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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. sassnak

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    Sure, I got mine from Bellevue Honda but it was their last base model. They beat South Tacoma Honda by just $100 though, and Tacoma had a few left. If you get a quote from them you can probably get other dealers in the area to match or beat it. I got the quote by emailing and asking for their best out the door price.

    ETA: the quote from South Tacoma came from Reggie who is their Internet Sales Manager
  2. ab13

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  3. sandman

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    Base model paid $30,768 OTD no sales tax purchased before tax incentive expired in May Seattle area, Sumner. Trying to purchase another one for the same price but not having any luck.
  4. Addy731

    Addy731 New Member

    Just leased the 2018 base model in Northern California in case anyone is interested.
    **MSRP: $34295
    **Selling Price: $24258 including $7,600 incentive
    **Monthly: $330
    **Cash Due at Signing: $1000
    **Months: 36
    **Annual Mileage: 12,000
    **MF: .00021
    **Residual: $14,060.95 (41%)
  5. MGT

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    We tried to convince our Honda sales consultant to allow us to re-do the leasing agreement to take into account the
    additional $500 UC employee rebate, which remains in effect until April 1, but no:

    "You were given the federal rebate of $7,600 off the price of the car, before calculating the lease payment.

    We discounted the car far more than the rebate as well.

    Hope this helps."
  6. AhmadPDX

    AhmadPDX New Member

    Where did this happen?
  7. JCA

    JCA Active Member

    I'm comparing lease vs purchase numbers in my own spreadsheet -- is that cash at signing inclusive of tax, license, doc fees, etc? If so do you have the amount that was specifically for cap cost reduction (if you have the actual capitalized cost number that would be great)? Same for monthly payment -- does that include or exclude sales tax?

    I'm in NorCal also; would you mind sharing the dealer (by PM if you prefer)?
  8. JulianClarity

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    Lease is better if you don't drive over 15K per year, because the new cars three years later will definitely be much better than these cars on the market now.
  9. JB510

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    Was the 1000 inclusive of all fees? Which dealer?
  10. dfmb

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    I just paid $32,256 + TTL for a Clarity Base with no options. Cash deal in Colorado.
  11. squire212

    squire212 New Member

    I'm having an extremely hard time finding a good price for the Clarity Base & Touring in the PA/NJ area. All the dealers I reached out to are quoting me MSRP or only $1,000 below. And they all seem to have an attitude when I asked if they can go any lower... If anyone have any tips for any dealers in these states, would appreciate a referral. Thanks!
  12. Jason90405

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    I just found out the UC Discount too when I got my 3 year lease last week. I will find out if the dealer can re-do the leasing agreement
  13. NaughtyNeutron

    NaughtyNeutron New Member

    Which part of PA are you? I too found dealers around Langhorne, Trenton, Princeton wont budge below MSRP and finally got my base for around $30550 from a dealer 2 hours away from me. Had to do it quick since wanted to use the tax credit in Dec 2018
  14. squire212

    squire212 New Member

    I'm in Philadelphia area. Wow, so you had to go 2 hours out? Any recommendation?
  15. 4sallypat

    4sallypat Active Member

    This is good news - extended till April!
    I took advantage of the not too well known incentive in December.
    American Honda Motors was running this very obscure $500 incentive for state and County employees.

    Had to actually tell the dealers about the (HP-Q31A) incentive because they had no idea.
    At the time I went to F&I, the sales managers had to contact the AHM rep to confirm the incentive was real.
    The dealer was told that I had to produce a state ID and pay stub which I had on hand.
    Because of this obscure incentive, I was able to drop the lease from $300 to $282 per month before monthly tax because of the extra $500.

    I think I got a great deal considering the Honda incentive ($7600) and dealer discount ($2500) plus the $500 really kicked down the cap cost!
  16. maguzma

    maguzma New Member

    I live in San Diego and I found three dealerships that will let a base go for $353 or $350 with zero down and zero at signing including first month free.
    For the touring add a bit more. I got my touring at Pacific Honda only because of the colors they had in stock. But Lemon Grove and Mossy both had better deals but not the same selection. Those prices are only for 2018's. Anybody interested I can provide salesmen names and personal numbers.
  17. Jason90405

    Jason90405 New Member

    I got mine last week for $12,000 with all the tax and fees included though I have to pay extra $702 for the Wear and Tear coverage.
  18. mmac

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    I paid 33731 + tax + other reg etc fee = 36907 drive out for 2018 Touring in San Diego with Splash Guards,door edge & truck tray for free.(Must use Honda Finance 0.9 % APR)
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  19. Clarityyoga

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    Paid about $3,000 off MSRP at Breakaway Honda in Greenville SC. It was the best price around. I called dealerships all around in SC and NC. mostly they would do +/- $1K off, but Breakway is more volume oriented.
  20. klaud

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    Did you end up getting one? How much did you pay? I am living in Wisconsin too.

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