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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by vicw, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. Is anyone able to force a data update by relocating their car? The time that my car was located doesn’t change when I press the locate button and the time that the charge status was updated last doesn’t change either.

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  2. RickSE

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    I was able to do that from my iPhone yesterday. There is a time delay of a couple of minutes so I initially didn’t think it was working.

    I did notice that when my phone is plugged into the car that the app does not show exactly the status of the car. For example, my mileage was off by 2 miles and the battery status was Slightly off as well. It seems like the updates only get pushed to the app via the HondaLink server rather than using CarPlay.
  3. Bina12834

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    I exclusively use the PlugShare app. I think I only used the HondaLink app to find chargers once before I discovered PlugShare.
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  4. Clarity_Newbie

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    App works for me. Interface is fine and the lack of a number for charging percent makes no never mind as the bar works just as well. I actually use the 20% break points on the mileage bar for a close approximation on percent charge since it is just below.

    I guess as long as the info is relevant and the dang thing works that is what counts. Always hard to figure why things work fine on one device for one person while doesn't on another for someone else.
  5. rodeknyt

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    They kept one thing the same in the new app. It still doesn't consistently update the odometer reading.
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  6. vicw

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    The problem I experienced previously, of the app keeping Location/GPS endlessly active on my phone has returned. I think I'm giving up using the app for finding the car, or using any location related or mapping functions for now. I disabled the Location Permission. We'll see if the app behaves any better than it has so far.
  7. JohnT

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    I have a different problem... the new app on Android has gone from kilometers to miles.. anyone know how to change it ? thanks
  8. ClarityKu

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    My droid phone automatically updated to new HondalLink app. The Honda icon stucked in my phone screen for two days, and this morning just working fined. Just had it fully charged. Screenshot_20190327-200030_HondaLink.jpeg

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  9. Anyone else not getting accurate HV range?

    I just updated. Not sure how much gas is in the car, but it’s not full. If it was, as indicated, I’d think the HV range would be a lot more than 172 miles (7 x 40mpg = 280 miles).



    Also, I recently got my first free oil change at me dealer. They apparently reset something, since the car’s maintenance warning went away. But the app still shows A01 as due. Don’t know if it’s related, but I did not have them rotate the tires - I’ll do that myself at 10k.
  10. ClarityBill

    ClarityBill Active Member

    My HV range bar is also messed up. My gas is almost full, and range shows 249 miles (accurate), but shows less than 2/5 bars. My error is going the opposite direction from yours. Minor issue, but disappointing.
  11. To update my prior post, the car is indicating just over 1/2 full of gas. So the range is about right, but the full bar is wrong.
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  12. Might be a coincidence, but my HV bar graph glitch was apparently fixed when I just did a “Find My Car” followed by “Update Location”.

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    Mine works fine. I didn’t do anything to update, iOS pushed it out when I was looking the other way. ;-). Seriously, I think this update is a major improvement overall. Does it have all the bells and whistles I would want? No. Does it allow me to set charging time and cabin conditioning remotely easily? Yes. I am much happier with the app than I was last week under the old one.
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  14. Would probably be nice if they rolled out a guide to how to use the app. The list of subscriptions for my Clarity is quite long, but they all show on the app and seem to be working.
  15. dnb

    dnb Active Member

    You also gained 1000 miles on the Odometer :O
  16. Yvar

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    KentuckyKen You rock!. Went back to the version before March 25th, Installed, disabled automatic updates, now I am good to go! Charge percentage back (which I have been tracking on a spreadsheet at the beginning of each new charge), thank-you! Also learned from another post, percentages update at 25,40,55,70 & 85. So I view the percentage before charging, eg, 51%, then it updates at each of those intervals until notification of full charge.
  17. Edward Dries

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    Wish that would have worked for me, but I got no luv from it. Even tried Uninstalling the app and starting over. Before updating it worked fine. I'm on a android device. As you can see I am missing HV bar and Odometer isn't updating
  18. As an aside, I was browsing screens last night and came across this:


    It suggests that “Find My Car” can be used to honk the horn and flash the lights, but I don’t see a way to activate either of those functions on that screen.
  19. Mowcowbell

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    Yeah, I don't see a way to do that from the app, either. Maybe they're planning ahead for features on the next update?
  20. Savido

    Savido New Member

    The mileage indicator on my Hondalink remains at 54 miles; the mileage on the car at the time of purchase. Anyone have ideas for how to fix this?

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