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    It seems workable but I still think the goal is not to help Tesla but to undermine it. I think those trying to undermine Tesla are afraid Musk will find something like https://www.quantamagneticstore.com/powercell-q.html that actually does what it claims and then 23 million people will know and they won't be able to put it back in the bottle. They can't anyway but I think that is their issue plus trying to hold up the silencing of people by making speech too expensive with a media toll road and they hate the spin bypass that twitter provides. So I think even here they will try to put a shill in because they use stupid terms like "approve." I think we know it won't and can't work that way as in "approve" despite what the SEC wants. There is no way to gag order or muzzle someone that way and we as a society can never tolerate that- it is the same BS they are trying with Julian Assange.

    But all that said this seems like it could be workable. And workable even as the opponents try to put in blackmailed shills they can call on in a pinch in place of real counsel. They certainly want to slow down the rate of communication so they can try to spin and deny access to capital and falsely contextualize but that can't be allowed.

    To make it workable there would need to be many attorneys on call and Musk should have full say over who they are and if they stay. All they have to do is help improve the parsing and make sure it fits in legal terms. Its something other CEO's have already resorted to for everything out of fear. But let us say there wasn't a disagreement I think if there is any sense of compromise in the counsel that is a firing and civil and criminal investigation. How does it work with earnings calls? Does that mean the counsel just sits right next to Musk and whispering and the sense. I think it means teleconference and hold pauses or better yet stupid Wall St. Analysts don't get to ask questions that aren't in writing and answered with boiler plate with due delay also in writing- so they don't come to earnings meetings etc.
    But otherwise Musk should just be able to get the second opinion and run what he wants or 3rd opinion on the fly. This also has to be fast to keep in a conversation in a Twitter it would mean there has to be attorney mirroring on call whenever needed- could help prevent typos. And second opinion on call same thing. It will be expensive for Tesla but worth it. Those 23 million twitter users are invaluable and rate of communication can't be slowed down just quality improved. Also can't be micro managing in any sense- have to work to get rid of hostile board members if they arise and they shouldn't be in the loop unless Musk wants them there for a specific instance, can't have back seat drivers- only need air bags and APS. Think it is like the driver assistance program they have planned for the roadster. If this is done right it can improve things and improve flexibility rather than restrain it.

    For some situations Musk could have an emergency card where a quick response is needed and a disclaimer can be read only in an emergency like boiler plate tentative to be followed by official vetted opinion repeat not xyz but xyz to follow... but that should almost never be necessary. In a way this is just due process so it may help. But given where some of it is coming from and given the need for it to be 24hrs it will need to be done well. It can't be auditor inquisitor kind of stuff, shouldn't lead to the stupidity of a White House press secretary situation- something that should go away. And it should be temporary!

    Hopefully this stuff about lowering the supermajority and the number of directors is something Tesla and Musk wanted and not part of any coercion on the part of the SEC because let us remember all the SEC was trying to do in the first place was aid and abet corruption or that was the very very strong appearance of it.

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