Ontario owners: how long does it take to receive the government rebate?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by bigbug, May 24, 2018.

  1. Omgswify

    Omgswify Member

    I was panicking since I haven’t heard anything back except the confirmation email they send you when you first submit the application. I guess The waiting game continues.
  2. Jeff Christofferson

    Jeff Christofferson New Member

    I submitted my forms on June 6th and still nothing. Is there anyone else out there who has submitted around or after that time who has their rebates? I am on my 8th month now and getting nervous.
  3. George Theo

    George Theo New Member

    I submitted June 5th. Still nothing
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  4. Jeff Christofferson

    Jeff Christofferson New Member

    Thank you George. That eases my mind a bit. Since you're 1 day ahead of me, you're probably going to receive your rebate one day before me. Can you let me know when you receive it? I would be very grateful!
  5. George Theo

    George Theo New Member

    Sure. No problem ​
  6. George Theo

    George Theo New Member

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  7. rickyrsx

    rickyrsx Member

  8. George Theo

    George Theo New Member

  9. George Theo

    George Theo New Member

    Yup. January 11
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  10. rickyrsx

    rickyrsx Member

    I guess I have another month to go then. I submitted mine on July 4.

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  11. Jeff Christofferson

    Jeff Christofferson New Member

    Hard to understand how sending a cheque through snail mail is to "accelerate payment processing".
  12. George Theo

    George Theo New Member

    Dumb, I know. I'm just glad its sent
  13. V8Power

    V8Power Active Member

    I reached out to our MPP about this, she looked into it, and received this response:
    "Here is an update from the Ministry of Transportation regarding the issue:

    We are aware that there is currently a large backlog of rebate applications under the Electric and Hydrogen Vehicle Incentive Program (EHVIP) that have yet to be processed.

    To address this, we will be taking the following key actions:
    1) Consolidating the processing of all applications within the Ministry of Transportation (MTO).
    · MTO is also undertaking a process review to identify any further efficiencies.​
    2) We will be hiring additional temporary resources to facilitate the processing of backlogged applications.
    3) In order to support the timely processing of all applications, we are also developing a ‘How To’ guide to provide clear information to individuals filling out the application form so that applications submitted are complete.
    · This guide will become available in December 2018 on the Ministry’s EHVIP website.
    · Submitting complete applications reduces the number of follow ups required with the applicant, which therefore reduces overall application processing times.​

    MTO’s goal is to complete processing of all received applications by Spring 2019.

    Thank you for contacting me with your concerns. Please let me know if you need any more assistance.

    MPP Daisy Wai
    Legislative Assembly of Ontario"
  14. Candice

    Candice Active Member

    ACH or EFT typically has to go through a "prenote" process where the sending bank electronically sends your identifying info to the receiving bank to make sure the info is correct. Once the electronic info is compare and approved, a confirmation is sent back. If everything matches, the link is set up. Then the money can be sent. If it doesn't match, it is rejected. This process is longer for the government, shorter for you.

    Instead they cut a cheque and get it off their desk. Shorter for them, longer for you.
  15. torben

    torben New Member

    After about 15 attempts (email and phonecalls) I finally received a response regarding my application that was submitted in June - they said:

    "My apologies for the delay. Your application has been processed but is currently hold as the registration is cut off. Could you please resubmit this information to the Ministry as soon as possible? Once we receive the information we can continue the process. Once an application is approved, payments generally take 10-15 business days to be processed."

    Needless to say, this is completely illogical - I don't understand what they processed if they don't have my application, and why they'd need me to submit it again if they do have it. Regardless, I sent the information to them again. Starting to think that I won't get the rebate - seems to be being managed by entirely incompetent people.
  16. Hobbesgsr

    Hobbesgsr Active Member

    My Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive $1,000 cheque arrived today and only 7 months after I submitted on June 20, 2018.

    The funny part is that it on the Ontario letterhead they wrote: "Supporting our vision of one in
    twenty vehicles being electric by 2020". LOL.
    I doubt this message was approved by Doug Ford.

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  17. V8Power

    V8Power Active Member

    Need strong prescription glasses to see that vision now! Telescope maybe even? The dEVolution is happening with Metrolinx removing GO station chargers!

    Next up: gas guzzler HOV lanes and EV owner / user levies!

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  18. Jeff Christofferson

    Jeff Christofferson New Member

    I just received this same email! Have you received your cheque yet?
  19. Jeff Christofferson

    Jeff Christofferson New Member

    I submitted mine on June 6th and still nothing.
  20. JohnT

    JohnT Member

    submitted 23 June received cheque today.

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