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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Feb 16, 2018.

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    I bought a base 2019 clarity a couple of weeks ago for about $27200 plus taxes and fees in Pasadena, CA. Everything went smoothly at the dealership, and the whole process was pretty painless. The only thing I'm annoyed about is that they tacked on some sort of door protection tape as a 'dealer installed accessory' for $400 - They refused to take it off the price. I looked online and they sell for about $20... I feel it was a good price overall though, especially considering all the rebates and tax incentives...
  2. You are correct about people not being aware of the vehicle. We went in to look at the Accord. While in the showroom I noticed a cardboard sign that showed the $7500 federal tax credit for the Clarity. The sign was actually facing away from the entry door, so it would not be noticed until you left the showroom. Honda marketing strategy?

    Honda must advertise, but I’ve never seen a billboard, magazine ad, TV ad, or (heard) a radio ad for one. And I still spend a fair amount of time in So Cal where every third billboard is for a Prius or Mirai.

    After I asked about the car, the dealer informed me of the secret $5K Honda incentive. The car we drove was in a remote lot, as were the other 2 they had in stock. So a buyer wouldn’t even have the opportunity to stumble upon one. It’s almost like they don’t want to sell them.
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    Just bought a 2019 Touring. Looked at Costco but in Sacramento, CA area there were no dealers that dealt with this car. Wife really wanted the Green with Touring trim, so less room to haggle given specific requirements, but paid 34K, which was about 37.5 OTD with all the taxes, fees, etc. Arranged ahead of time and spent less than 30 minutes in dealership, which for me is worth paying a bit more. Inventory search seemed to indicate the Green color in Touring trim was hard to find. Overall, given Fed rebate, I had no problem paying this amount. We don't qualify for CA rebate because it has an income phase-out, unfortunately (which was not the case a few years ago when my wife bought a Fiat 500e). Already have a level 2 in garage, large PV system for house, etc, so no-brainer for some sort of electrification. Drive 400 miles to Los Angeles and spots in Oregon a lot, so we're not quite ready for primary transport to be EV. The Honda replaces my 2010 Prius and the Honda is light-years ahead in terms of noise, comfort, etc. Looked at Volt's too, but too small inside and the Honda is just a really nice car for us. New Prius probably a fine car overall, but what an eyesore and lack of EV range a no-go for us.
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    The door edge film is about $42 installed at dealer, $30 if do-it-yourself. Did your car come with the wheel lock nuts? I was surprised after I drove the car home and found the little bag with the wheel lock keys in the glove box. But I am not sure if they left me the wrench...
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    do you know the sales person and location? are 27200 with taces and fees that seems to good to be true.
  6. __jl

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    I'll have to double check, but I don't think that they did. Still a bit bummed about the 10x markup on the film, but I can't complain too much since the price was pretty good!
    The 27200 was without taxes and fees - I paid just under 31k out the door...
  7. 2002

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    That is certainly an excellent price, it sounds like you got the $5,000 incentive (or 4K if you purchased September 4th or later) plus another $2,000 dealer discount. Not sure if you are saying the 27,200 includes the 400 door guard but if so the breakdown looks something like this:

    2019 Base
    Pasadena, CA
    MSRP 34,320
    Dealer price 27,200
    Documentation fee 85
    DealerTrack 30
    Total dealer price 27,315
    Discount 7,005

    Documentation fee is bogus but all dealers nationwide charge it, sometimes it's called processing fee or service fee. Fortunately it is capped in California at $85 so I assume they charged the maximum amount. The entire $85 goes to the dealer, it is what they charge you for sending the registration info to DMV. Which is hardly any work for them anymore because of -

    Dealertrack, which is a third party company licensed to handle the transfer of registration info electronically instead of via mail like the old days. Dealers pay the Dealertrack company a transaction fee of $30 for the convenience of using the system, and even better for them they make you pay their fee, which most people don't realize since like documentation fee it's hidden among the legitimate taxes and fees. So I assume you have this $30 fee in there.

    So yes take all of this for what it is and look at the total discount and I would say that price would be very hard to beat.
  8. KentuckyKen

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    FYI: No wrench included, just the puzzle lock key. Along with no spare tire or jack.
  9. Sasi

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    Can you please share the dealership/salesman details. Thanks in advance !!!
  10. spammusubi

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    Was able to purchase a base for $27.4 this weekend in SoCal.

    Started with Costco which sent me to Ocean Honda in Hollywood. They quoted me $26.4 and I was excited! Read some reviews of after market required dealer add ons and... not so excited. Used this quote with the dealer I purchased with and they said $1k above Ocean.
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  11. sing

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    What add-ons did Ocean Honda ask customers to buy?
  12. spammusubi

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    Honestly, I never went in so I don't really know. After reading the reviews I sent an email to the salesperson that I got the quote from to ask about the reviews and they never responded. So at that point, I went looking to get the best price I could from another dealer. You can see the reviews on yelp.
  13. sing

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    Thanks for the tips. It's nice car. So driving it in HV mode for 300 miles right off the lot is fine? Did you try to break in?
  14. spammusubi

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    Sorry, not following. I live in SoCal about 20 miles away from the dealer. I am interested in though, any info that speaks to having to break in the Clarity.
  15. __jl

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    I feel like I dodged a bullet there! I was originally going to buy from them as they gave me a very low TrueCar quote (26.8k). Fortunately I went to Honda of Pasadena instead and they were willing to almost match it. This was my first time buying a car and a friend I brought along said this was the most painless experience at a dealer he'd seen...
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  16. sing

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    Sorry I thought you came down from NorCa :) The manual should mention how to break in the car or google it up, usually don't push too hard on the rpm and vary the speed for the first 600 miles.
  17. DucRider

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    Modern engines usually don't come with this caveat, and in any case no real way to control engine speed with the Clarity (it is disconcerting to some when the gas pedal doesn't cause a direct change - either by depressing or releasing it).
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  18. spammusubi

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    I hear you. I feel the same way. The big thing was the lack of communication from the dealer once I asked about their reviews.
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    Yesterday. Bought a new leftover 2018 with 41 miles on the clock. $30271 out the door. Base model with a few dealer add-ons (window tint, wheel locks, the rubber Honda floormats (other matts in the trunk), nitrogen filled tires (ugh... I know), couple other things that I don't remember).

    They have one more in stock. Offering $8000 off sticker. It's a touring model if anyone is interested. In South Carolina. No, I don't work for them, and I'm not a salesman.
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  20. sing

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    2018? It's sitting in the lot for 1+ year?

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