Which home charger will you choose for your new Kona or Niro

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by EnerG, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. EnerG

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    Greetings all. While you and I impatiently wait for our new rides, I thought I'd start my first conversation here with a chat about what would be your first, second or third choice of home charging setups for Nero's and Konas. I am assuming they will have similar charge requirements and connectors as they share many components.

    I should also mention that this is specific to North America as we have split phase 60Hz. 240V service common to Canada and USA.

    In my case I am considering installing a 50A/240V L2 charger, but I could see myself bumping that considerably as I have an extra 100A of service. My target will be 600km per week of range. I do expect slower charging to be gentler on the battery but if I can charge 2 nights a week to obtain that 600km of range I would be content.

    An ability to log and monitor charge data on a PC would be great but what else do you consider to be make it or break it features one should consider when looking at charging stations.

    Looking forward to your ideas.
  2. Bill MacDonald

    Bill MacDonald New Member

  3. Bill MacDonald

    Bill MacDonald New Member

    I was thinking of Juicebox but I have bought the ChargePoint. Both get good reviews but my choice was made for me when I discovered that ZapBC takes $1,100 of the cost of the ChargePoint and installation. They arrange for an installer and permit. Total cost $2,200 and they reduce that by $1,100. The other government program here in B.C. has used all of their funding this year. They would have paid $750 towards the cost of the charger and installation.
  4. EnerG

    EnerG New Member

    Thanks so much for the reply Bill. I am also in BC and did not know about the subsidies so this may affect which way I go as well. What is the name of the other program? Links?
  5. Bill MacDonald

    Bill MacDonald New Member

    The other program is through B.C. Hydro. Same site as applying for the $5000 grant on purchase of your vehicle, although the dealer will do that. I believe it is also BC Hydro where you apply for the sticker to use the HOV lane but not sure.
  6. EnerG

    EnerG New Member

    Thanks Bill. You must already own an EV. ZapBC requires a VIN number to apply. At this point in time the Canadian Kona or Niro MSRPs have not been announced so consequently those of us on the list can't get a VIN. It makes sense, no VIN until we agree on purchase price.

    Both the Chargepoint and the Juicebox 40Pro offer WiFi. Either look like a nice units but the JuiceBox offers a few more Km per hour over the Chargepoint 32Amp model.

    Having the electrical panel in the garage has a big advantage here. If Technical Safety BC issues the permit I'll install a Nema 14-50R myself.
  7. Bill MacDonald

    Bill MacDonald New Member

    I used the VIN from my current gas car. That is all you have to do to apply and I was approved.
  8. EnerG

    EnerG New Member

    Yup, I missed that one.

    Is your install completed?

    Any concerns about being forced to maintain the WiFi, or it being cloud base? Does it still function if you have a network outage?
  9. Bill MacDonald

    Bill MacDonald New Member

    I do not have charger installed yet. They were ready but I put off until after Christmas.
    My understanding is that the unit will begin charging when plugged in even if there is no wifi.

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