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    Reddit reports dealers to discuss pricing or ordering details on 9/16 ahead of the 9/23/2020 release for pre-order.

    At least one dealer has jumped the gun, with interesting information at the Jim Ellis Volkswagen of Chamblee, Atlanta Ga website. Be clear that all of this new information could be mere speculation, or previously unreported information from the VW in person ID.4 meeting last November.

    Most interesting is the speculation that there are four models, S, SE, SEL, and GTX 146HP, 168HP, 173HP, or 201HP rear-drive. The former two (S SE) "will draw power from a 52kWh lithium-ion battery while the latter" (SEL GTX) "will utilize a 77kWh lithium-ion battery". (This could all turn out to be wrong.)

    "We anticipate an S, SE, SEL, and GTX. They are estimated to be priced from $35K starting with the S, and then moving up in $5K increments respectively."

    Also interesting, is they speculate AWD (front motor), 12" display and HUD as optional. "The ID.4 makes a 12-inch driver information center available, right alongside an augmented reality heads-up display system that reportedly uses the entire windshield." One would think some or all of these options might be included with SEL and/or GTX?

    Jim Ellis VW also has a link "Pre-Order Your VW ID.4 Today". My guess is that simply enters your info for them, so they can later type in your "real" reservation for you on 9/23. Some postings have indicated that you must order through your local dealership, or the reservation will no be taken or canceled (who knows?). Also, what is local? Only your city, region?, state?

    My (limited) understanding is that reservations can be made at a VW dealer, or online on 9/23.

    (no first hand information, this is all from googling recent postings/pages)
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  2. briloop

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    Thank you for sharing. Interesting. I wish dealers in my city would do the same thing as this one.
  3. NeilBlanchard

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    I think the smaller battery pack (which is the medium sized one from the ID.3) is 58kWh. And that is the net usable capacity. The 77kWh is also the net usable capacity. (The ID.3 also will have a 45kWh pack, in addition to the 58 and 77.) The net capacities are a better way to compare what you get.

    Are the motor capacities per model - S is 146HP, SE is 168HP, SEL is 173HP, and GTX is 201? Or are the trim levels all available with the various motor capacities?

    I think $35K is good starting price.
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  4. ericy

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    Any guesses when cars will actually be delivered in the U.S.?

    I guess if there is a specific trim you want, you might have to wait longer.
  5. briloop

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    My guess: late 2020 or early 2021 in the U.S.
  6. sniwallof

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    Much of the speculation has been that some might arrive as early as Dec, 2020 (assuming no ID.3 like delays).

    However, several dealerships have indicated they do not expect demo units from Germany until January.

    I am hoping the reservation tool tomorrow is smart enough know what models might arrive sooner (all from Germany in the first year or so), although I think late December is nothing more than a hope.

    Early word indicated that the all wheel drive versions will be the last of the "1st" to arrive around spring, 2020, but maybe it's all rumor.
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  7. sniwallof

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    Well, a lot of that original post (fortunately labeled as caution/speculation) turned out to be wrong. The "1st" trim approach, compared to the three 1st options for the ID.3 in Europe, is very different here.

    So, now we know (day after 9/23/20), only one pretty loaded 1st option, sold out by late 9/23, and a number of "ID.4 Pro" combinations with two optional packages, "Statement & Gradient", and RWD or AWD.

    The only "ID." type option that might be missing is the heads up display that we saw on the highest level of ID.3 trim in the EU, also have not seen hud as a separate option either.
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  8. NeilBlanchard

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    We put in the $100 deposit on a blue ID.4 1st Edition!
  9. Agzand

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    Assuming dealers don't play games, the 1st Edition is a good value! You get $2k off the two packages on Pro model, plus a tow hitch and some exclusive visual accents. However if you wait long enough I am sure you can get similar deals on other models. Maybe if you wait for the US model you can get even better value.
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    We have to return our e-Golf by January, and the dealer has been fine.

    I didn't realize it comes *with* a hitch - that is icing on the cake! I was going to put one on.
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