Equivalent $/kwh to $/gal for Clarity?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Kathy, Aug 1, 2018.

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    Ah.... Thx for the info. I thought it was weird when I read the PG&E's document saying the average rate is $0.03 for net surplus
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    There have been some great points in this thread regarding additional costs for electricity, as well as the efficiency of L2 chargers - thank you all for your input!

    I've revised my calculations to factor in the following:
    - Electrical transmission fee of $0.0121/kWh.
    - "Variable and other charges" fee ( :rolleyes: ) of $0.0093/kWh
    - Regulatory fee of $0.0039/kWh
    - A provincial rebate of 8%.
    - As I am calculating the amount of electricity used based on what the L2 charger reports, I'll ignore any electrical efficiency penalties.
    - Other charges on my electric bill are being ignored, as they are fixed and I pay them regardless of consumption.

    So with that in mind, the math is something like:
    - ChargePoint Home charger reports 82.573 kWh have been used for charging so far.
    - (82.573 kWh) * (($0.065 + $0.0121 + $0.0093 + $0.0039) / kWh) =~ $7.46
    - Subtract provincial rebate: $7.46 - ($7.46 * 0.08) =~ $6.86 spent so far
    - ($6.86 / 501km) * 100 =~ $1.37 per 100km.

    So, maybe not as big of a miracle as I originally calculated, but I can still live with this number!
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    For us metrically challenged Yanks, that works out to less than $0.02US/mile, which in my opinion is definitely a miracle, especially considering your high price for gas.
    (if I got my math and exchange rates right)
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    I believe you are completely correct. :)
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