Trustworthy dealers in the SFBA East Bay for maintenance / applying TSBs?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by oddhack, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. oddhack

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    San Leandro Honda is closest and Fremont next closest, so hopefully one of them has a clueful service department. I was not thrilled with the service dept. at the dealer I bought it from, despite their having a Clarity Specialist salesman. I asked them to check the battery capacity before delivery, and they denied this was even possible until I pulled out a copy of TSB 17-093 and pointed to the procedure. At that point they ran the test, but it left a sour taste in my mouth about that service department.

    I'm coming up on the first tire rotation, need to get the passenger A pillar rattle addressed, and there are a bunch of applicable TSBs since the vehicle is nearly a year post-purchase. If it was just the tire rotation I'd get that done at an independent tire shop, but given some other minor fixes need doing at a dealership, might as well have them rotate as well.
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    Not sure which dealer you are talking about (Hayward probably), but my experience with Oakland Honda has been good. I had the same A pillar rattle and they fixed it.
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    Purchased at AutoNation Fremont, serviced at San Leandro. They fixed the A pillar by tightening the dashboard bolts (not a solution I'd seen in this forum), though they also underinflated the tires, refused to apply one of the TSBs on the possibly specious grounds that it wasn't applicable (conceivably it was applied at the factory, hard to tell based on information I have), and most specially, decided to leave a $150 tool in my passenger footwell along with having created chaos by pulling the entire contents of the glovebox out onto the seat (I realize in retrospect they needed to get the wheel locks, and will know that going forward, but they could at least have made an effort to return things to their initial state).

    So, probably a pretty average dealer experience :-(

    (Yes, I returned the tech's tool, though I left a note with it asking him to be more professional in the future - not worth complaining to management.)
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    Wow. There are only a handful of wheel lock patterns (if you have the Honda ones). Not a very good dealer if they don't use their own socket.

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