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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by MCSqrd, Jul 6, 2018.

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    Just reached out to my sales rep and he also said they have their 1st delivery coming next week but only have 1 for the first person they got a deposit from and doesnt think that I will be receiving mine in January since they dont have an ETA on it.
  2. So, did this person have any advanced notice of this arrival? The VIN? Sales contract etc.?
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    I'm guessing no from what I was told. I contacted my sales rep and I said rumour has it that a ship has landed in New West with possible Kona Electrics on it. His first response was that was unlikely as they hadn't been given any VIN's. Then after a few back and forth texts he said their system had just updated and they now knew that the very first customer to order from them had his car land today. But that is all he knows. I may learn more tomorrow as he learns more. I will lean on him lol.
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  4. There is zero risk of unsold vehicles anywhere, including Canada. There are deposit lists a mile long in every country. One drops out you just bump the list down one place. Fish in a barrel.
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    Bill when did you order? I am thinking that the June orders may be here.
  6. July 5 was the first day for placing orders and my deposit was on July 6. Shouldn’t be many ahead of me in BC.
  7. CJC

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    I think you sure be hearing pretty soon then! Wow. It will be so nice to have someone finally get their car and start talking about it. We ordered in July around mid month and were the 10th order at our dealership. So we might not make the cut. I am rooting for you. What colour? We ordered Ceramic Blue and light interior.
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  8. I ordered the same colour and interior as you did. I plan on wrapping the roof, pillars and mirrors black as soon as I get it.
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    Maybe you will need an outing to South Surrey in your new car, and be wanting a cup of coffee and a rest. lol You can plug into a slow charger as we have the C-Max Energi PHEV plugged into regular household current. Although you won't be needing that I'm sure. I can't figure out how much black will be on the cars. I have seen old prototypes with no black, and I think more recent images with wheel wells black and maybe pillars. So I don't really know what they will look like. I want a white roof I think. But maybe that looks a little hokey??
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  10. B16040F7-4ED7-4D67-943C-4173C24E2C4E.png
    White roof looks nice. All of the Konas have black moulding around the wheels. Pic attached:
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    I can see your point for BC and QC, but not so for Ontario .... the fact they have a list means nothing until full financial terms and offerings are disclosed and people actually sign purchase agreements. You don't think 14K difference in price will mean nothing to the largest car market in Canada? The other telling sign is that they have never said they are closing pre-orders, since they have more names than they can supply ... I think there's a reason for that, otherwise why to upset potential customers ...

    I do hope, they come with a killer 3 year lease, so I can proceed with a deal. But I am more on the glass half empty side of things. To purchase at the time of no rebate is a bit of a gamble, not knowing what the province will do at the next election cycle. At the end of the day, the small car could cost me a pretty penny.

    But let's see what Hyundai is up to. It's a good sign that perhaps some cars have arrived ...
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  12. I'm in Ontario too. My deposit was July 12th. All of the incentives were gone at that point. The MSRP is now public. Cash buyers know the score and could decide now whether to proceed or drop out. Dealers could lock down buyers with contracts any time they wanted. Again, zero risk. I'll give you your point about leasing. You'd need terms to decide. But, Hyundai could make those known at any time and, again, could contact clients and lock in the deals. Again, zero risk. This is not a free market new model introduction. They have a deliberately constricted supply and a KNOWN demand. Least risky retailing model ever.
  13. CJC

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    New video from Hyundai Canada just put out in the last 24 hours! Shows details on features and things like the camera angles etc. Very nice video. Must be getting ready to sell some!
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  14. Thanks for this! Now see, this is precisely the kind of thing that Hyundai could send to it's 2000+ Kona EV clients - but nope. Buncha dummies.
  15. CJC

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    You have to wonder about what Hyundai Canada is thinking. I got the video from someone on the UK Kona EV forum. As you say, that video would have been a great thing to send to all of us who have ordered.
  16. CJC

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    Have you heard any news at all Bill? I read on another forum that Vernon is getting 3 cars. We haven't heard anything. Just another question, looking at ZapBC, it seems South Surrey/White Rock isn't in the coverage area. Do you know if that is the case?
  17. I haven’t heard a word. My dealer says they have not been told about any cars for them on a boat.
    As for Zap, I live in Abbotsford and I think that showed as outside their coverage area but that wasn’t a problem. The electricians for the program operate out of Vancouver but South Surrey shouldn’t be an issue. You should give them a call. Also you could check back with B.C. Hydro to see if they have funding yet.
  18. CJC

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    I will check with Zap and BC Hydro. I have been waiting to see how long before our car arrives. I kind get the feeling that a few dealerships perhaps are getting one car each. Not sure what the rationale of that is, and not sure why the routine they mentioned of VIN being issued first hasn't occurred. The fellow from Vernon seemed to imply his dealership has heard that they will get 3. Seems a real unknown about what the hell is going on. I did get a bit short with our sales rep yesterday and wound up saying sorry. It just seems so unbelievable that no one knows nothing. I think if Vernon is getting three then Abbotsford should get yours. Fingers crossed for you!
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    I got the call. :)

    Just got home from work, had a message from my dealer - he says my Kona should be here by the end of the month or early February! Too late to call him back now, will do that tomorrow. I'll let y'all know what they say.
    FYI, I put down my deposit on July 11 here in Vancouver.
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    On the KonaEV subreddit, people said there cars will be ready by the end of the month!! That's at Victoria BC
    Hope will get it soon here in QC
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