The madness of Musk and double-edged Twitter

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by Domenick, Dec 15, 2017.

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    Definitely not. If what Elon says is true, regarding his "do not quote" stipulations in his reply, then printing that was unethical. But Elon shouldn't have just assumed that the reporter would accept his stipulations without verification.

    As InterestedinEV correctly said, Elon (reportedly) assumed the reporter's assent; he did not obtain it.

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    I've got a buy order and the price has hovered just above it.

    Bob Wilson
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    Its worth reading this article

    I have a few suspicions.

    1. I've never accepted the Joshua Hill story, I think its more BS from the same people that brought us 911

    2. I think the new mirror accident that also happened in Florida as well as the two utterly ridiculous accidents just prior also in Florida are all

    3. I think a lot of this has to do with the way the law works in Florida, Florida is somehow more corrupt than other places on media- it seems its ok there to completely falsify things as the article above shows and not the link to Roger Ailes Trumps Buddy and note where Maralago is-
    don't think its a coincidence and think some of this may be related to Musk leaving Trumps manufacturing council and the Trump admin
    trying to push back against the left an attempt almost to get at a detente through a tit for tat. And Musk is the other real twitter but one that is respected.

    4. I think Musk has been getting gagged with NS letter type crap both for the Joshua Hill story where a SEAL needed witness protection but
    but at least back then Daimler and BMW et al needed reprieve from the Model S and X onslaught, and gagged also for the deal to take private
    which I think was sure to go through but was probably blocked by the Trump admin with Tesla and Musk gagged again.

    5. I think a lot of the attempt to make Musk's actions on social media generally gagged is because the whole franchise of sponsored short media is threatened by social media because we don't need an entity paid to lie to us and spin and push the elite's useless narrative anymore when we have each other and can bypass their filter, they hate this and they know Tesla doesn't support their bribery network and is becoming dominant up setting their whole democracy undermining highest bidder model of law making and arbitrary might makes right.

    6. I also think entitled fossil fuel hasn't been truly threatened since nuclear but Tesla does that in spades- its really just the obvious future. They desperately don't want Musk but they don't want to martyr him either. They know that part of neutralizing to an extent involved taking the Chairmanship from him.

    7. They may fear the political weight Musk could bring if he weighed in in a more direct way on issues. The Bush contingent threatened Clinton just on the prospect that he would run and that lead to his presidency- hadn't even thought of it until their threat convinced him he was viable. Trump and Clinton were friends, I wonder if that snub by Obama lead to Trump running because of his awareness of this, but the birther thing invited the snub.

    If they are being gagged they are going to have to find a way to stop that (its not something a viable government should be able to do ever) and they are going to have to find a way to stop the fake and false news stories. To do this they need the right investigative people and the right legal people and the right connections and luck but they are going to have to expose it too. MSNBC and CNBC are a real problem- maybe media reform could come out of a legal attack on them and their behavior. That network will be a problem for the green new deal and climate change progress too, watch the only candidates they will support are fossil fuel shills like Klobuchar, Harris and ORourke, they won't support Jay Inslee, Andrew Yang, Bernie Sanders or Elizebeth Warren they won't support any actually progressive candidate.

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