What to do if dealer misses to apply for CT CHEAPR rebate?

Discussion in 'Hyundai/Kia' started by puneetkm, Oct 20, 2019.

  1. puneetkm

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    Hello guys,

    A bit new to this forum. Looking for some suggestions as I am in a bit of weird situation.

    I bought a Hyundai Ioniq Plugin Hybrid end of Aug. At the time of purchase, the salesman told me that both the Federal and CT rebate can be claimed during tax filing at the end of the year. I took their word for it and didn't enquire any further.

    Recently one of my friends bought a Tesla and explained the process and that rang a bell. When I then enquired with the CHEAPR plan administrator and with the dealer, I found that they didn't apply for the rebate at all. The dealer now (obviously in a different tone) blames me for this and says it's my responsibility to apply for it. The CHEAPR plan administrator says it's the dealers responsibility to apply since the Customer cannot apply directly.

    Any idea what I can do now? Will a legal avenue be the best? And do I have a strong enough case?
  2. jeff10236

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    I live in MD. When I bought my Clarity in June 2018 there was the federal rebate (of course) and a state excise (sales) tax rebate. There is a form that needs filled out for the state rebate which the finance office told me they would take care of (there are sections of the form for them to fill out, and sections for me to fill out, they had me sign my section and told me they'd fill it out and file it). They didn't, I didn't get the rebate*. My understanding was that (here in MD) I had no recourse and I just lost out on the money (about $1500).

    *Even if they had filled it out and filed it as they promised, I might not have received the rebate. EVs and PHEVs are popular here in MD and every year the allocated funds for the rebate dry up well before the year is over. I bought the car in June, so it probably was cutting it close anyway. If/when I buy another EV/PHEV, if the rebate is still law, I will apply (and have the dealer fill out their section and GIVE it to ME to send in) but I'll assume I won't see a penny until/unless the check comes in.
  3. puneetkm

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    Hello, I actually got help from an unexpected resource. I found a way to raise a complaint through BBB against the dealership since due to them I lost my rebate. To my surprise BBB helped resolve the dispute and I have just received my check of 500$ from the dealership. See if that helps you. BBB.org

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