Who has the highest ratio?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Geor99, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. insightman

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    Since early November, 2017, we've driven a paltry 8K miles. Assuming 42 mpg for my calculations, we're at 75% EV miles. I expected our EV percentage would be greater--now I'm bummed out. I wanted to be more like my idol, @KentuckyKen.
  2. Clarity Dave

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    We're at 50% EV. That percentage was considerably higher before our recent 6,500 mile road trip.
  3. Walt R

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    After just more than one year, I am hovering around 25% on gasoline. That's about 90% EV normally, and the rest from trips.

    I don't mind, as having the convenience of gas on longer trips was the advantage of getting a PHEV.
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  4. Geor99

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    6500 mile road trip? Did you to the bottom tip of Chile and back?
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  5. mhb

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    ~11 months ownership, 12,285 miles, just under 15 gallons added (started full, most recently filled it last week). Assuming 45mi/gal, I'm about 94.5% electric and 5.5% gas.

    The Clarity replaced a 12 yr old Honda Civic as a commuter car. Since my work has charging stations, I was planning to get a Prius like several coworkers. Ended up with the Clarity and love the big upgrade in comfort and features compared with the Civic. Compared with the Prius, it is much more comfortable to drive and very rarely needs gas for my commute, even during the colder months. Overnight family trips are in my wife's SUV, so that keeps the gas use low too. Most months, I schedule a day to use the ICE, which probably accounts for a third of my gas miles.

    In retrospect, my needs would have been well met with a full BEV, but you couldn't have convinced me before having the PHEV.
  6. Clarity Dave

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