Why no ProPilot Park in the 2019 Leaf

Discussion in 'LEAF' started by A New Leaf, Jan 25, 2020.

  1. A New Leaf

    A New Leaf New Member

    I noticed that the 2018 Leaf has ProPilot Park assist out side of US/Canada! Does anyone have any info on why and if this will come to US/Canada. If so, can it be added via a software upgrade!
  2. Kenneth Bokor

    Kenneth Bokor Active Member

    Hi, I asked this from my Nissan Canada folks and they told me for N.A, that feature was not that much wanted so why charge for it when it's unpopular. I really don't believe that and would love to have had it. The only caveat I guess is that it does work but slow, and for us North American drivers, we may not have had the patience for it!
  3. A New Leaf

    A New Leaf New Member

    Right, according to the youtube videos of the self parking capability of the Leaf in Europe, it does look slow. Although, I would still love to have it. The 2019 Leaf's 360 degree camera does help with parking, though.

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