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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Hobbesgsr, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. Eddgie

    Eddgie Active Member

    The camera in the windshield is used for the lane keeping assistant and if the windshield gets muck on it that covers the camera, you will get lots of errors when using that function.

    The radar should penetrate a thin amount of ice, but if there are other material in the ice, perhaps it would attenuate the signal.

    Plastic-dip paint though is a PVC based formula and should be completely transparent to radar waves. Look at it this way... The radar sits behind a piece of plastic (the medallion) and it is not affected by that. On planes with radar, the radar sits behind plastic and it is not affected by that.

    And if I put it on and it should somehow cause issues with the ACC, I can peel it off.
  2. MPower

    MPower Well-Known Member

    Your conjecture is correct. There is plenty of other material in the road slop: salt or other melt chemical, sand, road dirt, and snow.
  3. Eddgie

    Eddgie Active Member

    Well, I do think I will either plasit-dip or wrap the bumper, and based on the pictures above, I may re-assess the the plasti-dip on the medallion, but I really do think it is to conspicuous and would delete it if it were at all possible.
  4. Kevin Kim

    Kevin Kim New Member

    Hmm...I'll play around with photo editor to see how this looks.

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  5. Kevin Kim

    Kevin Kim New Member

    Hey there, sorry for the late response.
    I had it done by a guy who works for a shop but does his own work on the side. One of my buddies knows him and referred me.
    He came to where I was located (Orange) to do the work. He does mobile work so, he'll come to you. I think he goes all over SoCal.

    PM me and I can give you his contact info if interested.

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  6. Eddgie

    Eddgie Active Member

    I took mine off yesterday. I think it looks a lot cleaner. I will get a picture if I think about it. I intend to take off the EV badges but don't know if I will take off the Clarity. I always liked the Clarity name.
  7. Eddgie

    Eddgie Active Member

    Clarity Honda Emblem Delete.jpg

    Pic of the rear Honda emblem deleted. I think it looks a lot better. I am not really a major Honda fan boy.. I wish the one on the front bumper was not so garish.
  8. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    I AM really a major Honda fan boy and I, too, wish the one on the front bumper was not so garish. I know it's so large to make the radar work better, but the new Insight is able to use a more properly proportional (removable?) front logo because the radar "dish" is in the grille.
  9. Eddgie

    Eddgie Active Member

    Thank you for that. I thought maybe it was just me. LOL
  10. MPower

    MPower Well-Known Member

    I kinda like the big H, but the I did not realize that there was such a thing as wheel aesthetics, spats issues, etc. I just thought cars were a mode of transportation. Boy, have I learned a lot on this forum. Who knew!
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  11. Eddgie

    Eddgie Active Member

    Of course aesthetics play a role in a cars appeal. Otherwise, all cars could look exactly alike and these days I struggle to tell a Hundai from a BMW.

    A short story.. I think a lot of BMW drivers are quite arrogant and worse than that, overly aggressive. One day I saw a BMW driver doing bad behavior and as it happened, we were both going to the same parking garage.

    As the BMW driver was exiting his vehicle I walked up to his car an seemed to give it an admiring look, and I said to the owner, "Wow, these Hundais are really getting good looking! I walked away before he could say a word and did all I could to keep from laughing.
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  12. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    These are my favorite photos illustrating poetic justice. Clearly, hardworking firefighters are taught that BMW stands for "Break My Windows." No Clarity driver would ever think to park in front of a fire hydrant.


    And, to pretend to get back on topic, I am one who thinks all cars look good with a black grill.
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  13. Eddgie

    Eddgie Active Member

    Ha ha ha, funny pic!

    Yeah, I have to say that I like the black grill. After-debadging the trunk lid, I am really motivated to do the chrome on the front with Plastidip. It really does look good on his car.

    I am still mulling the deletion of the EV badges. There are some parking bays in the city for high efficiency cars and since most people have no clue as to what a Clarity is, it is probably a good idea to leave them because the Clarity otherwise does not look like a high efficiency vehicle.
  14. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    Do the city rules require the car to somehow display it's efficient identity? "Your honor, I realize there are no logos or nameplates on my car that would help the excellent meter-person to identify it as a high-efficiency vehicle, but it does have two fuel-filler doors..."

    You can remove the EV badges and maintain EV parking-space identity with a vanity license plate (and a vanity license-plate frame). Here's the concoction I came up with for our Clarity PHEV:


    My Insight's plate reads IGOECO.
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  15. Went a little crazy this weekend with the PlastiDip, and I think it came out rather good. I did the Honda badge and chrome strip in black, and the lower trim in silver. Both with Glossifier over top. Not bad eh?

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  16. Mowcowbell

    Mowcowbell Active Member

    Dude, that looks awesome! Great work!
  17. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    Does PlastiDip come off pretty easily? I debadged the three Plug-In Hybrid emblems, I have them stored away and will reapply them when it comes time to sell the vehicle. I might PlastiDip the back Honda emblem but only if I can remove it later and it will look original.

    By the way, refreshing in a way that you show your license plate and didn't blur it like most people. I haven't figured out why people do that, I mean I can walk out into the Target parking lot and see hundreds of license plates, I don't see how posting a photo of it leads to criminals doing something with that information, unless there is something I haven't thought of that I should be worrying about.
  18. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    Years ago I had a beat-up Toyota with a license plate, Toyato. I got a few parking tickets where the ticket-writer wrote down my car as a Toyota and my license plate as Toyota instead of Toyato. I threw those away.

    So I was thinking that some evil Clarity owner could blow up the photo of your license plate and get you charged for a bunch of bogus parking tickets (assuming the ticket-writing officer didn't look at the plate closely). Maybe someone more devious than me knows of other ways that publishing your license plate can put you in jeopardy.
  19. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    Not quite sure I follow. They blow up the photo of the license plate then print it and tape it over their real license plate?
  20. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it's a stretch, but I just couldn't come up with any other way some miscreant could use a photo of your license plate for evil purposes.

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