Unexpected ICE startup?

Discussion in 'Prius Prime' started by Mark Miller, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. Mark Miller

    Mark Miller New Member

    Half a dozen times this winter (Michigan) my 2017 Prime has started its engine within two miles of leaving home with a full charge. No defrost or climate control on, which will pretty much always start the ICE anyhow. At the next red light, I'll power off, wait a few seconds, and re-start, and I'm back in EV for the rest of my trip.

    This does not happen every time, and while it only started in winter, I can't say it is on the coldest days.

    Has this been discussed before, and any ideas? Not a major life problem, just slightly annoying.
  2. Mark Miller

    Mark Miller New Member

    OK, so I found the thread "Prime in cold weather" from Jan 18, so this has been known for a while, if not completely understood. Still strange, in that it is intermittent, not recurring even when conditions are practically identical.

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