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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. RV-CAR

    RV-CAR New Member

    Got an excellent deal on a 2018 base model from Manly Honda, Santa Rosa, CA. $31,000/- before TTL. Very pleasant to work with. Did better than all the local bay area dealers. They did say that they can only do this price as long as they have the 2018 models with them.
    Ask for Javier Anguiano or Alex Iniguez.
  2. 4sallypat

    4sallypat Active Member

    Are you looking at the 2019 Touring trim ?
  3. klaud

    klaud New Member

    2018 Touring. I don't think 2019 is out yet. The dealer told me that they are still in production.
  4. 4sallypat

    4sallypat Active Member

    2109 Clarity is already out this month - Canada got them last month - now we have them in California.

    If you are looking at the 2018, and you are NOT a ZEV state, you won't get a great deal like the northeast or pacific northwest states.
    I believe WI is not a ZEV state (you need to check) if so you can expect around $3,500 off sticker plus TTL.
    Current Honda incentive is $1000 plus your dealer discount around $2000-$2500.

    You will need to wait to apply the $7500 federal credit next year (2020) so that might be the painful wait time...
  5. klaud

    klaud New Member

    Thanks! That's very helpful! $3500 off sticker sounds about what I got here.
  6. Richard Kelly

    Richard Kelly Member

    just paid $33,999 in nearby Mn. had an offer for $32,300 for a base model, but opted for the upgrade, mainly for resale value.
  7. MathemAddicts

    MathemAddicts New Member

    Which dealer in San Diego did you go to?
  8. BeeBee

    BeeBee New Member

    I got a 2018 Touring in December, got about $4,500 off sticker price. We have a Drive Green incentive program here that has some dealers committing to giving discounts. My dealer hadn't, but I got them to match the discount from another dealer further away that is in the program. Then I got our state $2.5K rebate, along with the $7.5k federal.
  9. mmac

    mmac New Member

    Penske Honda at Chula Vista..Leo Mendoza is the sales rep. I got quotes from East LA ..West Covina Honda & then asked for similar one . The free stuff was installed with the car, so you may or may not get it.
    Good Luck.
  10. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    Where are you?
  11. AlAl

    AlAl Active Member

    Guessing MA. Curious of the dealership, though
  12. ClarityBright

    ClarityBright New Member

    Did you buy your car? I'm in the same PA region too. If so, Price paid, dealer info please.
  13. ClarityBright

    ClarityBright New Member

    Which dealer you ended up buying from?
  14. montelatici

    montelatici New Member

    I leased the Touring model (solar silver) using the incentives of $7,800 direct incentive and $3,000 dealer incentive (which the dealer transferred to me). I paid $22,347.47 plus Maryland excise tax (6%) and title/registration costs and dealer processing which brought the capitalized cost to $25,437. No down payment except the first of 36 lease payments of $298.53. Residual value was set at $14,996 should I decide to buy the car after 3 years. Mileage allowance is 12K miles a year.
    Note: I suspect electric vehicle technology advances will make electric cars we buy today obsolete in 3 years.
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  15. oddhack

    oddhack Member

    $31,110 + taxes/fees for a 2018 Base in the SF Bay Area a couple of days ago. They threw in free wheel locks, woohoo.
  16. Sasi

    Sasi New Member

    Do you mind sharing the Dealer name and sales person name. Did you have to finance with Honda?
  17. maguzma

    maguzma New Member

    That is a killer deal on Touring Clarity. When I got mine in JAN19 there where no such deals. Although my residual is the same my monthly is not. I wonder where the dealer got extra 3-4K off. There are not selling that low in SOCAL.
  18. maguzma

    maguzma New Member

    Are you asking me or montelatici?
  19. Sasi

    Sasi New Member

    I was asking Oddhack. I'm in the SF Bay area
  20. oddhack

    oddhack Member

    Sent by PM.

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