, then try it again when you are definitely not charging. The cells will be more like 3.9-3.9 as shown in @AlAl 's data (regardless of SOC). I believe all the 40xx.x values will remain that way because they are not misplaced cell voltages, but rather improperly decoded values for other things.

    Keep us posted, and thanks for being the guinea pig !
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  20. sniwallof

    sniwallof Active Member

    All good points, thanks. Was plugged in and charging for some time before (had been running the A/C before going out to try it out, still in the yard, waiting for the new driveway to harden a bit more before I can back in the garage).

    Will try again without the L2 charge in progress. Will report back.

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