Unrelastic Hype from Analyst on Rivian

Discussion in 'Rivian' started by interestedinEV, Feb 12, 2019.

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    Tesla's electric vehicle dominance is about to have 'serious competition,' Morgan Stanley says


    Here is a company that will not even start production till 2020, they compete in limited segments with Tesla and do not have the brand recognition. Nothing that I have seen or read seems to indicate it will be a serious competition, unless they actually get vehicles into the market, start selling in volumes. The last statement is interesting as he appears to talk to investors rather than consumers.

    Tesla (TSLA)'s domination of the electric vehicle market is "unsustainable" and will soon be disrupted by start-up Rivian, Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas said Monday.

    Jonas, whose thoughts on electric autos are widely followed on Wall Street, expects Rivian will be "the next serious competition from a 'clean sheet' start-up with access to talent & capital focused on the fastest growing segments of pickup trucks & SUVs."....."We believe companies like Rivian will take elevated importance in investors' minds as EVs become the focus of OEM investment and strategy," Jonas said.
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    It is unfortunate that all too many articles about EVs are written from the viewpoint that the EV market is a zero-sum game; that for one EV maker to win, another must lose.

    For the next several years, if not a decade or two, EVs will be competing mostly with gasmobiles, not with each other. So it's a false narrative, and an unnecessarily if not deliberately divisive one. I can understand that journalists are taught to tell a "story" rather than write a "Just the facts, Ma'am" article. Telling a narrative as a story rather than just a dry reporting of facts adds what they call "human interest".

    But I think this habit goes much too far when it generates controversy and divisiveness among EV supporters, in arguing about which EV is "better" than another. And I confess I buy into that mindset far too often myself.

    There is room in the EV market for several new EV makers, not just Tesla and Rivian. I personally feel no conflict at all in being a fan of both Rivian and Tesla, and I seriously doubt that's going to change. No doubt I'll also become a fan of other new EV startups over the next few years.

    Go Rivian!
    Go Tesla!

    See, the two don't conflict at all!
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    More committed manufacturers, more competition, more innovation. Then many will go bankrupt, fold or get bought up and few stronger ones remain. Rivian may be a real competitor to Tesla, and I do not know, but that will not happen for a while. My concern was with the way the article made it sound, that Rivian was already beating at Tesla's doors. Yes Rivian and Tesla and can co-exist but let Rivian show they can mass produce.

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