Tesla Q2 numbers, production, shipment & forecast

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    I forget the exact wording or description of the supposed limit to cash-raising ability, but yeah, there is nothing legally preventing them from raising more capital if they wanted/needed to, but Musk said they won't be, so it seems to me a moot point.
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    But only on Bizarro Planet FUD. Not the real world, dude.

    Good to see that Tesla is concentrating on building its cars. Its next vehicle should be the Model Y.

    If Elon had been talking about other projects, then you'd be whining that Tesla is dissipating its resources on too many projects. No matter what Tesla does, it's wrong... according to anti-Tesla smear campaigners like you.

    Fortunately, Tesla is ignoring the "advice" from people who want to see it fail, like you. Tesla is now "firing on all cylinders"... well okay, that's just wrong for a BEV maker ;) ...as is shown by the way Model 3 sales have taken over the majority of the U.S. premium sedan market!

    The time to start talking seriously about the Semi Truck is when Tesla moves to actually build a truck factory, or (in my humble opinion a better idea) moves to partner with an existing truck manufacturer to build and service the trucks.

    The 2020 Roadster will be built in such low numbers that I don't think it matters much where it's built. Tesla could even farm out making the gliders to Magna Steyr, and just build and install the EV powertrain, as they partnered with Lotus for the original Roadster.

    Go Tesla!
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    Last I checked Magna Steyer is pretty well booked... Graz is full for at least the next 5 years, and now with the partnership in China with BAIC as well as others they are currently refitting 2 production plants in China to their build system, to start production on premium EV's... starting next year... Analysts say they may be the next Foxconn of EV's. Tesla is 3-4 years from China production... Who is leading who?

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    A "wells" letter is if the SEC stops you from selling equity or debt, usually due to pending action or investigation... I think Tesla is under covenant of their operating line of credit lenders (private agreement), and that is the reason Elon did not just directly answer the question when the analyst asked, and instead waited for Chief Counsel to give him a legally unbinding answer... Actually the SEC is Loosy goosey on conference call enforcement, it is the 10-Q which has not been filed yet, that that the SEC will scrutinize, as will all the lawyers with pending lawsuits.


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    Ah, Wells notice, that's it.
    Yeah, so no Wells notice. I mean, wait until the 10Q comes out to verify, but I'd bet a donut there is no Wells notice.
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    We will have to see how many months it can continue. With the hype built up around Tesla stock and $35k Model 3, the first few months have proven stellar.
    But to continue the same, I mean pull more $35k res holders into buying the overly expensive electric sedans may get harder as time passes.
    Let's connect again on this in two months and see where things stand.
  8. David Green

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    Exactly, until the 10Q comes out and I have chance to review it, I hold back further comment. Wow, at a dinner party tonight with all the Blue Angels Pilots, pretty cool... Seafair weekend in Seattle... Yeah!
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    Again I'm not a "financial guy", so recent IEVs discussion is the first I've read/heard of any such thing. But I noticed there was some discussion of the matter on the Tesla Motors Club forum's "Investor Roundtable" discussion during Tesla's conference call the other day, altho I didn't understand what they were talking about. Of course there is some pro-Tesla bias in their discussion since they are (almost) all serious stock investors -- that's who the discussion thread is for -- but they certainly do know the subjects and issues! I went back and picked out what look like the relevant posts:

    * * * * *

    FirebirdAlpha, Wednesday at 2:33 PM

    [This short seller is suggesting a question to ask Elon during Q&A --Pushy]

    Is Tesla aware of any action, pending action, or investigation brought by the SEC enforcement division at any point in 2018?

    Might sound ridiculous, but you will obliterate the shorts by asking this question and getting the predictable answer.​

    Cosmacelf, Wednesday at 3:13 PM

    Third Q: Capital spending plans. How do you plan on funding without going back to capital markets. And is there a notice preventing you from raising.

    Elon: No expectation of raising equity. At all. Expect to borrow funds for China factory (local debt). Could raise money, but don't need to.

    Deepak: Reiterates.

    Elon: Default plan to actually pay off debts. Not refi, actually pay them off. No such notice from regulator.
    Boomer19, Wednesday at 3:15 PM


    there, you happy?

    no regulatory restriction/investigation preventing equity raise.

    now once and for all, stop spreading that bull***t. tell your friends too.


    YasB, Wednesday at 3:18 PM

    See, that was easy. Another short theory down the drain.
    dmunjal, Wednesday at 4:30 PM

    This was the "Wells Notice" that shorts have been harping on for months. Even Quoth the Raven dedicated an entire podcast to it. Great that this has finally put to bed.​
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    This thread has been throughly enjoyable . . . thanks to 'ignore user'. Between the YouTube and SEC filing, Tesla Motors looks pretty solid and their stock at $348/share, I'm not alone.

    Bob Wilson
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    Yeah, Tesla is almost back to the level it was in June of last year... Thats some amazing growth... Meanwhile APPL broke 1T... Thats a real WOW...
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    I just replied to another thread, and felt physical relief when the only new post was from Domenick, who was replying to one of my comments. How nice to be able to engage in meaningful discussion rather than trying to refute the constant barrage of FUD from the Usual Suspects!

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    [Replying to David "Green"... Bob Wilson won't see what I've quoted]

    I guess you mean TSLA, not Tesla. Typical of an investor (a short-seller, in your case) to confuse the performance of Tesla, the company, with TSLA, the stock. We see that a lot in short-seller posts on Seeking Alpha, which I presume is the source of much or most of your FUD.

    Tesla has indeed experienced some amazing growth in the last 13 months!

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