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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. insightman

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    Is there an update for which you'd gladly pay $4K to get in the 2020 Clarity PHEV?
  2. One member has mentioned a reliable source indicating there will be a 2020 Clarity for the US. California that is. It has also been mentioned in numerous automobile magazines.

    Honda doesn’t really make a habit of sharing information. The incentive will either be reduced or eliminated at the end of the month. No one knows what the price will be next month, but it won’t start with a $4K discount.

    If there is a 2020 it could carry a higher price tag with tariffs and trade wars and such. If you’re thinking about buying one, now is the time.
  3. sing

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    IMHO the 2019s will remain cheap with or without the $4k incentive, as they are one year old already.
  4. Chris_Finn

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    I am not one for posting on public forums, but as a thank you to all those on the board who posted ahead of me and allowed me to get a good deal on the car I thought I would post my purchase price on a new 2019 Clarity Touring. Two dealers quoted me 31.5K + Tax, title, plates, and registration.

    This was one of the last 4 cars within 150 miles of here. One sold before I could get, so I pounced on the last one in my state. I worry there were still other cars I did not look at, and I will have buyers remorse, but that's always the case with me after a big purchase.
  5. ab13

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    From Costco info, 4K incentive till 1/2/2020
  6. Billi

    Billi New Member confirms that same date.

    My Clarity BEV's lease expires on Sept 2020, but I wonder if Honda will still be selling the car then...

    $4000(Honda Rebate)+$7500(Federal Rebate)+$1500(CA rebate)+$1000(Utility Rebate)=$14000

    Top of the line Clarity is essentially the same price as Accords or Insights and those cars don't come with carpool stickers!

    It's amazing that there are so many Clarity PHEVs sitting on the lot rotting away even in California!

    Without the tax credits or rebates, sure, I'll buy a Model 3 or something after my lease is up, but considering the huge savings and advantages that could potentially be realized, I really don't understand how can more Californians not figure this out even if Honda is purposely not advertising it.

    Maybe the car is just too ugly. :p But I love it.
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    Bought 2019 Clarity Touring in Orange county, CA including everything tax/license, dealer added options/accessories for OTD 33,700 before any rebates., did i get a good deal...
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    Hi TJ999, could you share the sale person contact? I am interesting to buy a Clarity base in Orange County too
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  9. ab13

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    Just purchased a 2018 Silver Touring with 14K miles on it for $23,700. Have owned 3 Priuses and coming just now off a Fusion Energi...this car is significantly better than any of them. Quieter (by a lot) than a Prius, more power than the Ford, much better mileage than both despite my long high speed highway commute.
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  11. I paid $30,900 (not OTD) for a Touring. The dealer installed Splash Guards, Door Edge Protection Strips, and Wheel locks. They also wanted to charge me for window protection which I declined. It was like $550. The splash guards, door protection, and wheel locks all were cheap and had some worth. $33,900 Out The Door. I paid 33,200 as I traded in an old beat up Civic for $700. In 1800 miles I have put in 6.6 gallons of gas and my tank is currently full. I just measured my EV range, and I got 56 miles exactly until the gas motor kicked on. 59 EV miles were projected on the GOM
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  12. MartinF

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  13. Last week of November bought a 2019 Base model.

    Sale price of $27,689.50
    Out the door price of $28,544.44 after taxes, document fee, tire fee and $1,700 of NYS incentive. Looking forward to my $7,500 federal rebate.

    Long Island New York.
  14. ronrob

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    That's an excellent price, IMO. Good job on the end of year savings.
  15. Bend

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    Bought a new 2019 Base in Oregon yesterday at $29,400 (including $930 destination fee). OTD about $29,900. The dealer (Honda of Salem) says they don’t have enough inventory in OR to match the lower prices in CA. They did say they will get 2020 Clarity when it comes out.
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  16. ab13

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    Just a reminder, I believe UC system employees still have purchasing incentives, $500 for Clarity PHEV (Insight and Accord hybrid too).

    Also, this program is for those with lower household income, you can even scrap your old "junker" for more credits on new or used vehicles. The Clarity would seem like a good choice given its selling cost (new or used) and electric range. It's available in the main metro areas, they are adding San Diego next year.
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    It's a very obscure incentive!

    When I found the $500 AHM incentive in 2019, I found that not only UC employees, but any public educational organization, state/county/local employee were eligible as well.
    Had to call AHM until I spoke to the correct person that handles this marketing ad.
    I am a state of CA school district employee and got the $500 incentive applied at the time of sale.

    BTW - Almost all the dealers had no idea about this incentive - some said they have never heard it and wanted me to pay $500 on my credit card as a deposit just in case the dealer did not get reimbursed...
    My dealer was a volume Honda dealer and knew about it as they have honored it on a handful of occasions.....
  18. Nguyen Nguyen

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    I've purchased a new Clarity 2019 base model last week. Is there a form I can fill out to receive the $500 AHM incentive? I'm a State employee.
  19. 4sallypat

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    I am not sure you can get a retroactive discount / credit from the dealer.
    The deal may have to be unwound by the dealer.
    A new deal and new signature would be needed to incorporate the $500 AHM discount.
    You should call
    Annabel Cook, American Honda, 714-296-8811

    This is the flyer:

    Discounts (* Honda Incentive –Limited Time & Quantity–HP- T16A - Show Your Employee ID)

    $500* plus additional eligibility up to $10,000 ($7,500 Fed. tax credit and $1500 state CVRP & utility rebates)
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